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What Do Girls Like In A Guy?

What do girls like in a guy?

what do girls like in a guy

what do girls like in a guy

Today is one of the most famous days of the year. It is February 14th; ST valentine’s day. It is the lovers’ day. The lovers are celebrating their day by having good times and sweet dates with their boyfriend or girlfriend. What about the guys who are single? What will they do? There are plenty of things that define the way a guy gets a girlfriend. But, before knowing what a guy does to attract a girl, what does he depend on? He certainly should know about what do girls like in a guy and how they are attracted by a guy. The explanation is argued by people; either it is according to the looks or to the altruism.

We are going to discuss this topic today according to the studies that were done by some scientists and researchers. The study talks about what do girls like in a guy and what kind of guy that a girl likes?

A new study showed that there are many girls and women who like the handsome and the good looking guy. Yet, they will choose the guys with the characteristics of the altruism. The altruism means that person who prefers the other over himself and do things that others benefit from them while he does not.

The results of the studies show that there are new proofs of what do girls like in a guy. This difference in what the girls like and the kind of men they like defines the way they those women choose their life partner. The Universities of Sunderland and Worcester did this research and those studies.

The report of the research was published in the magazine of the evolutionary psychology. This research confirms that girls and women love the guys with the altruism. It proves how this characteristic is so important for the women to choose their life partner.

what do girls like in a guy

what do girls like in a guy

Here is the study and the research how worked. They picked up over two hundred women and they were exposed to the study. Those women were give 12 pictures of some men. The men were different in the level of looks (some of them were so handsome and the other had nothing to do with good looking).

The second part of the study, the gave the women some scenarios that includes stories of those men. For example; there was a woman who had the pictures of two men, one man A who is handsome and B is not. The scenario of those men was like this: the man A and B walking in street and there was a hungry homeless. The man B went to a coffee and brought the homeless a hotdog and battle of water to eat, while the man A just walked pretending that he is looking to something on his smart phone.

All the women in the study had the same experience and they had to give their results according to the following. The women had to choose between the men they had. They had to choose the men who are likely to be for a passing and short-term relationship, and to choose the men who are likely to be the ones for a serious and long-term relationship. And here was the result of what do girls like in a guy; the women chose the handsome men and who were not having the altruism for the passing relationship, while they chose the men with no good looks but they have the altruism for the serious and the long-term relationship.

Understanding the outcomes and results of this research proves how the women care for the altruism in men more than beauty.

A psychiatrist who participated in the research says that the men with the altruism are the perfect and the right ones to be a good husband and a great father. To find a man who cares for others is extremely important for building a serious life. That is why the study show that the women prefer the one who is likely to be the loving father and husband. This kind of the men are so likely to be responsible and serious for the practical life. In other part, the men who were both handsome and have the altruism are considered the most preferable and most desirable.

In other way to understand what do girls like in a guy, the women who chose the handsome guy is because of the beauty and the good genes that might pass to their children. Yet, it is hard to get a handsome man who has the altruism. So, they choose the guy who has the altruism, because it is more important than the genes. The competition to have the most handsome guy is hard for the women.

what do girls like in a guy

what do girls like in a guy

However, to understand what do girls like in a guy, I have done some research myself. I have talked for some girls of the early twenty. They seemed that they like the boys that make them suffer. There were many girls who said that they like the rough and bad guys, but this is just for a passing relationship. Other girls said that they just want money and they do not care about what is the mentality or the personality of the guy. Moreover, there were some others who said that they want the most handsome and good looking guys. Finally, there were very few girls who said that they want the loving, caring, kind, nice, and normal boy.

I tried to understand why do they like those kinds of boys and they do not like the last kind. They all said that the last kind of a loving and caring boy is a perfect option for a long term and serious relationship, not for temporary or passing relationship. This research had almost the same results as the previous study. The girls like the guy who impresses them, who makes them feel special, who makes them laugh, who pays for them many things, who hurts them a bit, and who does make them suffer; only for a passing relationship. Likewise, they love the kind, nice, caring, loving, friendly, and responsible guy for a lifetime relationship. That is in general what do girls like in a guy.

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