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Switch on your day with Best Healthy Breakfast

Get the Best Healthy Breakfast, And Say Hello To Your New Day.

None denies that breakfast is the most important meal for a healthy day. It allows your body to have back all the energy that has been lost during the sleeping while. The energy that your muscles has burnt at night. That is why it should be taken carefully and in the right way,  even we all know that it gets boring day by day. Because a healthy breakfast requires healthy food, like eggs, butter or anything else. But even though, the best healthy breakfast might get boring just in few days. Therefore my researches show that there are some good ways to have the right healthy breakfast with less calories and more lean muscles building.


And here are five ways to have the best healthy breakfast with most proteins possible (and vitamines as well). We all know that proteins are so important to have lean muscles. Besides, their rule that makes you avoid feeling full and destroying your plans for a healthy eating day.

Those ways are really effective as I ,myself, tried about three of them in the last few weeks. I hope you will be pleased with what I am suggesting, and I may highly advice you to try it as soon as possible.
5 ways to have the best healthy breakfast with the lesser calories and the most protains:

  • Bananas and a cup of nuts

For an active person, I suggest this easy-doing healthy breakfast, a banana –very well cut into slices- in a large cup, with half a cup of cheese. Ending by chopping the walnuts and mixing them to have a full-energized meal.

  • Berry of Quinoa mixed with Yogurt of Greece.

You put half a cup of simple Greek Yogurt, because those things are full of proteins. Just like adding some grabbed plains of quinoa that you should keep in fridge from the earlier dinner to end up by adding some fresh berries on it, just after scattering a couple of tablespoons over it.

  • A Good Breakfast of Blueberries

This meal is kind of versatile. You put a cup of dairy in a blender. To be followed by half a cup of frozen blueberries and two tablespoons of Greek Yogurt, with a little bit of seeds and ice. To be ending by the most important ingredient which is a scoop of natural protein that you may get from a nearby market, such as Gardenia All Natural Vegan Protein, or any other kind. And then just blend everything on to have your meal ready.

  • Wrapped Avocado and Eggs Breakfast.

Firstly get ready a whole tortilla wraps of grain. Then three scrambled eggs that you put in a wrap besides some salt and pepper. And a sliced up avocado upon them, which have a rich addition of proteins.

  • A bowl of Oats and Eggs

Put one serving of plain oats with the suitable quantity of water in a cereal bowl. Adding a full hand of frozen blueberries and an egg white or two. Thrown in a cinnamon dash and left in the microwave for a while –about two minutes- till it is cooked. And you will have your highly-protein meal ready.
We shall be really pleased by your comment below about what you’ve loved and you tried before…

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