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Sex Quality: is it about how many times per week?

Sex Quality

Sex quality

Sex quality

Sex? Yes, it is Sex! One of the most important issues in our life. As Maria in Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minute, said; sex is the axe that the whole world turns around it. Life cannot go on without that intercourse between the men and women. It cannot go on without that attraction and approach between the female and male. In the world of animals, sex is a ceremony that takes place in different method. If the spider male might die and be eaten by the female spider, the lion has sex normally as the human and other mammals do. Everyone is taught to know how to do sex, but no one is considered in the sex quality and how sex should be done with high quality.

People do not know this, but sexual intercourse has different qualities. The variety of sex quality depends on the method and the way that the couple does it.

How can we measure the perfect sexual life? What is; better the frequent sexual intercourses or the sex quality? What is the relation between the sex quality and the numbers of having it? When orgasm is easily to be reached in women? How does aging affect the women quality of having sex?

Those questions are not so common among people. They do not ask a lot about sex and they do not argue or discuss this topic. Even sex quality is a matter of discuss and arguments, people do not pay attention to it.

For women; we always hear that they reach the top of her orgasm or sexual desire when she gets 30 years old. Yet, starting from the age of 35 years old, their sexual desire or orgasm is higher over 35 times the usual time. That is completely true, because it is related to the life and its requirements. The pressure of life and children and family might cause the sexual sensitivity or orgasm in women lowering at the age of thirties.

The dryness in the vaginal or sexual genitals of the women happens not only because of ‘misery’, but also because of other reasons such as contraceptives.

In the middle of thirties, the sexual sensitivity in women is better than any time before. That is related to her knowledge about how she can reach the orgasm. Most of women at the age of twenty believe that having sex is the key to get orgasm. Yet, they do not understand that to reach the orgasm they need to have the foreplay and other touching methods to get the orgasm until they become thirty years old (they gain enough experience). That is how to have the best sex quality.

Therefore, the ability to enjoy the best sex quality and reach the orgasm in women increase with the age.

According to a Canadian study, they found that the couple is sexually happier if the partners have sex once per week. They said that the couple continues on having sex regularly and frequently like every day, are more likely not to reach the best of sex quality.

There is no reason for any of the partners to get irritated or get dissatisfaction. You do not have to press your partner to have sex with you if he/she does not feel like to do. If the numbers of sexual intercourses decrease, then you should not get angry from the other partner. The rule here says that it is better that you have sex more often, so that you have the top of sex quality. It says; the rarer you have sex, the more you enjoy it.

The important question related to the sex quality is: how can a couple reach orgasms in the same time?

Sex quality

Sex quality

It is very hard that a couple reaches the orgasm in the same time. The same thing for sex is for life: ladies first! You have always to make sure that your lady gets her orgasm first. It is most common that men reach their orgasm before women do. The sexual specialists say that men usually get sexually agitated before women for over 10 minutes.

Woman should be sexually agitated before man. That is why the man should play with his woman and make for her the foreplay until she becomes sexually stated as he is. Then, they might have the sexual intercourse. That is how they both reach orgasm in the same time.

In order to achieve the complete sexual orgasm for both of the partners in the same time, woman should control the sexual performance. It is highly recommended to use the creams and products that increase the level of the viscosity in the women genitals. That is how the sexual agitation of the man decreases, while the one of woman increases.

The man should foreplay the sensitive areas such as the genitals, necks, breasts and so on.

The communication between the man and woman during sexual intercourse is also very important. That is how they can understand each other. For example, if the woman does not feel like she is getting her orgasm that position, she tells her husband; Wait! Let’s change this position. That is how they can get the right position that makes the woman gets her orgasm.

There should be a connection between the man and woman about the sexual agitation. They should tell each other how much sexually agitated they are.

Sex quality

Sex quality

The sex quality is a very important matter and everyone should pay attention to it. Therefore, both woman and man should be careful about how to use their sexual positions to achieve their sexual orgasm. What people should take into consideration always is that the man can ejaculate before woman. That is the reason why the men cannot go on in having sex. If the woman ejaculates first, she still be able to enjoy the sexual activity.

What I am trying to say is that the man has that resistance duration after getting his orgasm, so that he should stay for a little while to have sex again. In other part, the woman does not have that resistance duration, and so that she can continue having sex even if she gets her orgasm.

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