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What is Spermicide?

What is spermicide?

what is spermicide

what is spermicide

Spermicide! What is spermicide? This is what we are going to talk about in this article. You might be wondering why I would write for such topic. Well, let me tell you that the reason is that I was writing the last article about ‘Vaginal Diaphragm’ and when I expose it to my friend, he said; “what is this spermicide you are talking about here?” that’s why I decided to make an article about what is spermicide and what do we mean by that? Where do we need it? Or for what do we need it?

The title “What is spermicide”, might look somehow scary in the first sight. Yet, spermicide does work a very important role in organizing our families and avoiding ‘undesirable’ pregnancy.

So, what is spermicide exactly?

It is pregnancy preventer. It is non-hormonal. The effective matter in it comes in the form of medications. Those medications can be such as cream, gel, foam, or any other shade. For its work, it depends basically on a principal technique. This technique stops the movement of sperm. This is how it stops the sperm from reaching the egg and vaccinating it. For the most effectiveness, most of couples use the other female pregnancy preventers such as vaginal diaphragm. The husband or the boyfriend can use the condom as well. Another effective way to stop and prevent pregnancy is to ejaculate the sperm outside his woman’s vagina.

How does it work?

The women must put the spermicide in their vagina just before having sex (in very short duration). This is how the spermicide can prevent the sperm from going to the vulva, because it already blocks the vulva tract. It prevents the sperm from reaching the egg to vaccinate it. The spermicides stops the movements and the strength to move of sperm completely; which make the sperms find it hard to move inside the vagina.

Can we consider this method of preventing pregnancy safe? For what is spermicide’s safety?

In order to cite the effectiveness of this method, the researchers did some studies. Those studies show that every 15 woman in 100 women who use the spermicide correctly might have pregnancy (it means 15 percent of the women who use it correctly can get pregnant). This means that its effectiveness is about 85 percent. Otherwise, if the use of the spermicide is not correct, the percentage decreases to 71 percent. This means that 29 woman out of 100 shall get pregnant.

What is spermicide’s side effect? And what is spermicide’s benefits?

Benefits of spermicide;

  • The women can carry with them the spermicide anywhere they go. They can put in simply in their purse. It is small and just like a medication, does not take any space or weight.
  • The spermicide does not affect the level or hormones in the women at all.
  • The spermicide does not necessarily need a doctor to put it in. the husband or the boyfriend can put it easily for the women.
  • It is so easy to use it, and you can get it anywhere. It is found in every pharmacy.
  • It does not require a medical prescription to have it or to buy it.
  • The woman who just got a new born baby, or still giving breastfeeding to her baby can use it without any worry.

The side effects;

Actually, I would not say ‘side effects’, but I would say the non-good benefits or ‘disadvantages’ of the spermicide;

  • The spermicide does not protect from the transmitting sexual diseases (such as HIV).
  • In some cases, it could cause a little of irritation or agitation in the inside of the vagina or the penis of the man. That happens because it contains some chemical elements, which can cause the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) easier for some people.
  • If it is not used correctly and properly, it will not take the exact and complete effect (the effectiveness decreases from 85 percent to 71 percent).
  • Some women might have the spermicides leak out of the vagina during having sex, which decreases the effectiveness.

How do you use the spermicide?

You have (Madam!) to read the prescription that is found on the spermicide very well. You have to read the precepts on it and understand them very well. Otherwise, it won’t take the effectiveness you aim to have.

You can put in the matter inside the vagina with your hands, or using the syringe (you will have it with the spermicide when you buy it), or any other appropriate way or tool. You can do it while you are lying down or sitting and your legs up. You have to wait about 15 minutes before staring in sex. And the effectiveness of the spermicide does not last longer than one hour. Therefore, if you are planning to have sex later after an hour or two you need to make another amount of the spermicide.

You cannot take a bath after using it. it is highly recommended that you wash your vagina after about 6 to 8 hours later (after having sex).

What is spermicide’s history?

what is spermicide

what is spermicide

The ancient Egyptians, and exactly in the documents of Kahun Papyrus, it was found that they used spermicide about 1850 BCE. Actually, it was not the exact spermicide we have nowadays, it is just a fluid that is high in pH and known to be used to destroy the sperm. Moving to the Greek, and in the second century, a Greek physician wrote a formula to use it to destroy the sperm. As for the laboratory tests in order to find the spermicide we have nowadays started in the 1800s. This is how we could have the spermicide we know nowadays.

Here we reached the conclusion of our article about what is spermicide and we would like to tell you that it is a very good way to avoid the undesirable pregnancy. Whether you like it or not, it still effective. The spermicide does not take a complete effect if used alone. Yet, it is still a better way for many people to avoid getting pregnant. You have to use the condom and the vaginal diaphragm as well if you want to avoid pregnancy for 100 percent effect.

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