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Walking for an hour: Science-based benefits

Walking for an hour

walking for an hour

walking for an hour

Walking is the easiest and one of the healthiest fitness and health exercises. It helps to improve both your health and your body. It is important for anyone who suffers from the diseases and health disorders. There are infinitely and unlimited benefits of walking. It does not matter how much you walk but mostly only walking for an hour per day will help you reach all that.

Walking is free, simple, easy, and does not need a time. It helps people to lose weight and to gain health benefits. Walking for an hour is not a very hard task. You may manage your daily tasks to find an hour for walking and start doing it. It is extremely helpful for anyone. You can walk along the beach, in the garden, in the close forest, or even in a clear and silent place. You just need to walk where you can stay away from people and the noise of cars and civil life. That is how you can benefit from it to the top.

People, who are in a specific age such as old people, might find exercising is hard. But, for walking for an hour, it is easy for everyone.  It makes people lose weight, be more active, and become healthier.

If you experience walking for an hour each day regularly, you will end up eliminating many diseases and disorders. There are many diseases and disorders that walking helps to reduce their risks. You only have to do it regularly and follow few tips to do it right. I shall be helpful by giving your some tips that you can follow if you want to walk for over an hour per day.

Here are some tips you can follow to walk every day healthily:

Pick up the right and most comfortable shoes for you. Make sure that you get the sportive shoes.

The dress, get the one that makes you comfortable and makes you feel free when you move.

People who like to walk when they are going somewhere specific such as work or school, it would be normal. You can easily wear your uniform simply. This is one of the best exercises for health, and yet it does not require specific clothes.

For people who like to walk for long distance (such as I do always); you might have to take with you a bottle of water, some snacks or simple foods to eat. That shall help you to keep yourself energized an hydrated.

For people who want to do as in the film ‘Wild’, you might have to take with you more requirements. Those are found anywhere.

If you exercise, or let us say experience, walking for an hour each day, you will build better atmosphere around you and your general life. you can change many things to the better. You can improve both you physical and mental health. You may improve all the situations around you. This is one of the best exercises for you along with meditations, and reading books. However, now we shall move to talk about the health benefits of walking for an hour per day on your health in general.

walking for an hour

walking for an hour

What does regular walking do to your health?

  • It improves the functions of your heart through improving it:

Studies found that when you walk regularly you shall reduce and decrease the risk of developing heart diseases and strokes. It helps to increase the level of HDL (the good cholesterol) and reduces the level of LDL (the bad cholesterol). Those studies say that only 30 minutes of walking every day, helps to decrease and lower the blood pressure along with preventing the heart diseases and strokes. 30 minutes shall help to reduce about 27% of heart problems. Imagine what an hour can do!

  • For people with over weight, walking for an hour each day helps to lose weight:

Only an hour of walking shall help your burn about 150 calories. However, the difference in the amounts of calories burnt is according to the speed of your walking. It was found if you walk slowly like 2 miles in an hour, you will burn 150 calories, while in 3 miles per hour, you will burn 200 calories, and for 4 hours per hour, you might burn over 300 calories. That is enough to make you lose a bunch of pounds easily.

  • Walking helps to lower numerous risks and diseases:

The studies found that you could beat about 60% of Type 2 diabetes only by walking regularly. It helps also decrease the risk of many kinds of cancer, such as; colon, womb, and breast cancer. You only need to have a lovely hobby and daily routine such as walking for an hour or even less if you can’t manage for one hour.

  • Improve your mood and become better emotionally:

Any exercise can help you to boost your mood and feel better. The studies that were done for the sake of these outcomes, they found that walking for an hour per day is effective as much as the anti-depression medications. It helps you to feel good and feel better. It reduces many negative emotions such as anxiety and stress. Walking is certainly a very helpful therapy for the bad mood and people who feel down.

  • Along with mood improvement, it helps to energize you:

Some people just eat and go to work thinking that the foods they have eaten shall make them gain enough energy for the day. That might not be necessarily true. Walking makes your body move and eventually gain more energy through functioning in walking. It has a very good effect on the blood circulation and the immunity. In order to benefit the top from all the calories and elements you have intake, then try to walk every day. Especially, if you walk after eating and mostly lunch, then you gain the top of energy and good mood.

walking for an hour

walking for an hour

There are numerous and uncountable benefits of walking for an hour every day. But, unfortunately we cannot count every single one of them now. if you need to do so, you need to write a whole book. That is why we have talked about the top and best health benefits of walking ever. Therefore, I am advising every dear reader of this article to benefit from the time he/she has and walk. Day by day you might make it as a habit, and so that you can make it the best habit ever. There are some tips and daily things that people are not aware of them, which are extremely helpful for you. Reading books, walking, meditating, talking to people, exercising, and many others, are the most beneficent habits ever.

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