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What is reverse psychology -DON’T Read This!

What is reverse psychology?

what is reverse psychology

what is reverse psychology

Reverse Psychology? I am sure that you have done this plenty of time and you are not aware of that. You do not know what you are doing. That is what is reverse psychology. It is a very simple notion. It means that you make the other do what he does not will to do. For example you want to convince someone to do something for you, and you know that he will not do it even if you ask him very nicely. So, you use the reverse psychology. You tell him the opposite of what you want him to do, and try to convince him the opposite, so that he does not accept it. when he does not accept what you asked him to do, he does the opposite of it (which is what you actually want him to do).

For more understand of what is reverse psychology, here is a simple explanation:

You ask your husband to paint your bedroom, but all your attempts to make him do so fail. Then you say: “whatever, I will do that myself. I know I am better than you in painting anyways”. Here comes the result of this reverse psychology, he will take the brush and paint it. he will try to make you wrong and prove he is better than you in painting.

What is reverse psychology chance to work?

Mostly, the reverse psychology works with us (as humans). That is because humans have a very strong need to be independent. Doctor J. Ramon says that if you do something because you feel free to do so, is better than to do it because you are obliged or afraid of losing someone close if you do not do it.

What is reverse psychology working on? On whom does it work?

According to Doctor Ramon, the reverse psychology is a new notion in the psychological therapy. Yet, it is said that it is very common from long time ago. We know that parents were always advised not to prevent their children from getting married to someone specific, because they might do the ‘reverse’ and marry that specific person. But, does reverse psychology works on everyone? Does it work in every situation?

The experts say that the reverse psychology is highly to work on the people who are stubborn and who aim and love to do things their own ways, such as rebels. Besides, it works also on the people who are more likely to take decisions according to their emotions instead of thinking logically and calmly about them.

Yet, Doctor Ramon argues that the ability of reverse psychology to work depends on the relationship with the person, not necessarily the personality of that person.

It is good that people do not use the reverse psychology for getting the secrets of the country 😀 . They mostly do it for kids, love, or at work.

What is reverse psychology effect on children?

what is reverse psychology

what is reverse psychology

Anyone who dealt with kids should have already used the reverse psychology. However, it is hard for kids to do the opposite of what their parents say. Yet, in many times, they do not like someone to tell them what to do –as many of us-.

In s research to study the effect of reverse psychology on children, they asked two 2-years-old kids not to play with a game. Suddenly, they asked to play with it, and they kept insisting one that. In another experiment of the research, they told some few kids that there are five posters for an animation movie. The kids are the ones who have to pick up the perfect one. They told the kids that there is ‘one’ poster is missing. Guess what happened! The missing poster was the one that they chose.

Parents can use the reverse psychology to make their kids do what they want. They may use it also to get rid of some natural desires of the kids. For example, I used it on my youngest child. He used always to stay in bed even he was called so many times. A morning, I went to him and told him: ‘It is okay my dear. You are a kid. Just stay asleep as much as you can. You are not an old guy yet.” The following morning he was the first to come to the breakfast table.

With kids, you should be so aware of how to use the reverse psychology. Sometimes, you might harm the kid if you apply it. For example, you tell him do not read the books I keep in the basement (which you want him to read actually). He goes to the basement to look for those books and so that he might harm himself. Be careful in using this method. It is effective, but not so safe.

If you have a teen and you want to apply what is reverse psychology on him/her. You may not use the same thing as for kids, but something similar. For example, your teen wants to go to attend a party that might be so dangerous for him. You want to prevent him. Do not tell him direct: “no, you won’t go”, but just tell him: “I can prevent you from going, but you are a man now and you are free, you are responsible and here are things why I don’t want you to go”. Mention the bad things about the event and then make him decide for himself.

What is revere psychology effect on the domain of business and relationships?

what is reverse psychology

what is reverse psychology

The reverse psychology is used perfectly for relationships. For example, your boyfriend is confused and told you once that he wants some space for a while. Do not get angry or anything, just keep calm and tell him that you were just expecting more from him and you depend on him because he is your man. Then, tell him it is all right what he chose to do. Later, he will surely talk to you.

That is a good example of how to use the reverse psychology. But, you have to know that it works on the challenging and stubborn people. Therefore, you have to make sure that your partner has those characters.

In the business, especially in marketing, you can use this method to sell the client what ‘he needs and he is interested in’, but is it not good to do it for someone who does not need. Actually, it might not work for people who are not interested in your product.

Let us have an example of how you can use reverse psychology in business. For example, you are selling cars and a couple came to buy one. So, you have to show them the cars. There are two beautiful and good cars in the corner that you really want to sell them with a good price. You show to the couple the whole other cars and expose to them everything about them, except for the two cars in the corner; you do not talk about them. They will eventually ask you about them, and why you didn’t talk about them. You will say that they are so expensive and the couple will not be able to pay for it. Guess what will happen! The couple will insist to see the cars, and so that the husband will buy one of them, to show you and his wife that he is able to do anything for his relationship and he is the man.

However, that is what is reverse psychology, and you can apply it anywhere, you just need to be a little bit wise to do so 😉

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