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Why do we cry when we cut onion?

Why Do We Cry When We Cut Onion

Why do we cry when we cut onion?

why do we cry when we cut onion

why do we cry when we cut onion

Every single woman; a house wife or a mother understands the feeling of crying in the kitchen. If someone sees you at that time will think that you just lost someone too close. You get a knife, you cut the onion, and suddenly you feel your eyes full of ‘water’; you start crying. Sometimes people wonder why do we cry when we cut onion. This is a mystery, it was and it still for million people. Only wise people are thinking about similar questions. They might be silly questions, but they are so important. I came today for you dear wise people to answer your question.

Through history, there were many attempts to understand why do we cry when we cut onion, but very few people could understand it. Actually, it was lately when they first found out the reason. Only ‘science’ is what could make us understand the things around us. There is no better way to understand the facts around us better than science. Therefore, stop being stubborn and believe in science. However, let’s talk about the reason why do we cry when we cut onion in the kitchen 😀

If you ever tried to cook once upon your lifetime, you certainly tried to cut an onion and you felt agitation in your eyes then tears came out and started to cry L. Do not feel sad, you are not heart broken, you are just cutting an onion. When you cut the onion, you cut its cells, and you let the way open for its content to spread out in the air. The content of cells contains the Sulphur Dioxide of Amino Acids.

The enzymes that have been kept inside the cells now are free. They are free to mix with the acids of Sulfonic, creating the Oxide of Propanol S. it is the chemical compound that flies over the air to reach your eyes. When this compound reaches your eyes reacts with the water inside your eyes and creates the Sulphur Dioxide of Amino Acids, which burns a little bit your eyes, creating more agitation and so that your eyes defend themselves with creating the tears.

There is another question that you might be asking, why do we cry when we CUT onion, but we do not cry when it is cooked?

Well, after cooking the onion, the enzymes that are found in the onion are fixed. In spite of the strong smell of onion that remains, it causes no agitation or irritation in the eyes. The onion has another taste after being cooked, it is not the same at all.

If you want to know how you can cook onion, cut onion, without crying, here are some tips you can do:

  • You can wear glasses, the glasses that cover your eyes, and prevent the chemical compound from reaching your eyes.
  • You can turn on a fan. That is how you can move the air that contains the chemical compound away from your eyes area
  • You can put the onion in the fridge and cool it down a little (for about 30 minutes). The low temperature decreases chemical reactions. That is how the chemical compound do not set freed and goes to your eyes.
  • The same as for the high temperature, you can use the hot water to boil your onion a little bit. That is how you can prevent the enzymes from reacting to reach your eyes.
  • If you want to total avoid crying when you are cutting the onion, try to cut them under the water. Full a pot of water and put the onion inside the water then cut it. The water prevents the chemical compounds that the onion cells release from spreading in the air. That is how you can prevent yourself from crying.

Well, now after we explained ‘scientifically’ why do we cry when we cut onion, I hope you are feeling better. There is no mystery, any more, related to the ‘white-yellow or red’ vegetable that you eat. Obviously you like the onions, since you came wondering about the reason of this eyes reaction. The same for me, I do love onion :D… well, there is another thing that we should know about onion. It is also another question, and it is about the smell. I noticed that many people get a smell after eating onion even a small piece of it. They get a smell in their mouth, so that they always need to have a mouth freshening when they eat onion, especially raw onion. That is another question, of which I will be looking for an answer. The moment I understand the reason why, I will post it on this website. Therefore, dear onion lovers, stay alert!

why do we cry when we cut onion

why do we cry when we cut onion

However, I came up now to the final part of my article. The last thing that I will be mentioning now is a short explanation of why do we cry when we cut onion. Hence, if any one asked you this question, tell them that your immune system reacts this way. Once that chemical compound reaches your eyes, it irritates the eye through its reaction with the water there. Then, a nervous message is sent to the nervous system and so to the immune system. So, the body reacts to that by releasing a matter like tears (it is chemically different from tears we cry when we are so sad or when we are too happy). It is a kind of defend. That is why do we cry when we cut onion. Our body defends our eyes.

I hope I was clear in my article, and if there is anything you do not get, let me know! Don’t forget to visit us another time 😉

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