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Self Harm Definition

Self Harm Definition

What is Self Harm Definition

self harm definition

self harm definition

The human behaviors are a mystery. It is strange how many people find it pleasing to hurt themselves. From the novel of Paulo Coelho; ‘Eleven Minutes’ and what he said about ‘Pain Pleasure’, to the Novel ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, bringing me back to what happens in Iran and among the Shiites, and to the novel I recently read about ‘Land of an African Sultan’ and how some people in Morocco, Meknes used cut themselves. It might seem for some people that self harm is not possible, but people do it and they get pleasure in doing it. Therefore, what is self harm definition? And what does that mean? Why do those people hurt themselves? All those questions and more I will try to answer in the following statement.

When Princess Diana talked in a TV interview about her problem with hurting herself, it was the first time to talk about this problem in public.

Self harm definition means anything that a person does and he ‘means’ to hurt himself. It means something like cutting hands or legs (with knives or anything else), burning skin with cigarettes, slapping one’s face, using needles, or even throwing oneself on the wall. Those actions make one faces serious injuries and he might cause himself permanent defects.

Self harm definition; what are the causes of this phenomenon?

The most common reasons of self-hurting are the severe stress, feeling loneliness, feeling anger, and other psychological pressures. The person does harm himself physically, in order to stop the psychological suffering. Those people might feel nothing at all when they hurt themselves. They lose feelings and emotions. They use it as method of getting rid of a storm of thoughts and anger.

Some people who hurt themselves admit that they feel some rest of pain, and they prefer to feel the physical pain instead of the psychological one. In the self harm definition, there is a concept of having a biological reaction for it, through releasing the Endorphins, which makes the person feel some pleasure and reduce the pain and depression.

The intentional self harm does not necessarily means that the person is aiming to suicide. It represents the organization of the emotions that the person did not get used to it. It provides the patient an escape from the psychological pain and emptying in the physical pain. There are some cases where it becomes so severe to a level of almost suicide deeds, such as taking poisons and shooting oneself. Those behaviors are not for getting attention or suicide, yet sometimes it might cause death if the person exaggerates.

Some of them say that they have grown up with fear of telling their feelings, especially the feelings of anger.

Others say that they hurt themselves because they have been through mistreating during their childhood, and they got abused, such as; violence, physical abuse, or negligence.

While some people and teens go to hurt themselves as a respond of typical problems related to the period of growing up such as creating an identity (emotional, psychological, and sexual), emotional problems, social problems, loneliness, solitudes, and any other.

self harm definition

self harm definition

Self harm definition; motives to self-harming:

  • Escaping from the emptiness, carefree, and feeling unrealistic
  • Reducing the stress
  • Reducing the physiological agitation and excitement to one that can be handled
  • Expressing reactional pain
  • Escaping from emotion loss
  • Feeling the psychological pleasure or Euphoria
  • Reducing the anger and hiding it from public expression
  • To increase the one’s control over his body
  • To keep feeling safe or feeling unique
  • Sexual expression

Self harm definition; behaviors and diagnose:

The self harm is considered a disorder itself. Yet, sometimes it can be a symptom of other disorders such as; paranoid personality disorder, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, food disorders, compulsive obsessive disorder, after shock disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, and freaking out… etc.

It is hard to know this behavior, because the person does it ‘hidden’ and in areas of the body that can be easily hidden. This is a proof that this behavior is not for getting the attentions (as many people think). Instead, the person feels like to hide it because he is ashamed and guilty for doing it. The researches refer to many behaviors that prove the self harm such as having burns, scars, cuts, wounds, and others in usual areas (hands, arms, feet), which are not explained by the person. Any area of the body can be hurt.

Mostly, people who have this disorder do not dress up according to the session, like winter clothes to cover scars while it is summer. Other sign is having some signs of depression and stress.

The experts noticed that the self harm reduces while aging. Those people who hurt themselves find it hard to stop. The frequent self harm becomes reactional itself, and usually it becomes like a reaction for any psychological stress and pressures (either negative or positive). It is just like the person who smokes when he is confused or stressed.

Self harm definition; the solutions and treatments:

People who were cured from this disorder say that either they did it for themselves and they changed their path in life, or they did it for people they love, which is the most common reason.

If you think that a person you love hurts himself, the first thing to do is to talk to him and avoid judgements and do not tell him to stop immediately. Do not make him feel that you do not understand his behaviors. Make sure you pick up the right time, the right words, and the right situation, and advise him to consult a doctor and encourage him to. It is a serious behavior and you should not avoid or ignore, it might cause serious damages and sometimes death.

The treatment is about the doctor to give the person medications such as anti-depression, anti-stress, and relaxing. Then, after the person feels better and improves, the long-term treatment starts. The long-term treatment includes teaching the patient other ways to control anger and negative feelings, such as; writing notes, doing a specific hobby, exercising or sports… etc.

self harm definition

self harm definition

The behavioral and emotional treatment is more effective, especially in cooperate with the medications.

The international day of awareness against self harm is on March the 1st.

Finally, we would love to see your comments below. Share with us your experiences. Tell us what you think about this situation. What do you say about those people who hurt themselves?

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