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Weight Gain For Women

Weight Gain for Women

Weight Gain for Women

weight gain for women

weight gain for women

In contrast to the common question of women about weight loss, there are women who want to lose their weight. There are many reasons why would a woman want to gain weight. First of all there might be a girl or a woman who is a little bit thin and skinny so that she wants to look better. Men do not like so thin women, they like woman to be as fit as possible. Another reason is the pregnancy; this one might be a very important attention to weight gain for women. There are many associations and healthcare who ask pregnant women to gain weight. That is what we are going to talk about today.

However, here are some cases when the weight gain for women is highly required:

  • You have already been through a disease or its treatment, and it caused you to lose your weight. You might have lost your appetite or stayed away many foods that made you lose your weight.
  • Your body is so thin and you want to gain some weight in order to look better and fitter.
  • You are a sportive woman and you need to make your body stronger and fitter, as well as for your muscles and to increase your performance.
  • You are an old woman and you want to gain weight, because you lost it unintended and undesirable.
  • You are a pregnant woman and you are looking foods, which are appropriate for weight gain for women in your case. You want to follow what you are advised to do by your country or your healthcare.

If your weight is lesser than the perfect weight (which you find anywhere; the perfect weight for the perfect length), you have to consider weight gain for women in reasonable and healthy way. Do not go directly and eat junk foods, chips, drinks, and any other unhealthy food that will increase your calories, sugar, and fats only. This is how you will increase your obesity not your muscles and your body weight. Those foods might cause you an irritating belly instead of strong fit arms and legs.

The weight gain for women is hard as much as weight loss is. There are many roles and methods that both of them share. And the following tips shall be helpful for you to gain weight. Those tips will make your gain healthy weight instead of calories and sugar weight (that might be like a first step toward obesity). Let us find out the tips for the best weight gain for women:

  • Be realist about your body’s nature:

The genes play a very important role in the physical structure of the body. If you see that you have thin body, yet it is healthy, you have to look to your family members. The body can change according to the hard exercises and the increase in the quantity and the types of the foods. Yet, there are limits; you cannot turn your body to an athlete’s body. Moreover, the surgery to get back the weight after a disease or something can be much easier than getting it back naturally.

  • Be aware and awake for the guidance and orientations for the nutrition foods:

There are many products that are said to be ‘miracles’ in increasing the weight gain for women and men too, and in increasing the muscles lean. The same as other products that claim to make you lose weight. And the advice here about those two types of the products we says; if the advertising say that those products are miracles and they increase your weight to the top with unbelievable way, then they are nothing but lies. That is why, it is better to avoid those products and keep your money to buy natural and nutritious foods that will help you gain weight for sure.

  • The quality over quantity; first see the quality of the foods, then get the quantity:

    weight gain for women

    weight gain for women

The secret behind weight gain for women is through having the calories that are intakes full of nutritious ingredients. Eating the high-level calories foods is not a good way to gain weight, those foods (such as chips, candies, sweets, drinks, and so on) are not considered a good way to build your muscles, to strengthen your bones, or to fix and heal the tissues after a surgery. For a healthy weight gain for women, you need to eat the nutritious first, such as: breads, grains, macaroni, legumes, fruits & vegetables, milk products, high-leveled foods of proteins (meat, eggs, fish… et), nuts, and many other foods.

For the foods that you need to increase your calories level, here are some of them: nuts, walnuts, pistachios, seeds, peanut butter, almond butter, avocado, hummus, and of course the oils. Those are for the vegan fats. There are also the animal foods, which can be richer of the nutritious ingredients, yet they have saturated fats, which increase the level of the bad cholesterol in the blood (LDL).


Some tips for weight gain for women when pregnant:

  • Eat separated five to six meals per day.
  • Keep the healthy snacks near to you, such as; nuts, raisins, salty biscuit, dried fruits, ice cream, and milk.
  • Eat the pistachios or walnut butter; it contains 100 calories and 7 grams of proteins.
  • Do not forget the dried milk powder, to add it to your foods like; warm seeds, mashed potatoes with scrambled eggs.

Those can be the most important tips for a pregnant women to follow. And for more details, I will be writing an article about it as soon as possible. So keep in touch!


Other important tips to follow for a perfect weight gain for women:

  • Increase the number of meals, as I just mentioned for pregnant women, you can eat about five to six meals per day. According to Christine Rosenbloom (a nutrition expert in Georgia university), the perfect selection of foods with increasing meals per day, might cause you gain half a kilogram per week.
  • Drink liquids before and after eating, not during eating. Some people feel that drinking liquids makes them lose appetite, so if you feel so, try to drink calories drinks after eating with thirty minutes.
  • Be artistic, make your meal looks delicious, and in the same time very nutritious.
  • Eat fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and so many natural nutritious foods. Just vary your meal.
  • Make some exercises, they help you a lot, through making you gain lean muscles.
  • Avoid gourmand and voracity. Many studies show that those habits make you unaware of your body’s nutrition and cause your troubles in your metabolism.
  • Do not fast or do any kind of fasting, this might worsen your situation, and you won’t like it.
  • Also, sex is said to make people gain weight. So do not avoid having sex ith your partner.
weight gain for women

weight gain for women


Not to forget, another reason that increases weight gain for women is stress. There are many studies that show how stress and anxiety can lead women to gain weight. This is like a general idea. As for the detailed article, I will write it soon too.

However, this topic of weight gain for women is a very large and varied one. It needs too much to talk about it, that is why I shall be talking about other things related to it and I will be linking them here so that you can benefit the top! J

Enjoy your reading, and honor us with more visits.

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