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Why Do I Have Dandruff?

Why do I have dandruff?

Tell me why do I have dandruff?

why do I have dandruff

why do I have dandruff

This issue is really common among with people. Sometimes it can be really irritating. That is why I decided to write an article about it, aiming to explain why do I have dandruff if anyone would ask. In this article you shall know all you need to know about the dandruff and what causes it. make sure that you read it accurately to be aware of anything related to this issue.

First of all, I shall get started with the definition of the dandruff, that’s in order to answer anyone asking around why do I have dandruff.

Dandruff is a common situation. It is chronic for the scalp. It is characterized by the falling peels; from the scalp’s skin. Though it is not infectious and very rare to be dangerous or serious, it might be embarrassing and hard to be cured.

However, the good news is that the dandruff is easily to be controlled. The light situations of the dandruff can be cured easily, you just need to take bath every day with a light Shampoo. The very advanced states can be controlled by the medical shampoos.

When you ask why do I have dandruff, make sure you know the symptoms;

You notice peels from the death skin, white colored, oiliness look, spreads over the head and shoulders. Sometimes, it might cause itching. Usually the scalp looks so scaly. The situation might worsen during the autumn and winter. The house warming is the reason to increase the dryness of the skin. During the summer, it improves.

why do I have dandruff

why do I have dandruff

There is a kind of peels among children called ‘Cradle Cap’. This situation causes the children’s scalp to be too scaly and rough among the newborn babies. It might appear any time during the childhood. Although it takes the attention of the parents, it is not dangerous and it disappears itself before the age of 3 years.

Most of the situations of dandruff do not require a doctor, but the ones where it is necessarily to consult one are;



  • An increase in the itching caused by the dandruff
  • The failure of dandruff’s shampoo in reducing the symptoms
  • If there is an inflammation, characterized by reddish, swelling, and peeling, in the scalp or other body’s parts.

If you ask me “why do I have dandruff”, here is the direct answer! (Causes)

There are several causes of the dandruff, such as;

  • The dry skin; it is considered the most common cause of the dandruff. The peels of the dry skin are usually lesser and less oiliness (greasy), compared to the peels caused by other causes of dandruff.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis; this situation is one of the most common causes of dandruff. It is characterized by greasy red skin and covered by white or yellowed peels.

This situation might affect the scalp and other parts of the body, which are rich of fatty glands, such as; eyebrows, sides of the nose, the back of the ears, groins, and sometimes underarms.

  • If you do not use shampoo frequently (every day)
  • Other skin situation; such as Eczema, which is a chronic skin inflammation. Or Psoriasis, which is a skin situation characterized by an increase in the production of the death skin cells.
  • Fungi; such as Malassezia, which causes the symptoms among some people, but it survives without any symptoms among most of people.
  • Allergies to some hair care products (Contact dermatitis); which causes feeling of itching and reddish of scalp.
  • And finally, the bathing or using the make-ups too much can irritate and arouse the scalp, and so on the symptoms appears.

Risk factors; why do I have dandruff?

Everyone might have the dandruff, but there are some factors that might increase the intensity of the infection;

  • Age and gender; usually the dandruff appears in the beginning of the teenage, and lasts till the middle of lifetime. As well as we find this situation among the boys more than the girls.
  • The hair and the scalp are greasy
  • Bad diet; if the diet does not include enough amount of the Zinc, Vitamin B, and some kinds of fats, it shall increase the risk of having the dandruff
  • Some diseases; for some unknown reasons, the adults who are infected by nervous disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, or the people with HIV, people who have some situations such as panic or heart attacks, people with low immunity, all of them are more likely to be infected by the skin inflammation that leads to cause the dandruff.

Why do I have dandruff? Do not ask anymore, here is the treatments if you have it!

why do I have dandruff

why do I have dandruff

Usually, it is possible to control the dandruff, but the treatment requires patience and hard work. Most of the time, we should have a shower that decreases the level of oiliness within the scalp, and the growth of calls. This is the perfect solution for this problem.
In case that the normal shampoos did not work, you can get the shampoo that is specific for the scalp; it is bought in any pharmacy. However, they are not all the same; you might need to try many types until you find the one that suits you. In case you have the itching, twinges, rashes, skin reddish, or feeling burn from any kind of product, you have to stop using it immediately. If you have a reaction of itching, hard breathing, you need to have urgent medical care.

Why do I have dandruff? Do not ask any more if you already have it; just treat it through home remedies and lifestyles.

Beside using the right shampoos, you need to follow some tips to reduce the dandruff, and those tips are;

  • Learn how to control stress (which increases the dandruff)
  • Bathing frequently
  • Use lesser make ups which cause your hair to build a oiliness structure
  • Follow healthy diet
  • Expose yourself to some sunlight

There are some other replaceable treatments;

One of the useful treatment that were effective and had better results is to bath using the tea-trees oil. however, this needs more studies, as well as an allergic reaction among some people.

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