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The Benefits Of Traveling

What could be the benefits of traveling? And does traveling actually have benefits?


benfits of traveling

benfits of traveling

It was said once: “to travel is better than to arrive”. This is how I would love to start my article today, on talking about the best benefits of traveling. Traveling is a lifestyle, it is a way to live and to experience new things. It is the best way to come across new things that will teach you infinitely information. You will never stop learning as long as you are traveling. It is an Experience, and the experience is absolutely the best way to learn!
Whenever you travel, you get to know new people, new cultures, new foods, new lifestyles, new languages, new atmospheres, and new places. The changes you make in your life, affect positively your life and your health.
There are two different kinds of traveling. First, to get a vacation and to plan for the whole while before going. And traveling with an open door, to let life take you where you never expected to go before, like the gypsy life in the old days. Both of them effects greatly on your health and your life, but the second one certainly is healthier and more effective.

What can be the most effective benefits of traveling?

  • You will realize that your home is your great place and your best place to stay:
    Of course, since you are thinking about traveling, it means you live a good life, a life that billions of others wish to have. So, of course when you go out there and see people how live whether miserably, or over greatly, you will see how much your simple, beautiful and peaceful home you have is precious. The more you see the world, the more you appreciate your home. Because when you go to a country like India, Egypt, Morocco, or Ethiopia, you will find places where people are living in poverty, and yet happy. Therefore, you will see your home back there, as a great place where you should live your whole life happy and joyous. Besides, the experience of meeting and seeing people like that, may grow into you the idea of supporting those people to have a better life and to help them get a similar life you have at home.
  • You will get yourself a new goal in life:
    when you get your baggage and move to another place, you are meant to meet new people, new cultures and new lifestyles. You will see how the world is big, and how there are like infinity different cultures and lives. You will get a new goal or purpose by seeing how others live. Like it was mentioned before, the previous paragraph, you may see how people live miserably, and poorly in a terrible situations, you will see that people live in bad situations, and that just might get you the idea and the goal you were looking for, to help those people go through their lives and to get a better life. Also, you may be already confused about your life, your career, or your affaires. So, once you travel, you will clear your mind, and open it wide enough to get the rest you deserve and get the best appropriate idea about the future, the one you were trying hardly to find.
  • You may feel the changes inside you:
    Traveling, is to move from the place in which you grew up, and the atmosphere which you are used to, to another place where you will completely change your atmosphere. And this change will bring with it the changes within you; whether in your soul, your body or your mind. You will feel just peaceful as much as your soul was aiming to have. You will feel relaxed and calmed, and your body will start working freshly. Your mind will be so clear, so peaceful, and calm. This inner peace that you will get, is what you deserve after staying so long in a place where you were feeling desperately down. After the noisy life you had, the busy life you had at work, at school or college, at home and problems of bills and foods.
  • You will find out that you know like nothing about the world you live in:
    As Saint Augustine said: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page”.
    As long as you live in a specific are, a specific place, you will have so many stereotypes about how the world is. Even we know that media and net is closing the world’s parts together, there is always that doubt, that lie, and that false idea we create about a place. So, however you know the world, you will never know it the perfect way, unless if you see it yourself, you experience it yourself and you live it yourself. Certainly, people who never went to the Arab world, think that it is only a desert place, where people have only camels to travel on, or even the open minded people, think that it is only a place where there is nothing but war. Actually, it is more than that, it a place where many cultures get embraced together. Where people live happy and so simple. Moreover, many people think that China, is a place where there are over population, and people eating insects and frogs. Well, that is not so much true, China is a very beautiful place, where it exists a culture that is deep rooted in the ancient history. Those are just examples for how life could be out there, and how we are making false ides; stereotypes about them. You will find out that you know nothing about the actual world.


I could mention many other benefits of traveling, but I prefer not to. Simply, because I don’t want to bore any of our faithful readers, or anybody who just came by. But I tried to state the most important benefits that I could find so effective. Actually, the more effective benefits that effected my life since I started to travel. Hope you can get the chance and move to the next airport, train station or bus station, and move to see the world, because you deserve it. Not necessary to travel far away, and to pay a lot, even traveling to the next city to yours or the village nearby, is truly great.

Ops, I almost forgot one of the best parts; never forget to get a camera and take pictures!

benfits of traveling

benfits of traveling

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