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Why is honey good for you?

Why is honey good for you?

why is honey good for you

why is honey good for you

Who does not know the honey and this important food? There can’t be a better food that our mother nature could ever give us than the honey. The magical content of this rich and awesome thing is unlimited. That makes honey one of the best foods that nature could ever give us. That is why I decided today to talk about why is honey good for you, and your health and our body.

Since the very early dawn of the science and researches, honey was concerned along with many other natural foods. Eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk, and so many other things were very interesting topics for a good scientific research. Even before the science methods of analyzing the things around us were not applied, people had noticed how much honey is healthy and good for the health of the human being.

With the concern grows up around the interesting honey, there have been several questions as the center of that concern. The most common question of that was why honey is good for you. That is not a simple question that everyone could answer, but only people of experts and specialists.

However, I have been looking for so long about the benefits of honey and why is honey good for you and for everybody, then I came up with all those scientific evidences. Those evidences are what I am going to talk about in my article.

The first and most important use of honey that people should take into consideration is that it is 100% empty of calories. That makes it a very good replacement for the produced sugar.

  • Honey is both a medicine and a food, and here are what it contains of nutrients:

The honey comes from the honeybees, which make their honey in their honeycombs. Those bees do not feed themselves from whatever like the rest of the bees do, but they choose only good and nutritious flowers with high level of nectar sugar.

This nectar is the first content of honey. The bees use it to eat, digest, and then vomit it. After several operations, they make the good thick beautiful liquid we call ‘Honey’.

This natural factorizing of honey make it so rich of health and important nutrients. In about 40 grams of honey, there is about 120 calories, 33 grams of several kinds of sugar. The kinds of sugar that honey contains are; fructose, maltose, sucrose, and glucose of course.

It does not have any fiber, protein, of fat. Besides, it contains several amounts of vitamins and nutritious minerals, but you have to take large amount of it to get your necessary daily need.

You may say that this is not a good thing to know about honey, because there is not such important information about this. But you have to know that there are other important nutrients you do not find in other foods, and you find them in honey, which answers why is honey good for you.

It is so rich of plant compounds, antioxidants, and especially the darker types than light ones of those compounds.

  • Another reason, why is honey good for you, is because of the healthy effect on blood pressure:

People who have heart diseases seem to have the high blood pressure. Studies found that honey has a very important effect on lowering this level.

As we mentioned previously, honey is rich of antioxidants, which are responsible for lowering this pressure.

The studies have shown that honey can reduce the risk of having heart diseases through lowering the level of blood pressure. But, that does not meant it can prevent the heart diseases.

  • Why is honey good for you if you have diabetes? Here is the reason why:

People with diabetes (any type) may tend to have lower risks with using honey instead of sugar. We all know that people with diabetes have troubles with consuming sugar. That is why they tend to consume the refined sugar.

The honey was found to affect positively the people with diabetes through lowering LDL cholesterol, inflammation, and other ‘bad’ things in blood. In other side, it raises the level of HDL as a ‘good’ thing for diabetes people.

Even the studies say that honey is better than refined sugar for people with diabetes, they need to take it with rules.

  • One of the most important elements for the human health; antioxidants:

As we said in the first part, honey is extremely good for health through having a high level of antioxidants. That makes it so healthy for you.

The studies found that the honey contains several enzymes, phenols, and other compounds, which give it the power to be strong in antioxidants. The antioxidants have several healthy effects on the reduction of some dangerous diseases, such as heart diseases, strokes, cancers, and some other kinds of heart attacks.

  • Why is honey good for you? Well it lowers Triglyceride:

    why is honey good for you

    why is honey good for you

Another kind of serious heart diseases is known as triglycerides. Honey has a very good health effect on it. people who have this disease tend to worsen their situation through consuming more sugar and carbs. But, honey helps to reduce the risk of this disease.

The studies said that the honey lowers the level of triglycerides, which answer why is honey good for you. Especially, it is for people with this disease.

  • Other benefits of why is honey good for you:

Honey is found to be so beneficial for several things such as oxidative stress of the heart, strokes, low blood flow, blood clot formation, and so on.

Honey is one of the most ancient and effective medicine for all time. It was found so effective on the acnes, the wounds, cold, and many other conditions.

Honey is extremely healthy for the skin and the infected skin. It can heal the burnt or cut skin.

For children, honey was found to be so effective and it helps children to prevent several conditions such as coughs and colds. The raw honey is the most effective one. I have this kind of honey for so long at my house and I never get rid of it, because it is a saving natural medicine.

Besides all the healthy benefits of honey, there is the delicious taste of it and nutritious effect of it. yet, nothing is perfect, so that honey is not perfect as well and it does have some negative points such as high level of sugar and calories. Moreover, it lightens the eyes.

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