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What should pregnant women eat?

What should pregnant women eat?

what should pregnant women eat

what should pregnant women eat

I have talked in a previous article about what not to eat when pregnant, but today I found it necessary to talk about the opposite. So I have decided to write about what should pregnant women eat during pregnancy. What they should be aware of and what they should care for. When it comes to look for a weight loss diet or weight gain diet, you may find it easy to get one. But what for a diet during pregnancy, and what should pregnant women eat in her diet? Those are the questions that trouble some people in this situation. However, today I decided to make a final wall for it and give you exactly the best way to make your own diet.

It is not that I aim to give you rules for the pregnancy diet, or what exactly you should eat during pregnancy. I am just trying to give you some foods about what should pregnant women eat, so that you include them in your pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body requires more nutrients and more needs.

During pregnancy, a woman is holding another human inside her body. She is carrying another life in her body. She needs to feed both her body and the body she is carrying, which is the baby. Therefore, she needs to have double from anything nutritious.

Eating unhealthy during this period might cause you develop several serious conditions. You might have giving birth troubles and bad situations.

However, here are what should pregnant women eat during pregnancy. You can make your own diet from the following nutrients and ingredients:

  • Frist think to drink not to eat actually; Water:

It is not as if you do not have to drink water during the other days. But, you should increase the amount of water you drink during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your blood level increases to about a liter and half. So, the more your blood higher, the more you need to be hydrated.

When you are pregnant, the priority is for the fetus. So, the fetus is alright, but if you do not look after yourself you will end up causing yourself dehydrated.

The high level of water in your body might save your body from several conditions such as constipation and save your life from the high risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). This condition is very common among women during pregnancy.

Generally, it is said that the women need about two liters of water per day. But, actually, the amount differs from a woman to another.

  • The almost perfect food: eggs:

As we have said in a previous article about eggs, it is the food that is considered perfect. It contains every nutrient you need.

One single egg contains many calories (over 75 calories), proteins, vitamins, minerals, ingredients, and other very important nutrients.

One of the most important nutrients that help to develop the growth of both the body and brain is choline. Eggs are a very important source of this ingredient.

It was found that one single egg provides the pregnant women with 25% of her daily need of choline. This is one of the best things that make egg a necessary food for pregnancy.

  • Different foods: legume and grains are extremely helpful:

The legumes include several and various kinds of foods such as soybeans, beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils. They are extremely helpful, because they provide the body with so many important ingredients such as fiber, iron, calcium, protein, and many other important nutrients.

One of the most important nutrients for both the mother and the fetus is the Vitamin B9. The legumes are one of the best sources of this nutrient.

The vitamin B9 (or as named folate) is a very important nutrient, because it saves the body from many conditions. It helps to prevent the birth conditions and defects.

Most kinds of the legumes mentioned above provide your body with about 65 to 90 percent of what a pregnant woman need per day.

That is one of what should pregnant women eat during pregnancy.

what should pregnant women eat

what should pregnant women eat

  • Let’s move to the animal products now; lean meat is a great choice:

If you need to increase your level of proteins, there are several sources such as chicken, pork, or beef. Actually, they are not only rich of protein, but many other ingredients such as iron, choline, and many kinds of Vitamin B.

Each one of the ingredients or the nutrients that have been just mentioned is necessary for the pregnancy women. Iron plays one of the most important rules in the oxygen transport in the blood. We have already mentioned in the part of ‘water’ that the blood level of pregnant woman increases during pregnancy, which means that their body requires more iron intake.

The studies say that if your iron level decreases in the blood, the baby might have several defects and condition during the birth.

Some people find it hard to increase their level of iron intake and how they can recover themselves. But the lean meat is a great source of this important nutrient. Therefore, you can eat more lean meat to increase the level of iron in your body. especially when you are pregnant, meat becomes important for both mother and fetus.

  • Now let us move to the fish products; the salmon:

Beside the meat, eggs, legumes, and other important foods that are rich of important nutrients for pregnant women, here is salmon as well. Beside iron, protein, choline, vitamin B, and other nutrients, here is omega-3 fatty acid. This is another important nutrient for women during pregnancy. This is one thing of what should pregnant women eat.

There are so many kinds of the omega-3 fatty acids that help to build the brain and eyes health of the fetus. The see foods are one of the most important source of this nutrient. But pregnant women are recommended to pay attention to the amounts they eat of pregnancy and they should eat it with limits and rules. The reason is that they do not contain only omega 3 fatty acids, but many other elements.

Beside omega 3 fatty acids (mostly EPA and DHA types), there is vitamin D that is highly important for pregnant women. The best and richest sea food that contains both nutrients is salmon. You just have to eat the amount with rules; less than 340 grams of the foods (about two or three meals per week).

  • Other foods of what should pregnant women eat:

Here are some other foods that you should pay attention: Dairy foods or dairy products, sweet potato, vegetables, fish oils, berries (strawberries, black berries …etc.), any kind of the grains, avocado, and dried fruits.

Each of those foods are so important because they are rich of many important nutrients for pregnant women. That is what should pregnant women eat.

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