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What is a IUD? Avoid Pregnancy and Enjoy Sex

What is a IUD?

what is a iud

what is a iud

They asked me as a sex therapist; what is a iud? I said, let’s talk about another thing, then I shall explain what is it. Children are not just something natural, but they ‘projects’. They need to take very good care of them and treat them the best way possible. And some people might fall in the ‘mistake’ of having an unexpected child, which causes different issues in life.5 Some people might not be ready for this ‘huge’ responsibility, and just few minutes might put them in this situation. The sexual desire is something normal and it is one of the most important ‘needs’ of the human body. You cannot avoid having sex to avoid having responsibility of children. That is why the only solution is to enjoy having sex, and avoid having children through prevention of pregnancy. And to do that, I am presenting today the intrauterine device (IUD). So, what is a IUD ? Find out here!

In some previous articles, I have talked about some things used to avoid pregnancy. The first one was about vaginal diaphragm and the other about the spermicide. Now, and continuing on the female tools to avoid the undesirable pregnancy I came with a new thing called the Intrauterine device (IUD). So, what is a IUD? And how does it work? All these things you shall know in my article of today.

The UID is a simple device that is put inside the vagina by a special doctor or an expert nurse. This device takes the shade of the letter (T). It is usually made up from plastic or copper.

The UID works on preventing the sperms or the eggs from remaining alive in the vulva or the vagina. It also prevents the vaccinated egg in the vulva from growing up.

What is a IUD fact? Or rather ‘facts’

Its effectiveness starts once it is put in the vagina immediately. The duration of its stay in the vagina can last to 5 to 10 years. It does not require a specific appointment to have it. It can be done at any time of the ovulation cycle without affecting it, as long as there is no pregnancy. Getting rid of it is very easy, and any special doctor can do it. Whenever you take it off you get back your ability of having babies and getting pregnant easily.

There might be some changes in the periodic cycle. It might have more pain and have more liquid, especially in the first three months till the sixth after putting it. All that just to leave the inside environment of the vagina to get used to the new thing.
there is a very low possibility of having infections during the first 20 days. The situation might develop to lead the body get rid of it, like spitting it out. The pregnancy is very rare to happen during carrying the device. And if it happens, the case of having the pregnancy outside the vulva might be high. It is better not to use it, if there are previous inflammations of any kind of PID (Pelvic inflammatory Disease) in the body. (Seeing what is a IUD able to do made me more curious about it)
Moreover, it is very important to know that the device does not protect from the STDs (Sexual Transmitting Diseases). That is why it is necessary to use other methods to prevent those diseases, such as condoms.

What is a IUD common kinds?

I aim to mention the few of the types of this device. It is for the common used and the most advised ones from doctors and specialists. Also, you may pick up the right one that suits your health.

  • Hormonal UID; this type is very common, and there are different companies that produces this one. This type releases a kind of the Progestin hormones. This hormone works on killing the sperm, and it also increase the mucosal and viscosity of the vagina which prevent the sperm from reaching the eggs to vaccinate it.
  • The copper UID: this is the most common one. A copper cable surrounding the leg of the shade of T. it is considered poisoned for the sperm. It cause the Fallopian tubes to release a liquid that kills the sperms. This liquid contains the white cells of the blood, enzymes, and the Prostaglandins hormones.

Before taking in the device, you need to make a test for your vagina or your wife’s vagina to see the size of it, this is how they pick up the appropriate one. And also it is necessary to do tests to check if you have any STDs, or inflammations. And that is just to take the right treatment before putting it inside. Sometimes, the doctors give you some antibiotics after having the device, to avoid any immunity effects. What is a IUD duration to put it in? it takes about 15 to 20 minutes only.

What is a IUD method to put it in?

You need to keep the vagina open the while the doctor is putting it. it is just like the vaginal imaging. And they enter it through the cervix to reach the fallopian tubes.

How to make sure that it was put in the right place?

what is a iud

what is a iud

First, you need to know that the UID has two tiny threads coming from the vulva arriving to the top of the vagina. You need to ask the doctor to tell you how you should feel it inside.
You need to check it if it is rightly put during the first month. And later repeat that frequently. It does not cause any irritation during the sexual intercourse. But, if the partner feels it or you felt any pain during having sex, you need to see the doctor immediately.

What is a IUD first female option to have it? Other words; does it work with every woman?

Of course ‘yes’. Many women find it the right and best solution, they can have a whole long duration enjoying sex and without any unexpected pregnancy, and when they need to give birth again, they just take it off. Women who never got pregnant and who have VIH can also use it.

What a UID condition where it cannot be used?

  • Having infections or inflammations in the Pelvic region or having one of the STDs
  • Problems in the cervix or the vulva
  • Unknown vaginal bleeding, whether after two periodic cycles or after having sex
  • Already pregnancy outside the vagina, abortion close to the time it was put, or you’ve a processed heart valve.

You need to void having the device if there is a doubt of getting pregnant or the doubt of having any kind of infection of STDs in women or men.

Can a woman have the IUD after getting pregnant?

Yes, she can! But she needs to wait about 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth. It has no effect on the breastfeeding. And there are no side effects concerning the cancer of cervix, Endometriosis cancer, and Ovarian Cancer. But it might have some light effects on the mood and sexual desire. Also, it does not affect the weight.

What is a IUD pain? Does it cause any harm to the vagina?

The statistics say that there is 0.1 percent of the women, who have done it, had the pain in their vagina and caused them some injuries during putting it or later. Yet, one of those symptoms is the heavy pain under the stomach, without any other effects. That is why if there is any such effect, you need to see the doctor immediately and you might need a surgery to take it off.



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