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What Can Obesity Cause?

What Can Obesity Cause

what can obesity cause

what can obesity cause

With the very lazy world that we are having nowadays, and the generation that this technology and scientific evolution create, the people are having several disorders such as fatness, over-weight and obesity. The most serious one from those ones is the obesity. And what frighten people is what can obesity cause if it comes to someone? There are so many effects of obesity and it leads to different health disorders and different diseases. The obesity is a problem that all people should avoid it.

In many cases the obesity was found to be genetic, but also it can be causable. There are people who can have obesity as a disorder or disease. There numerous things that are related to what can obesity cause!

If your body is having over-weight and getting obese you have to know that you are risking yourself for a lot of diseases, and the heart disease shall be the most affective knowns till now. That is why I would like to represent to you the top known and most serious obesity’s most dangerous effect. If you know what can obesity cause, you can be aware of it and do your best to stop obesity. Day by day you don’t see a big difference in your weight, but once you look back after a while you will see that you got weight. That is how people develop obesity. So, now if you are having obesity try to get a way to lose your weight immediately because you are not going to like what the diseases and effects that obesity can cause you. And if you are thinking of taking obesity as a choice, then think again after you read the following effects of obesity.

Here are what can obesity cause from diseases:

Obese first known disease; type 2 diabetes:

Diabetes means that the high level of sugar in the blood is too high. It is known that the body turn the foods that we eat into glucose and then carries it to the cells to turn it into energy. And in order to turn the glucose into energy, the cells need insulin. In the type 2 diabetes the cells of the body do not use insulin the right way; first time you have type 2 diabetes, the body makes a very high amount of insulin, but with time, the body stops creating the insulin the right way, which is the reason why the glucose level in the blood rises. That is how insulin that you take is the right solution for type 2 diabetes. The type 2 diabetes is a much known disease that obese people develop most of the time. This disease can be deadly because it causes several dangerous diseases such as Stroke, CHD, blindness, and kidney diseases. Statistic says that most of the people who have type 2 diabetes are obese and over-weight.

Another deadly effect of obesity; Stroke:

People who have obesity always have troubles in their arteries and veins, because obesity makes some plaques in those little tiny tubes of blood, which prevent the blood from flooding appropriately. With time, this can be the reason for making the blood clot in the body. This clot can be placed anywhere in the body. If it is placed close to the brain in the head, it can cause the preventing of blood and oxygen from arriving to the brain, which can cause the stroke. Studies show that the stroke risk increases as much as the BMI (Body Mass Index) rises. This is the relationship between obesity and stroke. If you aim to know what can obesity cause, here are deadly effects.

Serious trouble that obesity causes; CHD:

Studies say that as much as your BMI (Body Mass Index) rises your risk of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) does. This disease is somehow similar to what happens in Stroke, there are some plaques that build up into the coronary arteries, which are the responsible of enriching the cells with the high level of oxygen. Those plaques can reduce and block the level of blood flow, and prevents the blood from reaching the heart’s muscles. This problem can cause deadly diseases such as heart attacks and angina. When you have obesity you need more flooding of blood, which is the reason why many people do have serious conditions such as heart failure.

The most known terrible disease; Cancer:

Men who are really obese can develop those two common types of cancer that are extremely deadly; prostate cancers and colon cancer. While, women, who are developing high level of obesity, always have an increase in the risk of having several different types of cancer, such as; breast cancer, uterus, gallbladder, and colon.

Another serious effect; high level of blood pressure:

The blood pressure means that strength that the heart does to pomp the blood against the walls of arteries and makes it flow to reach every single living cell in the body. With normal people this pressure is usual, but with people who are having obesity, it increases. And this increase can damage and harm the body in many different ways. So here is another dangerous condition of what can obesity cause!

A non-resting condition; sleep apnea:

During your sleep at night, you are risked to have a sleep apnea, which means to have one or more pauses in breathing at night and when you are asleep. People who have a lot of fats around the neck are the ones that have this condition, which means the people who are having obesity. This big mass of fats around the neck is responsible of having the pauses in the breathing or shallow.

What can obesity cause psychologically?

what can obesity cause

what can obesity cause

In the current culture, and through history, people who are attractive were and still always the people who are thin and fit enough. That’s why the obese people were looked at as non-attractive. In fact, people look at obese people with a blaming look, like they are the responsible for their looks, because they are lazy and have a very weak will. It is not common that obese people have a good relationships or romantic moments. This difference can lead obese people to develop serious psychological disorder such as thinking too badly about themselves, depression, anti-sociality, or people-hatred.

However, people who are having obesity should be aware of what it can cause, and they have to move quickly to get rid of it as soon as possible. And for people around them should help them, not blame them because this condition is not a choice, but natural and sometimes genetic. Make sure to be aware of what can obesity cause from several serious conditions.

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