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How To Remove Yourself From A Dangerous Job

Making a decent living at something you enjoy is everyone’s goal in life. There’s nothing more gratifying than being able to support yourself doing what you love. But what if you work a job that isn’t fulfilling, or is dangerous and hazardous? Accidents can happen anywhere, even at the workplace. You should never feel unsafe at work. If you’re working in conditions that are dangerous, and a risk to your health and safety, it may be time to consider a job change.


Start preparing!


Finding new employment isn’t easy and usually doesn’t come as quickly as we’d like. You may want to start researching and applying while you’re still at your current position. If you have any sick days available, you want to take advantage of those days to do your searching and interviewing. Make sure that your resume is up to par. You may want to create a Linked-In account that showcases your best work. Have a list of strong references handy. The more professional the presentation, the better.


Practical Tips For Finding New Employment


The first thing you want to do during your job search is make a plan. What are your skills and assets? What are you good at? If you’re strong in administrative and clerical work, you want to pursue employment that will utilize your strongest gifts.


Tweak your resume Give your resume a good review. Does it need some tweaking? You want to update and include your most recent employment situation. Create a strong cover letter that best describes your professional experience and what you have to offer. You may want to create a profile on Careerbuilder or Monster to open your employment prospects.


Consider a career placement center Don’t fear small beginnings. Employment agencies work with you to find jobs that best meet your skills and experience. You can visit your nearest office where they’ll provide you with key questions to establish your skills and abilities. You may start with a six-month assignment somewhere. Use discernment with the agency you choose since some agencies may not guarantee you permanent work. Every opportunity is a chance for growth and development, and your temporary job could turn into the career of your dreams.


Visit a local job workshop It may not be a bad idea to go to a career workshop or two to connect with businesses. Have your resume handy and introduce yourself to companies. Networking is one of the surest ways of making connections. No one will ever know who you are if you don’t put yourself out there!


Be a go-getter!


Get aggressive about what you want! Keep in mind that your happiness and fulfillment in life is ultimately in your hands. The last thing you want to do is be passive when it comes to your career. Especially when you’re working in a dangerous situation. Search out legal advice and assistance if you can. If you find yourself confused about what path to take, you might consider creating a pro and cons list. Write out what you want to see and what you’d like to avoid at your next job. Have a clear goal and objective. See your job search as an adventure. Stay positive. You can do it!


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