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Sexy after 60

Sexy after 60

Sexy after 60

People tend to think that people over 60 do not care about their sex life anymore. Well, let me correct you. If you are over 60, about to turn 60, or just wondering how sex life would be after turning 60. Sex is part of our human nature and our body system. You might become hesitent to do it, but it just takes a little bit of encouragment and you will be extremely sexy after 60 years old.
Being sexy has nothing to do with age, although we know that ageing might brings some health problems that effects sex life directly. but, everyone can overcome those problems and enjoy healthy and pleasant sex just like the old days.
We know that nowadays there is a pill for every health problem. Fever? Yep . headache? Yep . erectile dysfunction? Yep.. but today i have for you a free, safe, and with no side effects ways to keep being sexy after 60. How?. Well, glad you asked.
Here are some tips you should be doing to keep being sexy after 60:

  • Accept who you are:

Accepting who you are is the very first stage. When you age, don’t pretened to be younger than what you are, just learn to appreciate who you actually are. Some people may wonder why would old people want to look or feel sexy? Who are they trying to impressed?. Well, Ageing is part of human nature, it is something phyisical we can not control, but the things we need or feel is totally another story. you just have to enjoy every stage in you life to the fullest and don’t let age be an excuse to limit your deeds. Do not compete your daughter\son abviously , but understand your body and what you are capable of doing. Then just do it.

  • Eat healthier:

Eat healthierWe all know that sex requires lot of energy, therefore, you might be wondering how can a man/ woman provide the same energy in bed when they are 60?. The answer of that is having a healthy body.

We can’t deny that the older we get the more we face health problems. However, by eating healthier we can manage to reduce those problems for example blood pressure, diabetes, and many other common illness of old people. Its very important for old people to choose a nutrient rich diet that provieds protien and vitamins.



  • Healthy lifestyle:

Sport! Sport! Sport!

mature-couple-doing-sport-outdoorsBeing over 60 means there is no much things to do. Therefore, try to use your free time to exercise daily. Having a long walk with your partner every morning is so perfect. Exercisig regularly makes bones and muscles stronger, and this is exactly what you need if you want to keep being sexy after 60. In addition to that, getting rid of bad habits is a very important thing to keep your body healthier. For example, quitting smoking or drinking. Those bad habits just makes you look even older and cause unlimited health issues. Therefore if you are reading this but you still have long way to 60, you might concider quitting your bad habits NOW! If you still want to enjoy sex after being 60.
Old people tend to be more concerned about their external apearance, due to the changes that their body experiences. Wrinkles might be the biggest challenge for old people. However, taking a good care of your skin to minimize ageing spots and having a healthy life style will definitely impact you external appearance, in a positive way.

  • 4-Communicate:

Over 60 but still want to enjoy sex with your partner? Well, you have passed long journy with you partner already. Congatulation! In this stage sex talks becomes less awkward. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner about your concerns. For example, your physical changes and of course the things that sets you in the mood. and always feel free to talk to your partner whenever you want more satisfying sex.
Be more creative to keep romance alive in your relation:
As I mentioned above being sexy had nothing to do with age. Its all about attitude and self confidence. You can creat your own ways to keep being sexy after 60. Keep in mind it is not all about sex . you have to maintain physical affection. You can for example give your partner a full body massage. Sexy ha!. Oral sex can be just as satisfying as full sex. Also, Don’t hesitate to try different positions everytime.

  • Away from that, you can be more romantic with you partner doing the simplest things:

mature-romantic-couple-having-a-walkRead a book together or a love poem, discuss ideas and have long conversations.
Go in a picnic together
What is more adorable than seeing old couples still choosing to spend that extra time together after all that time.
Speak words of appreciation
Learn how to appreciate the little things your partner does for you. but what is important is to speak them out. make your partner feel wanted to keep that connection, love and affection. Hold hands and kiss for no reason .
In the end I can only say don’t forget to stay sexy despite getting older. Take a good care of your health and body, and always remember that the key to be sexy after 60 is telling your partner exactly what turns you on an allow time to take it in. but above all, just choose to be happy with your partner.

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