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The Effects Of Premarital Sex

Do You Know What The Effects Of Premarital Sex Are?

the effects of premarital sex

the effects of premarital sex

Premarital sex is an activity of having sex between couples of different genders or the same gender as it was popularly known nowadays before the age of marriage, or before getting the marriage certificate. With the LGBT rights being legalized. The term of premarital sex is known before the 60s of the last century as an illegal activity in the most, if not all, of the country over the world.

But being legalized at that decade, many Western countries such as Spain, Franca, Germany accepted it, and became a normal issue. While at the same time still forbidden in many conservative countries, especially in the Muslim world, like Egypt, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan and many others. This big issue is not only a matter of religions, traditions or societies, but it is a matter of effects. Because the premarital sex effects our life in any side of it. The reason for this might be the cause of the human maturity of procreation that begins highly with the age of puberty, while a person has to wait till getting married after getting 18 or 20 years old to produce and make love to satisfy the sexual desire that has been grown inside him/her in previous years.

We shall find out the effects of premarital sex together through the article of today, where I am going to state the social and physical effects.

Social effects of Premarital Sex:

the effects of premarital sex

the effects of premarital sex

Whoever has sex before getting married, is classified as a bad manner, and then to be a bad person. And when someone does a bad thing like having sex, he/she gets involved into that side of being bad and then it follows drinking and drugs, and many other bad behaviors that bring him/her into the group of other bad people, because the bad ones always gather together, and good ones goes together.


  • You get a rumor and a bad reputation:
    Even if we are in the very developed world, yet the traditions and morals that we have been taught by the society and parents are still within us. That is why having premarital sex still a bad issue although it was legalized years ago. And when someone commits this deed, he/she gets a bad reputation, whether being easy, loose or a sure bet. This might affect the relationship between people at work or at personal life.
  • You feel lack of confidence and losing trust:
    The relationship between a couple, is basically caused by admiration or love. And that feeling is caused because of the probable similarity in both of them. Which is leaded by the sexual desire, or sometimes by the “lust”. So when you have sex with your partner, you satisfy each other’s needs. And you become less confidence in the other partner. Because he/she might look for another person to experience a different sexual relationship.
    When a person has sex, he/she gets that rumor and bad reputation. So the confidence in oneself becomes lesser each time he/she tries to build a new relationship, because he/she becomes to believe that this person with whom he/she is going to start the relationship, might be starting it for that reason of the reputation to have an easy way to have sex.
  • Not acceptable or desirable:
    If a woman gets the rumor that she had premarital sex, she gets very rare proposes from men to get married, she becomes kind of unaccepted and undesirable. Like she is dishonest and dirty. For men, not the same effect as women, but it does effect the relationship with people and he becomes like a bad person, who is not able of responsibility, not able to control his desire, and a man who is guilty and did a horrible sin.

Emotional effects of premarital sex:       

The emotional effects are usually caused for women. They usually get heart-broken, instable emotions, feeling of insecurity, and feeling of easiness… Etc.

When a woman commits sex, she becomes famous among her friends and pals, as an easy woman. So everyone tries to ignore her. From her family, to her work-mates. She became somehow regarded as a bad person. Even among the atheist people or non-religious, still a bad thing to do is to lose the virginity before marriage. And for the religious communities, the woman who had premarital sex is a guilty woman, who did a very bad sin, and dishonored her family, her society, and her religion. Even if the people do not go to the church or do prayers, or any other religion deed, still believe that premarital sex is forbidden and unacceptable. So the woman who does that, her heart gets broken, she became feeling useless, shameful, not secured, threaten to be raped or sexually harassed, simply for the reputation.

The Effects of Premarital Sex on the Physical Appearance and Health:


  • The Looks and Appearance of Premarital Sex Doer:
    Whether a person is married or not, if he/she has sex, especially regularly, he/she will look older, because sex does kill that fresh appearance and young look that people has. The human procreation energy is too strong, but when you start having sex, you lose the energy, because sex can take more energy than a hard exercise. That is why people lose their energy when they have sex, which leads to lose their young appearance. Women gain weight when they have sex, their face becomes to look paler and older, so they put more make-up, which is certainly the thing that make men less attractive to them. And somehow they even look fatter.
  • Pregnancy Before Marriage Is A Very Big Issue:
    Lately, I was reading a novel, it is not so famous, but I liked it, ‘The House of Women” it tells the story of a girl who gets in trouble because she gets pregnant at the age of seventeen. This example is simple but can be general for all teen girls and boys. When the girl ‘Peggy’ gets pregnant by having sex with a boy she admires at high school, she finds herself obliged to get married at that age. She got married to a person she just admires because she was at the adolescence age. The thing that made her face too many problems in her life later, the man betrayed her, she fall in love with her childhood friend, her dad died, her man got married to another man. That problem caused a mess in her life. This can be an example of the problems that premarital sex might cause.
  • Premarital Sex Causes The Most Dangerous Disease:
    One of the most famous incurable diseases on our time is Aids, this virus is dreadfully killing millions of people around the world, and the cause is the sexual relationship before marriage, especially people who have sex with many different people. Girls who gets addicted to that feeling of orgasm and keep having sex with many boys. Or boys and men who go to the prostitutes or who makes a lot of relationships with a lot of girls. This disease can end your life just because you contacted a partner who has already picked it up somewhere, from someone. It is incurable and a scary killer.

To conclude this very important article, I would like to give some advices for people who find sex a very joyful thing before marriage. Read the article, and check your mind again. It might be hard to control your lust, your sexual desires, but do not forget that the effects of premarital sex can be a disaster and can ruin your whole life.


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  1. Peach shine July 24, 2017 at 3:56 am -

    A quick comment on bad reputation:
    I have had my fair share of sexual explorations and have yet to have one bad rep with the boys!!

    P.S and I don’t look a day over 16 and a half

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