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What is Caffeine?

What is Caffeine ?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant/psycho active drug, derived from certain plants such as Coffee, Tea and Cocoa.

What is Caffeine

What is Caffeine

Bodybuilders use high doses of Caffeine, usually during competition season for its wide range of benefits like fat loss, alertness, increased blood pump, and for increased energy.
During off-season, bodybuilders are supposed to restrict the use of caffeine due to its thermogenic and metabolic properties, which hold the body in constant stimulation which in turn reduce muscle growth from achieving its fullest extent.

  • Benefits of Caffeine:

Increased energy
Elevated Metabolism
Sudden, Increased energy boost
Mood elevation
Thermogenic properties
Fat loss properties

  • Things to remember while on caffeine:

Lots of water: As caffeine is also a Diuretic (which causes increased urination), more water should be taken to compensate the water loss. Especially, during long workouts and hot weather, increased water intake would help from dehydration due to caffeine.
Calcium supplementation: Caffeine tends to loosen calcium from bones. Calcium supplementation along with caffeine intake would help to remunerate this loss.

  • How does Caffeine act?

Being a psycho active substance, it acts on nervous system to provide mental alertness. It also provides and energy boost and pump to give maximum power output during workouts. It is said to reduce the onset of fatigue, which allows exerting max stress on each muscle fibres.

All these properties are made possible due to its structural similarity with Adenine, a compound present in DNA, RNA and ATP molecules.

  • Side effects of Caffeine [overdose]:

Although caffeine does not have any side effects on normal usage or even on a bit high usage occasionally, following symptoms are seen for those who are on an overdose of caffeine.

  • Caffeine dependency

Jitters (extreme nervousness)
Heart problems
Osteoporosis (on long term overdose)
Gastric reflux
Peptic ulcer
It would always be safe to stick on to normal Caffeine usage. Continuous overdose bear much undesirable effects along with the good ones. Always seek advice from a medical practitioner while considering higher doses of Caffeine or any supplements.

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