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Puberty For Kids: Precocious & Delayed Puberty

Puberty for kids

What are the different conditions of puberty for kids?

puberty for kids

puberty for kids

We all noticed once how our children have started to behave like adults. We say:  “oh, this generation is growing up quickly, the kids act like adults”. It is noticeable when some kids dress up and act like adults. A kid of primary school acts like a man. That is a sign of how puberty for kids is becoming earlier.

From the last nineties up to now, the age of puberty for kids is decreasing; puberty became earlier in kids than before. The researchers noticed that the age of puberty in girls decreased from 16-17 years to 12-13 years. That was about the American kids. They did not reach the right or the exact reason of this phenomenon.

However, the topics related to the puberty for kids were already written, and now I will write about the precocious and delayed puberty. If you are interested in what is puberty and the way that you should aware your kids about it, welcome to read my other topic about meaning of puberty. Similarly, there is a previous article as well about the emotional changes during puberty. That is how you can know when your kid is growing up and having puberty.

Well, let us start with the definition of the early or late puberty for kids:

In every literary meaning of the words ‘early’ and ‘late’ puberty, you can understand the terms we are talking about. Some children might experience the puberty earlier or later than the others. This different timing might cause troubles for the parents.

This problem has many different causes and reasons. In some conditions or some children who have the similar case of early or late puberty, there might be some conditions or some health troubles that require the tests and checks to be done.

The precocious or early puberty for kids:

puberty for kids

puberty for kids

Sometimes, some children might have early symptoms of the puberty, and that is what we call it the early puberty for kids. It is when the child starts having enlargements in breasts, gets some pubic hair, or any other sign of puberty before the age of 8 years old in girls, and 9 years old in boys.

How does puberty start exactly?

There is a gene called GPR54 that goes straight to the brain and the brain gives the nervous signs to puberty. Then the hormones start being released and changes in the body start happening. In similar way, the early puberty is because of the early release of the gene GPR54. So, in order to understand the causes of early puberty, we have to understand the causes of early release of the gene GPR54. Those causes are:

  • The brain that might have some troubles within it; such as tumors or any other physiological disorders
  • The infection or the injury of the brain; the infection such as meningitis, and the injury such as head trauma
  • Sometimes, there are genetic causes such as tendency transmitted through the family
  • The kid might have already a condition or a problem in his thyroid glands and also his ovaries

Yet, in most of the girls, it is not explained the exact or correct known cause of their early puberty. In other side, the early puberty for boys is not very common as much as for girls. But, if a boy has an early puberty, it is highly expected to be related to some medical conditions or problems.

The treatment of precocious puberty for kids:

If you want to diagnose the early puberty in you kid, the blood test might be required, because it is needed to check the level of the hormones or any problem in the hormones. There are some few clinical tests that might be done as well. And after the diagnose, comes the treatment.

The therapists depend on the causes of the early puberty to treat it. the treatments might be such as:

  • To treat the cause or the reason of the problem
  • To give to the child some medicines and medications to stop the level of the sex hormones, and prevent the progressing of the child body’s changes

However, the treatments of the early puberty might not be required in every situation. They are done only for the severe ones. Moreover, there is no harm of early puberty, unless it causes serious conditions such as developing the sexual hormones with high levels.

The delayed or late puberty for kids:

puberty for kids

puberty for kids

The causes of the delayed puberty can be such as:

  • The kid who develops long-term physical conditions; such as kidney disease, diabetes…
  • The genetic causes by a specific tendency
  • Developing some kinds of the eating disorder that cause problems in the kids’ nutrition
  • Some kinds of the genetic causes that affect the developing of the sexual side (hormones, organ, genitals… etc
  • Having some tumors, damages, or disorders in the glands of the body
  • Some kids who are included in the severe exercises habits. The severe or over-exercise causes this problem too.

The specialist diagnoses the late puberty in boys according to the following situations:

  • The boy got 14 years old and still has no sign of the testicular
  • He started the puberty about 3 to 4 years ago and his genitals still did not reach he adult size or shade.

The specialist diagnoses the late puberty in girls according to the following situations:

  • The girls is over 14 years old and still did not get any sign of the menstrual period
  • She already got 13 years old and still did not have any sign of breast development
  • It has been over 4 years since the first beginning of the puberty and she still does not have the adult breasts shade or the full size.


The treatments of the late puberty for kids:

If your specialist notices no obvious cause of this condition such as illness or anything else, he might need to do some blood tests or other kinds of tests.

You may need to take your child to clinical tests if the specialist sees it is needed.

However, the treatment for the late puberty for kids depends on the reasons and causes. For parents, there is one thing to focus on and it is to identify their child puberty age. If they see no signs or a late or early signs of puberty, they have to consult their doctor. that is how they can help their kids.

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