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Why is Sugar Addictive? According to Science

Why is sugar addictive

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why is sugar addictive

why is sugar addictive

Scientists found an explanation of the addiction to sugar and sweet things. Most of the people around the world love the sugar and the sweet foods. Who does not like the doughnuts and ice cream? All those foods and similar ones are extremely high in the level of sugar. They are one of the top consumed foods in the whole world. This level of sugar and sweetness might be the reason why they are so addictive. So the question is why is sugar addictive and what does it do to our body so that it make us crave it? Those are the questions, that we are aiming to answer them, in this article.

The taste and the sweetness of the foods such as ice cream, doughnuts, snacks, and candies are coming from the high level of sugar. We all know that sugar is very important in the blood and the production of the energy. The necessity of the body to the sugar is not lesser than any other nutrient or element. But, we all know that the high level of sugar consumed can cause serious damages and troubles to the health of the body. Sugar is the first essential element to cause the diabetes and other serious diseases. Yet, people never stop consuming it until they have the problem. That is why is sugar addictive and can cause serious situations of health troubles.

The explanation that I have found done by some scientist is completely scientific. Therefore, it might look hard for you a little bit, if you do not have a scientific background. But, I am sure you know what sugar is and what are the essential elements around the topic. Therefore, you will understand me very well. You just have to follow me now.

You know what is the best characteristics we have as humans! It is ‘curiosity’. I believe you do have this one since you are trying to understand how sugar is addictive and what makes us craving it. That is why I will give you the main reason why is sugar addictive, according the research of the scientists.

why is sugar addictive

why is sugar addictive

Many scientists used to believe that the combination of sweetness and calories in the sugar create a destructive power to the ‘healthy diets’. Concerning this, some researchers in the Yale University found that the brain reacts in different ways to tastes of sugar and the amounts of calories it contains. And those different ways are explaining why we collapse and we obey the seduction of sweetness, calories, and sugar in some foods. According to this recent study, our desire for those foods differs according to the calories and the sweetness. Our brains are found to prefer the foods with calories without sugar or sweetness.

One of the researchers explain how does the brain prefer or choose the foods with calories instead of ones with sweetness. He says that if our brain is put in a situation where it should choose one between these two kinds of foods; ‘food with sweetness but no energy’ & ‘food with energy but no sweetness’, definitely the brain shall choose energy over sweetness.

As we know, each part of the brain has a function. The function of the ‘Striatum’ is to keep the signals of sweet taste and value of foods. This is one of the oldest parts in the brain, which keeps the functions.

Humans prefer the foods with high level of sugar or sweetness as a sign of making sure they consume enough calories. We all know that sugar and sweetness is like another name of calories, which make it the target of our brain when it comes to food.  The brain chooses those kinds of foods as a sign of certainty that the body consumes enough calories to make enough energy to function for the whole time.

In other studies done on the brain of rats, it was found that the previous part of the brain we mentioned as ‘Striatum’ contain two other parts. The two parts of the striatum are Dorsal and Ventral. The ventral part functions in analyzing the value of the taste or flavor. In other part, the dorsal part functions in nutritious value. This last part continues in working even the rats are given some foods with high level of calories with bad taste.

After that, the researchers wanted to know which signals are responsible for the most part of the foods. So, they fed the rats with ‘sugar with sweet taste but no calories’ and ‘sugar with no taste and large amount of calories’. The results were that they preferred the ‘sugar with no taste but with large amounts of calories’. That caused to activate the dorsal part of the brain. The rats consumed large amounts of the sugar with high level of calories even it tasted bad. The responsible cycle of the sugar in the brain gives the priority to the calories before the taste. That what explains why is sugar addictive and craving.

why is sugar addictive

why is sugar addictive

These research explain why is sugar addictive and why we do love sugar that much. The evolution and the characteristics of surviving made our brain link the sugar with calories. Since the beginning of the human consuming of sugar and sweetness, it was known that this kind of foods have a serious association with the calories. Therefore, anything we eat sweet is so beneficial to our body and health (according to the functions of the brain). That is how we consume more and more sugar every day.

This beneficial thing of the brain is what made us feel that sugar is addictive. When a person consumes a large amount of sugar and the brain sees that it contains large amount of calories, it gives the person the feeling of consuming more. That how sugar is addictive. And that is why is sugar addictive.

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