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Relieve Your Back Pain With These Effective Tips

maxresdefaultBack pain is something you should deal from time to time. If not treated or finding ways to relieve it, it may lead you to experience prolonged pain for most of the day. Furthermore, chances are you might get severe complications on your back.

This pain is something that you shouldn’t ignore. It’s actually normal for you to have this kind of pain, but never left it at ease. Once you get up in the morning, or sitting in a wrong posture, it’ll cause stiffness in your back or other body part.

Without further ado, I’ll be revealing to you these effective tips to relieve your back pain.

1. Back massaging

This is a common way to relieve your back pain. When you do experience back pain from time to time, massaging is the first thing that comes through your mind. Sometimes, I have back issues when I wake up in the morning. I usually asked my house helper to do massages for me in order to relieve my back pain for just a few minutes.

Here are some ways for you to do back massaging:

  • Ask your home companion to do back massaging for you
  • Look for affordable barber shops which accepts back massaging
  • Go to a nearby chiropractor or spa wellness center
  • Look for back massaging electronic chairs at malls or any related shop

2. Exercise regularly for a few minutes

It’s essential for your entire body to get some physical activity for at least a few minutes. You can’t become healthy by just eating healthy foods or balanced diet alone.  For you to become healthy and avoid frequent back pain, you should exercise every day. Regular exercising helps improve your muscles, stamina, endurance and immune system.

I suggest that you should do these exercises from time to time:

  • Stretching
  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Yoga
  • Walking, jogging or biking

3. Maintain good posture

You should learn how to maintain a proper posture while sitting or lying on the bed. One way to maintain good posture is by using a posture corrector. Put this on your upper body while you stand, sit or lying. For sure, you’ll notice that it corrects your body’s posture. This will help reduce your back pain issues.

In Harvard’s official website under health section, they’ve revealed to us their four ways to lessen back issues while practicing good posture. If you don’t spend time practicing your proper posture techniques, you’ll have to deal with back pain almost daily.

4. Use cold packs and heating pads

This is one way for you to get some back pain relief. First off, you need to apply cold pressure with an ice bag or so. Do it for a few minutes before applying the heating pad on the affected area. This will help balance your body’s temperature to treat or relieve your back pain.

Additional tip: In case you don’t have an ice bag or a heating pad, you can combine a menthol ointment and ethyl alcohol to rub it on the affected area.

5. Stop smoking

Lastly, smoking is one cause that you’re experiencing back pain today. According to, quit smoking is one way to reduce back issues. There are several people today who are having a smoking habit almost daily. As a result, your lungs and back may become affected and can lead to chronic illnesses.

Did you know? Severe back pain is considered chronic if not treated or managed. It could get worse as you age, and it needs to have immediate therapy or treatment if necessary.

Final words

These effective tips are proven to relieve your back issues. You may have learned a lot, but it would become useless once you don’t apply these tips. Back pain is something that you can’t take for granted. If you’re experiencing this kind of pain today, don’t waste your time. Apply one or more of these tips in order for you to become comfortable later on.

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Jeff Caceres is a freelance writer and blogger who loves to share reviews, advice and tips about health and wellness, fitness, motivational and inspirational . You can find health-related product reviews here at


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