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Tattoos Side Effects

What Are The Common Tattoos Side Effects?

tattoos side effects

tattoos side effects

Once someone mentions ‘tattoos’, someone special comes to your mind. Either you love tattoos or not, they are still one of the most beautiful things that you can do in your body. Many people consider it as a part of making the body looks so beautiful. Some people exaggerate in making them. They even ignore the side effects of tattoos, which are the main goal that I aim to talk about in this article.

Whenever I hear tattoos, the image of Lil Wayne full of tattoos on all his body, comes across my mind. That image sometimes makes me feel bad. The tattoos are beautiful but not that much. A small pretty tattoo is writing the name of your love, or your mom. Writing something about your passion that inspires you. This is how the beautiful tattoo looks like.

The tattoo is an art that was founded first time over 12 000 years B.C.

The studies show that the tattoos specified only for the psychologic and prisoners. It might also be used among some people in their belief (for ceremonies). As for the Pharaohs, they used it as a kind of make-up, because it creates the kohl of eyeliners.

Tattoo; it is a sign, a shade, or an art image that is engraved in the skin and last forever. They use a special hand-tool that is similar to sewing machine. This tool or machine is carrying a needle (sometimes more) which release some inks once it holes the skin. This ink goes to the upper layer of the skin to show up as a tattoo.

What are the tattoos side effects?

There is an incredible increase in the number or young people and teens who put some chemical matters inside their skin as an expression of who they are. Only in USA, 36% of the people between 25 and 29 years old are having tattoos (at least one). Those statistics are done 12 years ago, so you cannot imagine the number now.

In an European researches about the healthy tattoos side effects, it shows that 40 percent of the ink that is used in the forever-lasting tattoos in Europe are not authorized to be used even in the make-up on the skin. And 20 percent of the colors that are used in tattoos, are carrying amino flavors that cause cancer.

The dyes that were used by the ancient people are not the same as the ones that we use nowadays. Because those were coming from nature and completely organic. Many kinds of the ink are meant to be used in the photography, photocopies, and automotive paint.

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) was not able to organize the poisoning paints that are used in tattoos. While, it could organize the ones that are used for make-up and moisturizing. It demanded to make tests for those paints used in tattooing (which are considered a commercial mark). Those paints are containing elements that can cause disorders or even cancer. Moreover, those elements might participate some chemical and vital reactions within the body, which take decades to show its tattoos side effects.

Each color used in tattooing is differed from any other in its ingredients and elements. There is a very long series in the colors and elements used in tattooing nowadays. As an example of the non-organic elements used for colors and paints we find; Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Black Carbon, Azo Dyes, Alnvetol Derivatives, Volcanic Ash, and so many other materials.

There is a kind of plastic that is commonly used nowadays, it is called; Acrylonitrile Butodiene Styrene.

The Price Of Ignorance:

  • Allergies reactions:

For the forever-lasting tattoos, this side effect is somewhat rare to happen. Those reactions show up as a wave of itching in the area of the tattoo. It might last for years after tattooing not only few months or weeks.

This is caused because of some elements in the paints of tattooing. The Nickel is one of those elements and it is one the most radiative causing elements of allergy.

There are other elements that cause these tattoos side effects (reaction of allergy), such as; blue Cobalt and Cadmium sulfide that are used as yellow paint.  In some paints, it was found a high level of lead. Also, some of them contain Lithium, and the blue paints contain a lot of copper.

  • Possibility of having scars.
  • A reaction of light called Photo Toxic Reaction:

Those side effects include the allergies against the light. Especially exposing against the sunlight.

  • There are other paints that react to the dark and the ultra violet rays, such as plastic paints. It causes the materials and atoms of the paints to gather under the skin to cause a solid piece under the skin.
  • Including the tattoos side effects, we talk about inflammation of skin:

The inflamed skin can cause reddish, swelling, tumefaction, or pain. Sometimes the skin releases a pus.

  • The construction of protrusions called the granular tumors. Those tumors gather around the tattooed area.
  • Diseases that are transmitted through bloodstreams;

Because of using the needles to make the tattoos, there is the risk of developing the infectious diseases.  Those infectious diseases are so many, such as; Tetanus, infection of the simple herpes virus, Staphylococcus, B&C (Hepatitis), HIV, and Syphilis.

  • Psoriasis, it is a disease that infects the skin.
  • The good and bad tumors.
  • This is one of the social tattoos side effects, which is if you go to the do the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and you have a tattoo, your will be rejected, because of the tattoo. Because of the mineral elements in the tattoos ink, this might cause serious pain and burns during the scan. In addition, in some cases it affects the quality of the image.
tattoos side effects

tattoos side effects

PS; many people think that using alcohol will prevent those tattoos side effects and any diseases caused by tattoos…

Unfortunately, in the contrast, this will just worsen the things. Alcohol increases the permeability of the skin, which will increase the level of chemical elements to transmit into the bloodstream.

As well as Alcohol cooperates with the cancer cells and elements to increase the effects. It will worsen the disorders (skin or physical and vital) and increase the diseases and infections.

Over 50% of the people who have tattoo regret that later.

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