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What Are The Alcohol Effects On The Body?

Alcohol Effects On The Body

What does alcohol does to the body?

Alcohol Effects On The Body

Alcohol effects on the body

In general, everyone knows what alcohol means, and what are the famous alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, rum and brandy…etc. and there is no more dangerous alcohol type than another, because all of them affect the body. Even a very little amount has a lot of alcohol effects on the body and the health. Whenever you drink alcohol you it goes into your bloodstream easily, and get mixed with your blood. It floods into your veins and arteries. And since I claim to talk about alcohol effects on the body, I will be stating the most dangerous effects that alcohol might cause.

Here are the very well-known effects of alcohol on the body:

  • Alcohol Effects on the Liver:
    When you drink too much and so heavy alcoholic drinks, you impact your body. And for the liver, it has many effects. People, who drink a lot of alcohol, can increase the liver diseases, such as liver inflammation, fatty liver, Alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis. Those diseases can easily destroy the liver, which has a lot of very important functions in the body. Additionally, women can be affected on their livers, more than men do.
  • Alcohol Effects on the Brain:
    From the first time, and the first sip, alcohol starts to affect the body. You start to lose control of yourself, because it goes to all part of your body, in the blood, and it affects the nervous system and the brain, that affects your moves, speech, your way of thinking, judgment and memory parts of the brain. These are the signs of being drunk; you lose the feeling of everything, and the control of everything. Later, it becomes hard to think and make decisions; the brain becomes too confused and non-focused. Besides the changes in the behaviors and the mood.
    When a person drinks heavy and regularly, or even unregularly, he becomes an addicted to alcohol, the things that lead him to experience several withdrawal and psychological disorders, such as anxiety, nervousness, tremors, and nausea. It becomes a matter of experts and doctors to heal the alcoholic guy/girl.
  • Alcohol Effects on the Heart:
    Even I want to talk about the negative effects of alcohol; there is no way that I can pass through its effects on the heart and not mentioning the good effects of it on the heart. Some studies show that people (aged more than 65 years old) who drink alcohol once a day can reduce the heart diseases. And now moving to the bad effects on the heart. The damage of alcohol can be too bad, because drinking too much can increase the blood pressure, which leads to increase the risk of having heart attacks. And women are in a higher level of risk than men. It damages the heart by destroying and poisoning the cells of the heart muscles, the heartbeats do not go in order, strokes and heart failure and attacks.
  • Alcohol Effects on the Pancreas:
    To digest the foods, cannot be without the big role of the pancreas. It sends the enzymes that help the body to digest the food. But when you drink and you get hangover, that liquid (alcohol) prevent the pancreas from sending the enzymes, the things that make a disorder in the digestion of the foods, and the metabolism system. And if it continues, the drinking, it causes the inflammation of pancreas, that scientists call it pancreatitis, which is the first step to develop the pancreatic cancer. It has also many symptoms and unhealthy impacts, such as vomiting, fever, rapid heart rate diarrhea and sweating. Besides, the abdominal pain in the back.
  • The Effects on the Immune System:
    A heavy drinker always has troubles in fighting the viruses, the bacteria and Microbes, because of the weakness of the immune system. Drinking alcohol causes the reduce in the production of the white cells of the blood, which is the most important part of the immune system, like the soldiers of the body, besides it affects both the innate and adaptive immune system easily. It damages the T-cells, and the NK cells, which cause lack of ability in attacking the bacteria. However, it just affects the immune system terribly.
  • Alcohol Effects on the Sexual Production:
    Probably the most popular effects of alcohol on men’s sexuality is the less penis erect, hinder the production hormone, lack in the functions of the testicles, and by time, it may even cause the infertility. As for infertility, it can be shared by women this impact, even women can have this problem after drinking a lot. It can cause miscarriage for the pregnant women. It can cause the prior delivery and labor, besides the big effect on the fetal growth. Moreover, alcohol has a relationship with the outcomes of the premarital or adultery sex troubles, such as the rape, unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, and sexual transmitted diseases like Aids. And one more effect for women, which is the increasing in the risk of having breast cancer.


The alcohol effects on the body are not easily stated, because they are too many and they need a space to do it. There is one more thing that people are not aware about, is the social effects of alcohol. An alcoholic person is usually regarded as a bad person, a junky, among the society. Because he is a coward who takes the easy way to face his problems, which might be through drinking alcohol. Besides, the deeds that he can do under the control of alcohol. He can commit crimes and troubles to others without even being in the conscience.

There is one more thing to talk about and to close the article with, and it is the difference impact of alcohol from men to women. A woman goes hangover faster than the man, because only some few sips are enough to make her lose her conscience, while men are somehow stronger and rougher. Also, the effects can be damaging on the women body more the men’s.

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