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Spoil Yourself and Repeat – 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself to the Max

We all need a little relaxing time every now and then. Whether it is a day of shopping with your best friend, or a day at the spa, a little indulging works wonders for our body and soul. Whenever you feel burnt out, or in need of a bit of pampering, try out some of 10 fabulous activities that will spoil you to the max.


Do Yoga

Yoga is the perfect activity for relaxing the body and mind. It will help you to become more balanced and stress free as well. So, every time you feel like you need a time off, go to a yoga class, unwind and connect with your inner self. It will be the perfect day of pampering.

Shopping Spree

For those who thought shopping therapy is just a myth, a study conducted at the University of Michigan proves them wrong. Shopping is up to 40 times more effective in relieving stress and keeping blood pressure in check. Therefore, indulging yourself in a day full of dress, pants, shirts and shoes, while buying an appropriate number of aforementioned clothing items, is the best way to relax and keep your health under control.


PJs All Day Long

Have one Saturday just to spoil yourself at home, without putting on regular clothes. Sit down and enjoy the comfort of your favourite PJs. Make some smoothie, turn on the TV and relish the favourite movie. To make this day as coddling as possible, order food in, and rest from the cooking for at least a day.

Mani Paddy

Gossiping, reminiscing, and laughing at all the adventures we have lived together with our friends sounds perfect, right? Have an entire day of indulging the girl talk by inviting your friends to your home, prepare all your favourite nail polishes and manicure sets, and start doing each other’s nails. For the ultimate pampering, have professional manicurists come to you and do your nails, while you enjoy your favourite cocktails.


Girl Time

Book a room in a heritage listed Victorian mansion and take a girls’ time to a completely new level by hiring a butler to grant your every wish. Choose  between garden room and luxurious suite in a boutique hotel in Sydney and make that day and night unforgettable. Go on a local beach, have a dinner party, drive in a limo, or experience a boat cruise to pamper yourself to the max.

Take a Nap

One to three hours of sleep in the afternoon are very beneficial for our health. So, if you do not usually take naps, use it now to completely relax and pamper yourself. Turn off the phone, tuck yourself in, and recharge for the new day.

tv marathon

TV Marathon

Rainy days are perfect for enjoying your favourite TV show. Make popcorns, have a jug of homemade ice tea, lay in front of the TV and let the world of television do the rest. Walk into the world of comedy, action, or mystery and let all your worries go away.

Enjoy a Good Book

Sure TV is one of the best ways to have your mind wander, but reading a good book is an irreplaceable experience. World of literature will wake up your imagination and take you to a completely new dimension. Therefore, pick one of those copies laying on your shelf, and enjoy the written word.


Spa Time

Pack your bags and head out to a health retreat to experience the true miracle of spa treatments. Fortunately, you have various high quality health retreats in Australia that will provide you with relaxing and nurturing treatments your body will adore. Living Valley health retreat offers a seven-day health holiday that will make you feel completely reborn.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Walking down the park or by the river with your favourite music on is all you need in the beautiful spring day. Put on your running shoes, some comfortable clothes, and start walking. You will feel relaxed, satisfied and carefree.

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