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Vaginal Diaphragm; A Healthy Sex

Vaginal Diaphragm

vaginal diaphragm

vaginal diaphragm

Do not wonder why I would talk about such a topic today. The reason that leaded me to write about is that I noticed few people came to ask me about this tool. It might look silly, but it is not. You have to take into considerations like these topics.

The Vaginal Diaphragm is a very important thing in the sexual awareness. And if you have any question in mind concerning this thing, you shall find the answer in the article. Read this article, and you will know all what you have to know about this issue. The was that this article was made is for help and to answer the most possible questions you have concerning the vaginal diaphragm.


First, what is a vaginal diaphragm?

The vaginal diaphragm is a cover or a tiny membrane, shaded like a dome with flexible edges. It can be made up either from rubber or silicon. It is used during the sexual activity. Usually women put it before going into a sexual performance; before having sex. They put it inside the vagina, in order to cover the woman’s cervix.

How does the vagina diaphragm work?

Those covers or membranes function in stopping or preventing the sperm from vaccinating the woman egg. For the best and most effective results, they have to be applied with an amount of gel or a cream that kills the sperm (spermicide). Also, you have to leave the vaginal diaphragm in its place for over six hours after having sex. Then, you can take if off and wash (which means it can be used again). This tool comes with different sizes, and if you want to choose the right one for you (or for your wife), you need to consult a doctor or a nurse.

Here are some of the very important facts about using the vaginal diaphragm as a great effective material:

Those are the facts that were proved about the value of diaphragm to prevent pregnancy. You need to take them into consideration in order to make you aware about the benefits of such stuff.

  • If you use it completely correctly and with the spermicide, it is effective in the prevention of pregnancy with about 92 to 96 percent.
  • It causes no serious condition after using it.
  • You should remember always to put it before having sex (you can even put it before time with several hours).
  • It might take times to know how to use exactly and correctly.
  • In some few cases, it can affect the urinary tracts (it might cause some inflammation in the ladder). You can consult a doctor about the appropriate size and a smaller size to prevent this condition.
  • You should remember to use a new vaginal diaphragm whenever you notice a weight loss or a weight gain (either plus or minus 3 kg). Or when you have pregnancy, abortion, or bad pregnancy.
  • The diaphragm does not prevent the sexual transmitting diseases (such as HIV) alone. You have to use the male protection (condom) as well. When both partners use them both, then you can prevent those diseases.


Now let us have some of the important questions that people do ask about using the vaginal diaphragm. And we shall try to answer them all.

How much effective it is; the diaphragm?

The benefit of preventing the pregnancy is considered the most important one. Whenever you take into consideration the tools to prevent pregnancy, this one shall be in the top of the list. You can increase and boost he effectiveness of the diaphragm applying the following precepts;

  • Make sure that the cover (the diaphragm) is well used before having sex. The most important thing is that it covers correctly the cervix.
  • Do not forget to use the recommended spermicide.
  • Using the male protection or condom can affect and increase the effectiveness of vaginal diaphragm. And also stop having sex before the ejaculation.

How much safe is the vaginal diaphragm? And is it appropriate for you to use it?

In fact, most of the women use the diaphragm safely and completely secured. However, there are some cases when the doctor consultation is absolute. And some of that cases are;

  • If you do not feel comfortable when you use it and you touch your vagina or your vulva.
  • If you have allergies against silicon or the spermicide.
  • If you had an operation of giving birth in last six weeks.
  • If you have any health condition in your vagina or your vulva
  • If you find it hard to put in the diaphragm
  • If you have the frequent inflammation of the urinary tracts
  • If you already have the toxic shock syndrome
  • If you have weakness in your vagina’s muscles
  • If you recently had an operation in your cervix, or an operation of abortion of three months pregnancy

It is so important for you to consult your doctor before you use it. This is how you can be fully secured about using it.

PS: do not share your diaphragm with any woman; you have to use it for yourself only.

What are the benefits of using the vaginal diaphragm?

Most of women love to use it because it is comfortable, safe, and simple;

  • You can keep it in your pocket or your purse.
  • You can use it during the natural breastfeeding.
  • Usually, the woman does not feel it when it is used correctly, neither does the man.
  • It has no effects on the natural hormones of women.
  • Effective immediately after applying it and it can be taken off if you want to get pregnant.
  • It does not interpret having sex (sexual activity) and can be put before hours.

What are the negatives of vaginal diaphragm?

  • It might be hard for some women to put it correctly.
  • It might move from its place during having sex in the cases of the large size of penis, movements and some different sex positions.
  • It has to be used every time you want to have sex.
  • Sometimes, it might require putting it correctly.

What about using spermicide with diaphragm?

The spermicides that are used along with the diaphragm contain the Nonoxynol-9, which can cause serious conditions if it is used several times a day. Or used with people who are threatened to have the HIV. It might arouse the tissue and increase the infection of HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the side effects of using diaphragm?

Many women can use the diaphragm without any problems. But, in some cases, it might happen that the woman get infected by the urinal tract inflammation. Another side effect is the irritation of vagina (perhaps, because of allergies of silicon or spermicides). It is necessary to consult the doctor if there is any kind of pain during urination, or discomfort in using the diaphragm. The same thing if there is pointy bleeding, itching, reddish, or irritation in the sexual organ. In addition to the unnatural vaginal releases.

How can you use the vaginal diaphragm?

It becomes too easy to use it once your doctor shows you how. And in the following steps, I will try to explain how you can use it;

  • Wash your hands first really well using water and soaps.
  • Put about a tablespoon of spermicide in the diaphragm and on its edges.
  • You should take a position (standing, sitting, or lying) that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to put in the diaphragm.
  • When you are putting it in, you need to separate the vulva’s parts, drape the edges of the diaphragm to be on each other keeping the spermicide inside it. Push the diaphragm to the farthest place possible. Then, you can push the edge of the diaphragm to reach the butt’s bone to make sure that it covered the whole cervix.
  • You have to leave the diaphragm for at least six hours after having sex. If you have sex before the sex hours, then keep it inside and add some spermicide deeply.
  • Do not let the diaphragm in its place for more than 24 hours.

How can you remove the vaginal diaphragm?

  • Wash your hands with water and soaps.
  • Put in your index finger under the upper edge of the diaphragm to make it easy to pull it out lowly.

Taking care of the vaginal diaphragm;

vaginal diaphragm

vaginal diaphragm

You can use a diaphragm for over two years if you take care of it properly. There are few simple tips to do, such as; washing it with warm water and soaps, leaving it to dry, and avoid using any cream or powder (they can affect the silicon).

You are still able to use the diaphragm if it changes its color. But if it has any holes or spaces, it has to be changed. Finally, you can get the vaginal diaphragm from any pharmacies or health providers, after you consult your doctor.

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