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Vitamin D Health Benefits

Vitamin D health Benefits

Vitamin D Health Benefits

Vitamin D Health Benefits

There must be a reason why we have picked up Vitamin D. why would we talk about a specific type of vitamins, while there are plenty of others such as Vitamin A, B (with all its types), C, E, and many others. Yet, there is an important factor, which made me write specifically about vitamin D health benefits today. Any kind of vitamins has the health benefits, but the vitamin D is spectacular and amazingly special. You will find out all about that in this article that I have been trying to make it one of the best for you.

Vitamin D health benefits are not the same as any other types of the vitamins. It is simply, because the vitamin D is so different from the other vitamin types.

Surely, you have heard about how the sunlight is responsible for the production of the vitamin D in the skin. It is made up from the cholesterol that is in your skin, which is exposed to the sunlight. It is a hormone instead of a mineral element or nutrient. That is why people call this one a sunshine vitamin.

The most important vitamin D health benefits are what make the perfect health. It is the one of the most (if not already the most one) essential element for the body.

Unfortunately, vitamin D is not found anywhere. According to a research, about 10 years ago, found that only over 40% of the US people have a deficiency of vitamin D. the reason why vitamin D is important is because that vitamin D is not actually an element, but a hormone, just as I have just mentioned.

Before moving to talk about the vitamin D health benefits, let’s define what is it a vitamin D first.

Vitamin D Health Benefits

Vitamin D Health Benefits

The vitamin D is among the nutrients that can be saved for long time. If you have a large amount of it, do not be afraid you will lose it, but be ensured that your body will keep it safe. It is a necessary hormone, so that the body cannot abandon on it. Actually, there are two important and basic vitamin D forms. Those forms are:

  • The Cholecalciferol or the Vitamin D3, which is found in several foods that are originated from animals, such as eggs and fatty fish.
  • The vitamin D2

However, the vitamin D3 is the most effective one and most important one, and we are here to talk about it. It is important, because it makes the double of the blood vitamin D health benefits comparing to the vitamin D2.

In order to understand the best and most important vitamin D health benefits, you have to know its function; what does it do to your body from the inside:

If you take the vitamin D for the first time (when it surpasses the area of your mouth), it is not actually useful. When you eat it, it does not have any Vitamin D health benefits immediately. It takes time. It requires two important steps to become useful for your body.

As we know, the liver is the place where the vitamins are saved. So, when the vitamin D is saved there, it is turned into 25(OH)D, which can be considered as the first step to become useful.

Then, it moves to the kidneys, and there it is turned into another thing called the 1.25(OH)2D. this is the second step. Therefore, the creation or the construction of the useful vitamin D is now available in your body.

This 1.25(OH)2D travels as the last form of the vitamin D to reach the cells. It goes directly to the center, and exactly to the nuclei. Inside the nuclei, it integrates and mix with a receptor that is found in every cell. This receptor is specific for this job. It is called the VDR (Vitamin D Receptor).

As we said, this vitamin is acting like a hormone or it becomes a hormone for real. The kind of hormone it becomes is steroid. So, as any other kind of the steroid hormones, this 1.25(OH)2D acts the same inside the cells and plays the role to do the changes in the genes.

The vitamin D health benefits are not concerned in the feeding and nutrition stuff, but in other aspects. Those aspects are such as immunity system, bone health, and prevention or protection from the cancers.

Let us have another look about what are the other important Vitamin D health benefits, besides the ones I have just mentioned:

Vitamin D Health Benefits

Vitamin D Health Benefits

Since the biology and science in general is developed in the last years, the vitamin D gained a fair fame of having plenty of health benefits. Therefore, the results of those researchers and scientists have showed that Vitamin D is having so many health benefits. Those benefits are revealed to be as following:

Cancer, as I have already said, the vitamin D is a very good protector against this deadly disease. The studies concerning this interest have said that over 1000 UI of vitamin D each day with enough amounts of calcium is enough to decrease the risk of having a cancer with about 60%.

Power, actually it is not power but strength, the vitamin D was a great choice for people who are interested in having a great strength. That is why many athletes prefer it and make sure that it is a part of what they take in their diet. It increases the physical strength of the body.

Depressive disorder, as a serious psychological disorder, the vitamin D works greatly in fighting the major depression. It decreases the symptoms that a patient of that disorder might develop.

Aging, it is about immortality, not literary, but as a metaphor. The vitamin was really a great choice for people who aim to live longer. It showed that it helps in preventing the death in early ages.

Type 1 diabetes, as a serious type of diabetes that affects mostly the kids, vitamin D showed how useful it is to reduce it. a study found that about 2000 UI each day for a child is enough to reduce the risk of developing this disease with about 78%.

Those kinds of vitamin D health benefits are actually developed through taking the vitamin D as a supplement.

PS: if we have made the star of today is vitamin D that does not mean that other nutrients are nothing. Vitamin A, K and also magnesium were found to be so important. Actually, any other nutrient is important for your health. The reason I mentioned those three is that they work perfectly with the vitamin D.

For people who wonder how to get vitamin D:

Vitamin D Health Benefits

Vitamin D Health Benefits

Top and best way to get the largest amounts of vitamin D is through the sunlight. For the people who live in the hot places and desert ones are lucky. But, unfortunately, for the people who do not live most of the time in sunny places, are unlucky. Move to LA, maybe it is a chance to gain some Vitamin D.

For the other sources of the vitamin D, certainly it is the food and nutrition. The foods that are known to be high in the level of this fascinating ingredient, you may have plenty of them. For example, there; eggs, cod liver oil, salmon, tuna, sardine, and beef liver.

Finally, to make sure that people, who are thinking about the side effects or the negativity of Vitamin D, are ensured, I have to say this. Vitamin D is not known to be toxic. If it happens that someone got sick or poisoned through vitamin D, he must have been taking too much of it and every day. You may take the vitamin D supplement daily and moderated, with no worries. Stop thinking of the bad things, and remember all vitamin D health benefits, so that you enjoy the magical nutrient 😉

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