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Why Do We Need To Drink Water?

     One of the most important question that we have to ask ourselves for a good healthy day is; why do we need to drink water?


why do we need to drink water?

why do we need to drink water?

Through ages, it was totally impossible for any creature on earth to live without water. Even the ancient people considered it the principal element of nature – Thales- . Nowadays with all science evolution it is proven that water is the most essential element to live. So we see that astronauts and cosmologists look for water as the first thing when they find out a new planet in the universe. All this to prove to you how much water is too essential in our life. Without forgetting that our bodies constituted with about 70% of water.



       So, the question which is being asked by everyone who looks after their health, is why do we need to drink water to have a healthy life?

Here I am going to start talking about the most common benefits of drinking water. It is always a good topic to talk about, the source of life “Water”. Here are some reasons of why we need to drink water:

  • To Raise of Weight Loss:
    When you drink water, you reduce your hunger which let you eat less. And it helps you to get your natural appetite. Also it removes fat products and increase metabolism. And of course it has absolutely no calories at all.
  • To avoid lack of water in the body:
    a human body may survive for more than a month and half without food. But definitely cannot survive for a week without water. So the lack of water is too much dangerous for your body and your health. The more your body is full of water, the more you feel alive and active. Besides the deathly hypernatremia which it caused because of the bad decrease of water in the body.
  • To let your body use enough water:
    The human body contains about 70% of its capacity of water. So no wonder that the body uses it as the most useful element ever in the body. Water lets the body control it temperature and helps it to get rid of waste stuff via perspiration operation. Besides many other beneficial activities; like protecting the brain which it made of about 90% of water.
  • To remove fatigue and raise energy:
    As I just mentioned, the brain is almost made of water. Drinking water helps you to concentrate, to think clearly, to focus on your activities much better. Besides it increase your body’s energy level.
  • To get a better mood:
    When your brain and your body are having enough water, and the essential quantity. They become on the top of their activities and functions. So certainly you will feel just happy and great.
  • To get enough water quantity:

It is said that you may avoid drinking water, but you have to drink at least eight glasses of medium size of liquid per day. But of course they have to drink more if they are in activity or in hot weather. This might help, but you have to be aware of the quantity your body requires. And to do that, you need to watch you urine. If it is dark yellow, it means you still need to drink water. But if your urine is pale straw color, then you might be drinking enough.

  • To get a better skin look:
    In order to keep your skin’s moisture, and keep it fresh and soft. You need to drink water as much as your body needs and satisfy you. To get rid of wrinkles on your skin. Why we need to drink water? To keep ourselves anti-aging. Isn’t it a good reason to drink water?
  • What about immune system? It boots it!
    Several diseases can be defeated through drinking the essential quantity of water, like cancer, heart attacks, flu and other illnesses. So water does increase the immune system of the body and strengthen it.
  • To save your money too!
    To get a healthy drink, you may go and pay some money. But water is the healthiest drink, and it is free! Even mineral or bottled water still cost lesser than any other drink.
why do we need to drink water?

why do we need to drink water?

You may have heard somehow a quote says: “eight glasses of water a day, keep fatness away”. Or the famous advice that says: “drink eight-ounces of water a day”. So what about that? Is it true? Is it answering the question why do we need to drink water? Or how much water should we drink?

There are some functions, and operation that our bodies do automatically, that lead us to lose water. Via perspiration, urine, or breath. And in order to keep the order and system inside the body, you have to drink properly the sufficient size of water and foods that contain it. Therefore, according to researches, an adult man should drink about thirteen cups per day, which means about three liters. And for an adult woman should drink about nine cups per day, which means more a little bit than two liters.

After knowing all these information, and the importance of drinking water. Why do we need to drink water? And how much we should drink of water? We end up to know that the advice of drinking eight glasses a day is not truly working. We need to drink more water.

Of course drinking too much water may cause dangerous consequences on the body. Because drinking “too much water” leads our body to develop hyponatremia condition. The thing that causes our bodies cells to swell up, and when brain’s do, it causes a bad headache, fatigue and other effects that lead to coma then death!

To conclude my article, I would like to give my own opinion about water, and my own perception. I always try to take good care of my health, so I keep drinking water, whenever I am hungry, exhausted, or stressed or anything else. It helps me get better. Water was and still my own best drink, my cold drink, and my calming drink.

  • I Hope my article was as much helpful as you were expecting…
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