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Weird Facts About Sex

Weird facts about sex

What Are the Weird Facts About Sex

weird facts about sex

weird facts about sex

We are now bringing another important topic to people who are interested in the health of the sexual intercourse. People who do not want to have any sexual condition. They want to have the top pleasure during having sex. That is why they look for anything related to this topic and they try to know everything they should know. You might not know several things about sex. Those things might look, for you, strange or weird. That is what we are going to talk about today, the weird facts about sex. Today we are going to mention the top weird facts that you do not know about sex.

People might not know all those facts, but you should pay attention to them. It is not that you may have them someday, but it is just because you can arm yourself with all necessary knowledge about sex. Anyway, here are some facts rather than weird facts about sex:

  • The penis ‘can be broken’!

We all know that penis has no bones. But it can be broken in a bad situation, just the way you think about it now. This situation where the penis can be broken is called the Penile Fracture. It happens when the area that is called ‘Tunica Albuginea’ is teared and cramped, it releases the blood. The blood is usually kept inside that area. It goes out to the other tissues. It causes a bump or even a swelling.

  • The women can smell the genetic non-harmony with the partner:

There are some chemical elements that can help to define the harmony and compatibility with the others. Those elements are called the pheromones. Those are naturally produced, they have nothing to do with the perfumes that attract people.

Isn’t this one a part of the weird facts about sex that you might have not known before?

The pheromones also can work as an alert in the case of the non-compatibility in the genes. The genes that make the MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) can decide either you are able to receive a transplant or not. The more they are different in the parents, the more they can make a better and healthier baby. It is very interesting to know that women are able to smell that difference in the genetics.

  • The contraceptive stuff might limit the women ability of valuing the men during sex:

In order to value the men, a woman smells the MHC. But, it was found that this has a strong connection with the contraceptive pills. When a woman is taking those contraceptives, she does not go with the man.

  • The ‘seven year itch’ might not be necessary a legend:

The seven year itch is a term used to describe the dissatisfaction in a relationship. It means that a partner does not feel satisfied for the relationship he has with his partner after seven year. It is just a legend, but lately it was found that it is real. It also means that the partner is thinking of leaving his partner.

According to the number of the divorce cases, the term of seven year itch might be true. According to the statistics office of USA, the medium length of the first marriage that ends with divorce is 7.9 years. That means the seven year itch can be true.

  • The fat boys last longer in the bed:

The relationship between the sexual health and fatness of obesity is a little bit complicated. In one side, the fat and obese people are associated with the weak erection. Yet, according to a new study was realized in 2012, the people who are fat are not threatened to have the problem of the premature ejaculation. The fatter is a guy, the longer he stays in bed, because of his low ability to ejaculate quickly.

In the study, the guys with high level of BMI (Body Max Index), lasted in be for a medium duration of 7.3 minutes. in other part, the guys with low BMI showed that they stayed in bed for a medium duration of 1.8 minutes.

The fat guys have a higher level of the female sexual hormone (Estradiol). This, according to a theory, is the reason for the orgasm releasing.

  • The masturbation starts in the uterus:

It is said that you might have started masturbating when you were in the uterus before you were born. In a test was done to identify if the fetus ways to masturbate in the uterus, it was found some pictures that describe this weird facts about sex. The pictures show how a fetus hold his penis with his hand like a move of masturbation.

  • If the sexual intercourse cause you troubles, ask your doctor to inject you with sperm:

Have you ever heard about the POIS (Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome)? A very rare condition has symptoms similar to the symptoms of flu. It includes the fever, noise running, severe fatigue, and a burning in the eyes. It happens after the ejaculation, and it might last for a longer time; over a week. It is one of the most miserable conditions over the entire planet.

In a new discovery, in Utrecht University, it was found that there might be a relation between the sperm and the syndrome. It ‘might’ be causes by the allergy of the man to his own sperm.


Those are some of the most unknown weird facts about sex that you probably also do not know. Now after you saw what they are, what do you think? What was the one that amazed you? Pay us another visit and read other articles here, I am pretty sure you will find them interesting. Do not forget to leave us a comment explaining to us any of the weirdest fact you liked.

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