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Things to Know About Cats and Babies Health

Is it possible to have a cat and a baby and have them peacefully co-exist? Many mothers to be are worried about toxoplasmosis, a huge problem for cat lovers who also have a baby. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be sure your kitty and your baby are fine. These are some of the main things to know about cats and babies health.


  • Keep your kitty indoors

First, be sure to avoid picking up strays at this point. Cats should stay indoors so as to avoid toxoplasmosis. It is a big problem for unborn fetuses, as it may cause deafness or epilepsy. Toxoplasmosis is caught by coming into contact with the feces of animals who have it. So avoid rubbing your eyes, or cleaning the litter box, if you aren’t wearing gloves.

  • Stay clean as much as possible
Cats and Babies Health

Cats and Babies Health

Wash your hands frequently — and if possible, avoid cleaning the litter box at all, having your partner do it instead while you’re pregnant.

Cats and babies health are important things to understand fully before bringing a new little one into the house, so that both can live happily together.



  • Let him get used to baby noises

Some cats won’t take so kindly to having a new baby in the house. Try playing back some taps of babies crying so your cat can get used to the sound and rub a bit of baby lotion on your hands to get your kitty used to the smell of babies.

  • Set up the baby area for your kitty to explore

You can also take some extra time to set up the baby area, with high chair, crib, and changing table so the kitty gets used to the area — but doesn’t sleep in it. How does this affect cats and babies health? Simply by letting the cat know there will be a baby around, so he has time to acclimate himself.

  • Conclusion

As long as you keep your cat’s area and your baby’s area separate, these two should be fine together. Don’t clean the litter box and wash your hands frequently, and be sure to keep your kitty indoors. But ultimately, cats and babies health is something you won’t have to worry about as long as you’re a conscientious cat owner. Make sure to introduce your newborn baby and your cat to each other slowly, so each has time to warm up to the other.

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