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What is Blackhead? How can we treat it?

What is blackhead?

What is blackhead

What is blackhead

Blackheads are usually a type of Comedone, which is a clogged pore in the face’s skin. When the comedo is open then it is called a blackhead, and when it is closed it is called whitehead. The difference between blackhead and whitehead is in the nature and the shape of the pores, either they are opened or not, the opened ones are the blackheads and the closed ones are the whiteheads. However, we are not going to talk about both blackhead and whitehead as different kinds of comedo, but our main topic here is exactly the blackhead. So, what is blackhead exactly? And how does it happen? Let’s find out in the article about all this.

So what is blackhead exactly? It is those little small bumps you have in your face, which happens because of the clogged hair follicles. They are called the blackhead because of the color of the surface around those bumps that looks dark or black. The acnes infect a lot of young people and teenagers, and the blackheads are a part of them. But, the blackhead can happen in the chest, the back, the neck or the arms and shoulders. According to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) the acnes affect more than forty millions of the Americans. The thing that makes this disorder the most common skin disorder in USA and in the whole world too.

Blackhead causes:

When you reach the puberty, your sebaceous glands start to produce oil that causes your skin to create the comedones (blackhead and whitehead,) and acnes, this happens usually to the teenagers due to the puberty stage. Women who develop polycystic ovarian syndrome also may experience a various cases of acnes and comedones. People who smoke also make it worse.

The oil that your sebaceous glands release; is called the sebum, which responsible to keep your skin fresh and soft. And when your body release too much of it, it create the bumps that turn to black when you expose it to the air.

Here are some other causes that may cause your skin to develop the blackhead and acne:

When your body produces too much of that oil, and the skin have nothing to do with the extra quantity but to make it as the acne or the blackheads.

When the dead cells of your skin do not shed on a frequent basis, it happens to create the irritation of the hair follicles (pores).

If you take some drugs, especially if you get addicted to them, such as; lithium, androgens or the corticosteroids.

If your body builds up the acnes bacteria on your skin such as; Propionibacterium acnes.

When you are getting the ages of puberty and your body is producing too much size of the oil, especially in the teenager years, or during the menstruation and also it can be while the pregnant woman is taking the birth control pills.

It is very popular among lot of people that the acne and blackhead are caused due to the foods and drinks we eat in our daily life. Like the carbohydrates that are high in the level of sugar, which may play a role in the skin production of those irritating bumps. I asked some of my friends who used to have the acnes on their faces and one who had the blackheads, and they all said that when they used to eat foods that are high in the fats such as butter, or even eggs, they get infected by those bumps; either the acne or blackhead. And when they used to stop those foods from their diets they could say the changes.
However, the studies did not prove this fact yet, but researches are still being done.

Now after we answered the question of what is blackhead and what are the causes of them, we shall move to other questions such as; how to remove blackheads? What are home remedies to remove blackheads? How to get rid of deep blackheads?

What is blackhead best natural treatment?

The recipes and remedies that we are bringing to you in this article will help you get rid of deep blackheads. Use them and you will know how to remove blackheads from face, how to remove blackheads from nose at home. Those are home remedies to remove blackheads naturally.

  • Use the bumps clay mask:

In order to apply this method you need two things; one tablespoon of the bentonite clay and water or AVC.

Bring enough water or AVC to fit the tablespoon of the clay, and then put it on your face gently with your clean fingertips and let them the enough duration to dry. Then wash them with the lukewarm water and moisturize yourself as you do always.

  • How to remove blackheads naturally:
  • Use the natural H2O treatment:

In applying this usual treatment you shall need some fresh water, and a clean towel, and a moisturizer.

This treatment is too simple and easy, you only need to splash your face twice per day with the fresh clean water. And then dry your face with the soft towel and moisturize yourself as always. This method can be done twice a day, and I highly recommend you to do it first when you rest in the afternoon and second in the evening when you finish your day.

  • Face mask for blackhead:
  • The white egg mask:

To make this remedy you need one egg, with a soft clean towel, a toilet paper or any tissue, and a small bowl.

Take the egg and separate its yolk from the white. Don’t forget to wash your face. Make sure your face is dry and then put the egg white all over your face’s skin. Then take a small piece of the tissue or the toilet paper and strip it over the egg white. Make sure to press it to your face very gently. After you let the first layer to dry bring the second one and apply it on the first one. Let this one dry as well till you apply the third if you like to. After you finish making your mask, you shall feel that your face is becoming so tight, which is so normal to happen. Take off the issue and gently wash your face and then dry it and moisturize as usual. One thing we really confirm is to let the layer to dry before you apply the second, otherwise it will not work.

  • Honey for blackheads:
  • Honey and Milk remedy:

You will need for this remedy one tablespoon of organic raw honey, and the same quantity of milk with a piece of cotton.

To apply it, first mix the two tablespoons (one of milk with one of honey) and then put it in the microwave for less than ten seconds and mix them again to completely mix the ingredients. Let the temperature becomes normal, then gently put a thin small layer over the blackheads on your face. Put a strip of cotton into it. Let is dry for at least twenty minutes before you peel it gently away, to wash your face with cold water and moisturize as usual.


What is blackhead

What is blackhead

What is blackhead? how can it be treated? well after you found out what is and how it could be treated, we just hope that you will see theresult yourself soon. Actually, there are many other applications to be done, but after I did a little of researches and asked about the ones that worked with people the most I found those ones, which I brought to you in the article. And for me too, I shall be the first one to try it as soon as I notice any blackhead in my face, even though I have no chance coming I guess.

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