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Spoil Yourself and Repeat – 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself to the Max


We all need a little relaxing time every now and then. Whether it is a day of shopping with your best friend, or a day at the spa, a little indulging works wonders for our body and soul. Whenever you feel burnt out, or in need of a bit of pampering, try out some of 10 fabulous activities that will spoil...


Mastering Your Hairstyle This Fall


You’ve probably heard a thousand times your hair needs extra care during summer, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it once September comes. As a matter of fact, summer heat, sun, and salt water usually leave your hair dry and brittle, but cold air and wind are not your hair’s friends either....


Travelling Abroad for The Very First Time: What You Need to Know

Travelling Abroad for The Very First Time

“I want to see the world and bathe in every ocean” is a dream and an unfulfilled desire of many people. Luckily, travelling has become quite inexpensive lately and those dreams can be fulfilled. With a two or three year savings, most people could embark on a journey and visit many different cultures...


Office style: transition from summer to fall


Hey, is it fall yet? It seems like it is! Although we’re in the middle of August, the heavy rains and winds have been catching us by surprise constantly and our light dresses haven’t been able to warm us up. Seems like it’s time we made a casual transition from our favorite summer outfits to fall...


How To Remove Yourself From A Dangerous Job

dangerous jobs

Making a decent living at something you enjoy is everyone’s goal in life. There’s nothing more gratifying than being able to support yourself doing what you love. But what if you work a job that isn’t fulfilling, or is dangerous and hazardous? Accidents can happen anywhere, even at the workplace....


How Can Soccer Improve Your Kid’s Health, Strength and Social Life


We are all aware of the importance of regular physical activity for our children’s future physical development. And not only physical. Various sports teach kids things like fair play and importance of teamwork they do not have too much opportunity to experience outside the field. Still, the question...


Going on a diet to reduce Kilos


Going on a diet to reduce a couple of Vanity Kilos There are actually all those in our midst who wish to shed a couple pounds rather than 20 or maybe more lbs. Whilst most of us could be grateful if that have been the case for all of us, most may find how the more compact the level of weight found it...


How to Successfully File for SSD Benefits on Your Own

social security disability

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans with a physical or mental condition apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and more than 11 million Americans already receive SSD benefits for their qualifying disability. If your medical condition prevents you from working, earning an income,...