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Tips for Hair Care During Winter

Tips for Hair Care During Winter

It’s a good thing that you are still looking up “hair care”, seeing as it is the stage that precedes hair fall. If you do your duty and follow these haircare tips then you will never wake up to a bad hair day. They are:

  1. Oil Massage:

Do you know that applying a few spoons of boiled and cooled hair oil can do its part in providing nutrition and lubrication by keeping the hair away from excessive dryness while preserving the necessary amount of dryness at the same time?

  1. Replacing Cosmetic Products With Herbal Ones:

You know what cosmetic products come along with? They come with salt- something that we don’t need to purchase in a fancy bottle because we all get it in the grocer’s.  Salt, being an ionic compound, easily reacts with water to form its acid and base counterparts. You need to be afraid of the base as it comes across as anti-keratin i.e. it has just the right chemical properties to break aka damage your hair and scalp, causing dandruff (Big D, duh).

  1. Avoiding Exposure To Fog:

Winter was never meant to be a “hair-raising” season. It was meant to be the season for romance. And some peace. Being a collection of cold vapours, fog has a tendency to freeze the protein molecules both in the hair and the scalp. Now you can only imagine what this is going to result in- dry and brittle hair.

  1. Keeping Yourself Hydrated:

It’s not for nothing that they say drink eight glasses of H2O daily. Drinking water has the property to oxygenate the root follicles, keeping them active.

  1. Not Frequently Styling Hair:

Imagine stiff hair in a “cold and frosty morning”. Now imagine pulling a hot iron through it. Horror unfolds, right? It’s pretty simple. A high-temperature material (that would be your hair iron) does not work in harmony with a low-temperature material (that would be your hair), to be straight.

  1. Not Excessively Raping:

“Excessively washing” or “excessively rinsing” is rape. Too much of a thing is bad, and so is this.

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