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What is in Chocolate? What does ‘Magic’ contain?

What Is In Chocolate

What is in chocolate?

what is in chocolate

what is in chocolate

And who does not know chocolate? one of the best things or foods on this planet. There cannot be something sweeter and more famous than chocolate. The same thing for coffee and some few foods or things; chocolate is one of the most common foods around the whole world. This amazingly, beautifully, and outstandingly mind-taking food is controlling so many people over the world. It is natural sourced, but still a little bit addictive. Many people consider it a negative and unhealthy food. Others believe it is a source of balanced and stable nutrition and life. That is what we have to tell you what is in chocolate and what made it hat famous?

Although this amazing food is famous to be a weight gainer (regardless than other negative points), the studies showed the opposite. Since chocolate is one of the most interesting foods over the world, the studies pointed on it for a side of course. Those studies found that it has a lot of benefits, unlike what is known among people. They were trying to know what is in chocolate. That is the question that science or studies are curious about.

First, and before talking about what is in chocolate exactly, let us have a quick definition of what is chocolate. It is a very delicious and nutritious food. Most of its content is from the cacao. They might add to it during producing different tastes of it, sugar. Some people add to it milk as well. Most of the times, chocolate is taken as a final dish or a dessert, while it can be used as an opening food, for other kinds of foods.

Chocolate is one of the most famous foods over the world. It can be used for other foods such as ice cream, cake, cookies, and others. it can be also used as a drink, such as hot chocolate drink.

The first time chocolate was found in Latin America, and that is because of the large number of cacao trees in that area. That is a good a reason to expect what is in chocolate. The foods from natural sources can be expected of what it contains.

what is in chocolate

what is in chocolate

To understand what is in chocolate, we shall know what kinds of continents it might include. What are the kinds of cacao, which is the first content of chocolate?

There are three different kinds of cacao, and they are; Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario.

The Criollo is about 5 percent of the world seeds of cacao content. That makes it the rarest kinds of cacao and so that it is the most expensive one. This kind is found in the Middle America, the northern side of Latin America, and in the Caribbean Sea islands. This kind of cacao is hard to be farmed because of its environmental threats. That makes it rare. People who tasted that kind of the cacao say that it is far different from the classic taste of classic chocolate.

The Forastero is the most common cacao seeds. It is farmed in Africa, although its origins are from the Amazon. The trees of this kind make more seeds than the first kind trees. This kind of cacao is the most famous one in producing chocolates. It gives a special classic taste of chocolate, although it does not last for long as Criollo does.

For the Trinitario, it is mixed kind of both of the previous kinds (naturally). Its origins come from Trinidad.

You might say approximately the production of chocolate in the last five decades come either from Forastero or Trinitario cacaos.

Now let us move to our main topic about what is in chocolate. And here is how the contents of the chocolate are mixed.

The cacao as the most important content of chocolate is mixed with other contents depending on the kind of chocolate you want to make. This kind depends also about the brand or the type that is going to be produced for sale. What is in chocolate and what is considered the most important contents besides cacao are as follows (according to the kind of chocolate that is meant to be produced):

  • The dark chocolate: cacao butter, cacao flour, and sugar
  • The chocolate and milk: cacao butter, cacao flour, milk (normal or dried), and sugar
  • The white chocolate: cacao butter, milk (normal or dried), and sugar

Usually, they add the emulsions to the cacao. That is how they keep the chocolate looks fresh. The quantity of that emulsions is only about 0.2 %. The emulsions can be natural as well since there are several natural kinds of it. The most famous natural kind of emulsions is Lecithin.

There are also the processed emulsions, and the most used one for chocolate is PGPR (Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate). The other industrial name for this emulsion is E476. It is made from another natural product called Ricinus Communis. The emulsion is another important ingredient in making what is in chocolate. It helps to control the level of cacao butter with keeping the taste of chocolate as long as possible in the mouth.

what is in chocolate

what is in chocolate

The different of what is in chocolate depends on the producer. Each producer has his own special touch. During the production of chocolate, there are specific quantities of minimum and maximum amounts of cacao butter. The association and quality specialists in the meant countries usually make these specific quantities. That is because some chocolate producers make a kind of chocolate that contains vegetable oils instead of cacao and the add other produced flavors in order to keep the attention away from the natural flavor of the roasted seeds. For example, the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not legalize any kind of products that use the vegetable oils to replace the cacao butter, in order to take the name of ‘Chocolate’.

That is what we know about what is in chocolate, and what is it made up from. We hope that you have a very good general idea about what is in chocolate and how it is made. Make sure that you enjoy this amazing food. It is so nutritious and delicious. Therefore, do not stop eating it. You just have to eat it with roles, because it might be a cause of gaining weight in some cases.

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