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What is Teenage Pregnancy?

What is teenage pregnancy

what is teenage pregnancy

what is teenage pregnancy

What is teenage pregnancy?

One of the very common issues our world knew since the premature sex became legal is teenage pregnancy. Since I talked previously in another article about how the emotional changes of puberty happens and how they are related to the adolescence, today I want to talk about what is teenage pregnancy.

Because of the changes that happen to the teens in that stage such as emotional and physical, they become attached to experience the new need we have (sexual desire). That desire to experience the love stories and the exciting feeling to losing virginity cause them get stuck in unexpected troubles; teenage pregnancy. So, today I want to talk about what is teenage pregnancy. What is teenage pregnancy effects and consequences? How does that affect the teens and there life?


All right, let us find out everything about that problem. And what can it cause to you or to your children?

According to the statistic of WHO (World Health Organization), there are about 16 million of teens (from 15 to 19 years old) get pregnant and give birth every year. That percentage is about 11 percent of the total new births in the whole world.

95 percent of those problems happen in the poor country or moderate ones. The level of pregnant teenagers in the developed countries is lesser than any of the moderate ones, and yet the poor countries are higher than other countries about 5 times.

The teenage pregnancy is considered a very important issue. In the late, low, or middle-income countries such as in Africa and the middle and the eastern-south of Asia, 10 percent of the mothers became mothers under the age of 16 years only.

It is honorable to mention that the methods of teenage pregnancy are not the same always. Having a baby without marriage is considered an unusual thing in so many countries. That is why the level of unmarried teenage pregnancy in the Latin America the Caribbean area is higher than Asia. Usually, the unmarried situations of teenage pregnancy are unplanned. That is why those situations do not usually get the appropriate healthcare before giving birth. This is one of the most important things about this issue. It should provide the test for mother and baby, and give them their healthcare, in order to avoid any side effects. Thus, most of those situations get the meant abortion.

What is teenage pregnancy danger? How this teenage pregnancy does affect the mother?

14 percent of the unmeant abortion operations in the low or middle income countries are within girls of 15 to 19 years old. About 1.5 million girls have the unsafe abortion operation every single year. Knowing that the teenager girls are more likely to have side effects and severe ones, than older women are.

What is teenage pregnancy effect on the health?

There are many health problems that are related to the teenage pregnancy. Those problems are such as; high blood pressure. The teenagers pregnant are more likely to develop high blood pressure, because of pregnancy. As well as they can develop Pre-eclampsia or what is known as ‘pregnancy poisoning’. This is a serious medical condition that collects all of high level of blood pressure, increase in protein in the urine, and swelling in the hands and faces in the mother.

In addition to what precede, the other health disorders include, anemia, malaria, VIH, chlamydia, and any STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). Moreover, there is bleeding after giving birth,  psychological disorders such as; depressive disorder, and depression of after birth and all it causes of symptoms after giving birth such as bad nutrition, less rest, and sleep.

What is teenage pregnancy danger on children?

The death of fetus of the first week or month among girls under the age of 20 is higher in its percentage comparing to those of the older women.

In addition, the number of early births is higher among teens than among older women. These cause later problems in the lives of the babies. As well as the weight loss during birth.

According to the statistics, the teenage pregnant are more likely to smoke and drink, which cause several effects for the baby after it is born.

What is teenage pregnancy social effect?

what is teenage pregnancy

what is teenage pregnancy

Most of the teen who get pregnant get obliged to leave school in young age. This reflects with long term effects for them and their communities and societies.

The studies showed that delaying pregnancy to after adolescence is having better results on society, economy, and health effects of the state. This is because it decreases the population growth rate.

In other side, the good thing that is hopeful is the decrease in the number of teen pregnant in the last few decades. As well as the age of marriage is increasing (delaying to older ages). Also, there is the ant-pregnancy things (I wrote article about some of them, and the links are below) which are used by both married and unmarried couples.

In addition to what preceded, the level of female education increased in the most of the countries. The studies said that this education of female has a very good relation with the level of teenage pregnancy.

Finally, there is the awareness; healthily, educationally, and socially about marriage and premature pregnancy. This awareness is very important in the beginning of the adolescence, which has effect in protecting the individuals and societies from its side effects.

However, the question of what is teenage pregnancy is important as much as the issue itself. Both, family and education need to fix this problem and make it clear for the teenagers. That is why the adolescence stage is considered the most instable stage during a lifetime and parents should be aware of it.

The effects of this issue are so important, and this article reminded me of a novel I read once of ‘House of Women’. This novel shall include and cite how life can be when a girl falls in the mistake of having a baby in her young or early ages.

Well, for the things that shall help you to prevent pregnancy there are;

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Vaginal Diaphragm


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