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What are the Symptoms of Viral Fever?

Know the symptoms of viral fever! To avoid getting it!

The low body’s immunity can cause many troubles for the daily life, and the normal body’s health. And viral fever is one of the most common fevers that people with low immunity gets easily, such as children or old people. Yet, the adults with their strong body’s resistance can be affected by such fever. The causes of this fever are quite numerous, but I am going to focus on the symptoms, for the big role that they play for the treatment, because the reasons and causes cannot be avoided sometimes. But symptoms may warn you to get the best treatment, and to be well healed as soon as possible after having the fever.

Symptoms of viral fever

Symptoms of viral fever

However, we may start with the very common much known causes of the viral symptoms:

Viral fever can be transported from a body to another through having the physical contact. It is so simple just as much as you think. The contact of two people lead them to give the way to viruses to move from the ill one to another. Sometimes it happens even without physical contact, just when a person sneezes, coughs, or even talks, the viruses can move across the air between the two people or more. They can survive for that short distance, and the short duration, to find another refuge, which is not affected yet. They get the chance to ruin another body. The way to the inside of the body is from the mouth or the nose, and it infect the body in less than two days. To become a full infected body of the viral fever.

Now we move to the second part and the most important part of the article, which is to talk about the symptoms of viral fever:

As it was known that the viral fever can lead the way to more dangerous and serious troubles and conditions, it is so important to know about its symptoms, the sooner the better. Those symptoms of viral fever are so many, and medically popular among almost everyone. But the serious ones are not really known, and people may face them but avoid them as they are normal things, while they are the sign for a very serious condition that their body is aiming to have the next days. As it was mentioned before, the viruses take about two days to get the enough number to infect the body fully. That is why the body can show some symptoms during this period but people do not give them attention, the thing that causes troubles later.
Here I am going to state some on the most common symptoms of viral fever. That people should be aware of them:

  • Body’s aches as much as muscles do have.
  • Pain in the body’s joints and muscles.
  • Unusual low or high body’s temperature.
  • The noses starts to run -a running noose-.
  • Bad Headache.
  • Keep coughing.
  • Exhausting and Fatigue.
  • Eyes get red and begin to burn.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Rashes on the skin.
  • Pain in throat.
  • Abdominal Pain.
  • Face’s swelling.

Those are the very common symptoms of viral fever, and if you come by one of them. Make a very good reason for you to go and get an appointment with your doctor. It may affect your body later and your health. As it was said: “protection is better than healing”.

However, there are specific conditions and symptoms that oblige you to visit the doctor immediately and to get the treatment as soon as possible, are either the complaining last for a week or more. When the fever lasts for more than five days or when your breath becomes short.

There is no chance to come by this very important topic and not mentioning the symptoms pf the viral fever and not stopping by the remedies and the advices to follow when you face something like that.

Whenever you face the viral fever, here are some of the simple advices that might help you to stay in a better situation:

  • Have a long rest.
  • Get a hydrate.
  • Eat healthy light foods.
  • Keep aware of other ways to get viruses and more victims: keep washing your hands regularly, use new stuff such as new issues and of course do not share the things with others like: plates, cups… etc.
symptoms of viral fever

symptoms of viral fever

For the remedies that you may have, here they are:

If you pay attention to the fever earlier, before it becomes a serious condition, then just a very simple home remedies can help to end it, with no use of medicines. For the lasts (medicines) it is very wide known that antibiotic is the most common medicines that is used in the similar situations. And for the very simple home remedies, I am coming to mention some of the most useful ones:



  • Like I mentioned previously, eat light foods, and drink more, but stay away of milk. And in the condition of diarrhea, do not eat fruits juices, or salad.
  • Try to have more garlic and onion in your food. Especially soups.
  • Mix the juices of lemon, and ginger with honey and have them three times per day.
  • If diarrhea infects a child. Get some teaspoons of tea mixed with black pepper powdered.
  • Put the orange juices a little bit on fire to warm it and have it, it energizes the body quickly.
  • Always avoid outside foods, like junk foods fast foods, and cook foods with the lesser of spices as much as you can.

And the final advice is if you do not get healed by those home remedies, then see a doctor immediately and get the treatment as soon as possible.

The viral fever has been always a trouble-maker through time. And in the early ages, it used to even kill thousands of people. But now we became more aware, and more careful, and we know how to handle condition such as this one. We just wish people to be always healthy and always joyful of every single moment of their lives. This has been our goal from the very beginning.

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