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What Not To Eat When Pregnant?

What Not To Eat When Pregnant?

what not to eat when pregnant

what not to eat when pregnant

There can be nothing better or happier for a couple more than knowing that news of the pregnancy of the wife. This news can be the key to a parent life to a new generation, to a new human being to rise and grow. That is why everyone should take it seriously and think about it deeply. You have to do everything to keep yourself or your wife healthy during this phase; during pregnancy. A pregnant woman is carrying a life, a human being, a whole generation within her body. She should have the best healthy tips and best lifestyle. The most important issue can be the question of what not to eat when pregnant? What to avoid when you are pregnant? What foods to avoid during pregnancy?

All those questions, I will be answering on them in this article. By the end of the article you will have been really armed with all you need to know about the foods that are not healthy for pregnant. Now, just keep your mind open and make those things as your priorities.

If you care for your wife, or you care for yourself (women), you need to know exactly what not to eat when pregnant.  There is nothing can be more helpful than a clean nutrition from any harmful ingredients for you and your baby.

What not to eat when pregnant? What pregnant women should not eat? Find out yourself.

Here are the foods that pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy:

what not to eat when pregnant

what not to eat when pregnant

Cheese; what not to eat when pregnant and what the exact cheese types to avoid?

  • Starting with soft cheese in blue:

There some few kind of blue cheese that you should avoid during pregnancy, such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola, or Danish blue. If you do like blue cheese and you don not want to stop eating it during pregnancy, then make sure that you cook them before eating them.

  • Other kind of cheese is the soft ones that are white-rinded:

There some kinds of the soft cheese with white rind such as camembert, chevre, and brie. The same as the blue cheeses, those ones also are healthy and safely eaten only if you cook them first.

what not to eat when pregnant

what not to eat when pregnant

Now with fish as an answer of what not to eat when pregnant:

  • Fish that are really high in mercury and contamination:

What is making the fish that much high in mercury and contamination? Well, it is the contaminated water.  The mercury is a very bad element; it is even so toxic. Most of the fish that are high in mercury are found in the contaminated water. There are many parts of the body that this mercury fish can affect such as; kidneys, nervous system, and immunity. That is why the pregnant women are highly recommended to prevent the high mercury fish from their diets. And if you need a list to know what are the top high mercury fish, here is some of the top ones:
Shark, Tuna, king mackerel, and swordfish of course.

Any ways, the fish are not all of them high in mercury, but there are low-mercury one, which can be safely eaten. In fact, the fish that are high in omega 3 fatty acids are extremely nutritious and important for the baby.

what not to eat when pregnant

what not to eat when pregnant

What not to eat when pregnant? Here is one; the undercooked and raw meat or fish:

If you like to eat the undercooked and raw meat, you need to stop that once you get pregnant. Those meats can cause your body increase the level of bacteria intake and high infection. The bacteria and microbes that this uncooked meat contains can infect the baby. The baby’s infection of those bacteria can lead to several health disorders, like; blindness, serious nervous disorder, or mentally retarded child.

The same thing for the fish, raw fish and uncooked ones contain a big amount of the bacteria, which cause several disorders in the health of the baby.

Well, it has not the effects only on the baby, but the woman who is carrying the baby as well. Those kinds of foods should be totally avoided.

As well as for the processed meat or fish. The same infections and effects can contain the raw meat and fish, those processed products do.

what not to eat when pregnant

what not to eat when pregnant

Even the almost-perfect food ‘eggs’ are included under what not to eat when pregnant:

Actually, it is not any kind of eggs that should be avoided, but only the raw eggs. The reason why this kind of eggs is considered a part of what not to eat when pregnant is that they contain salmonella. This infection can cause several effects only on the mother during this phase. It causes throwing up, diarrhea, stomach troubles such as cramps, some kind of fever, and nausea.

There are numerous foods that contain the raw eggs and those foods are highly required to be ignored. Those foods are such as; homemade mayonnaise or ice cream, salads, some cakes, and so on. I don’t have to mention all the foods and meals that include this raw eggs, because every wife knows what foods she makes with the raw eggs. This is how she could be aware of the raw eggs.

what not to eat when pregnant

what not to eat when pregnant

Moving out of the house, and now to the junk foods;

A pregnant woman’s body requires the nutritious and important elements of metabolism such a proteins, vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, and so on. Nevertheless, the junk foods only contain sugar, high level of calories, added fats and very low nutrients. This what make them not appropriate for the pregnant body! Actually, those ingredients that the junk foods contain are related to many diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

As a personal opinion, junk foods should be avoided not only during pregnancy, but also in the normal life. Those foods have no good effect on the body or the health of it. Even the fruits and natural ingredients are much more delicious than those foods. That is why I consider them not good at all for the body.


Hence, there are many other foods that you should consider avoiding them. And many drinks as well. I wrote this article to tell you what not to eat when pregnant, not what you should not drink. Yet, it is worth to mention some of the most dangerous drinks that shall affect the body of the pregnant woman and eventually her baby.

Surely, do not drink Alcohol.
Avoid some of fruit juices.
Decrease caffeine and if possible avoid it (coffee and tea).

Other lifestyle tips to avoid:

Stay away from the sun (lying down in the sunlight like in a beach).
Do not clean your cat litter if you have, and avoid a lot of touching with your pet.
Avoid chemical products.
Do not take any kind of drugs.
Certainly quit smoking.
Do not run, or bike or any kind of exhausting exercise.

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