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Tomato Fruit or Veg?

Tomato fruit or veg

tomato fruit or veg

tomato fruit or veg

Tomato is that magical fruit… Opps, I mean that magical veggie…. Wait! What is it? I am confused! Is tomato fruit or veg? This is one of the confusing things, which keep my mind occupied when I look to my wife and she is cutting it for a salad. What a powerful veggie-fruit to make us wonder about it. It is so attractive, and personally, I love the color of tomatoes and their taste. It makes one of the best salads and dishes ever.

Tomato comes from a plant family called Solanaceae, or the family of Solanum Nigrum. It can be farmed in the weather of high or moderate temperature. It is like the other family of Solanum such as potatoes and solanum muricatum. Tomato came from the Latin America after the first discover of the new world in the late of the 15th century and beginning of 16th. It expanded all over the world. It can be farmed around the world, but mostly and in the low temperature places, they farm it in the houses of glasses for the temperature conserving.

There are too many ways to consume the tomato, which make is a point of wonder if tomato fruit or veg. it is a very important ingredient in many dishes all over the world. This various using of tomato is what makes it suspicious.

As a quick information base about tomatoes, here are some tomato facts away from of it of being as tomato fruit of veg:

The first visit of tomato to the land of one of the best and most famous cuisine in the world, Italy, was in 1554.

Even it was first originated from Latin America, it was taken to North America by Europeans in 1710.

The first cultivation of tomato as an official product was in 1847 in Pennsylvania.

Because of its look like a toxic plant of the same family of Solanum, tomato was not known in the whole world until the middle of the 19th century.

According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), the top ten most productive countries of tomatoes are:

  • Chinatomato fruit or veg
  • USA
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Iran
  • Spain
  • Morocco
  • Mexico

What does tomato fruit or veg contain?

200 grams of tomato contain:

  • 34 calories
  • 146 Kilojoule
  • 188 grams of water
  • 4 gram of fats
  • 484 milligrams of Calcium
  • 50 milligrams of Vitamin C
  • 28 milligrams of Magnesium
  • 18 milligrams of Potassium

That is why tomato is considered one of the best fruit or veggie all over the world. It is better to include it in your diet.

Well, I believe I have gone far from the main topic, which is about tomato fruit or veg! Either tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. However, to understand if tomato is fruit or veg, you have to understand what differs fruits from vegetables. There are actually different tips and conditions that people depend on them to identify if it is a fruit or a vegetable.

The cooks recognize the fruits according to the flavor of it. The fruits according to them are what are considered a food and gives a sweet taste with lovely flavor that pleases people. In other side, scientists use different methods to identify the fruits, which depend on the kind of the plant and if it carries seeds within it or not.

In the other side of the fruits, we find vegetables. For the cooks, they depend on the savory smell and taste of the food to identify it as vegetables. In the other part, scientists do not have yet a specific method to identify the vegetables.

Now, to answer the question of is tomato fruit or veg, we shall use the previous definitions. So, according to scientists, the tomato is obviously a fruit. The reason is that it contains seeds.

In other hand, there are cooks who mostly consider tomato as vegetable. The reason is that tomato gives a good savory if it is cooked or even not, whiles it is not that sweet in the flavor. That what makes it considered a part of the veggies.

tomato fruit or veg

tomato fruit or veg

Do you think that it is useless to ask the question of is tomato fruit or veg? Do you think it is just a question to waste time and has no value? Well, re-consider what you think. This is one of the most important questions in the domain of foods and cooking. Besides, understanding those kinds of questions is something precious. Curiosity never stops and the more you ask about beneficial questions, the more you feel better. That is what my rule has been since old ages.

There is another way that people depend on it to identify is tomato fruits or veg. They depend on the places. There are some places and areas who have been considering tomato fruits for so long, so that if you say it is veg they will think you are strange. In other side, there are other areas and places where they consider tomatoes as veggies. The same thing happens if you say it is fruit. Where I have grown up, tomato was considered vegetable, and since my childhood, I heard people say it is a part of fruits though.

However, understanding whether is tomato fruit or veg is not a simple thing. Now after I have given you the definitions according to scientists and cooks, you can take a side. Otherwise, you may remain considering it both fruit and vegetable as I do. Because I like to eat tomatoes in fruit salads or as salad, other times I like my wife to cook with it some dishes. It gives a very pleasing flavor.

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