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Proven strategies for FAT LOSS

Burn off the Christmas Mince Pies ….

So Christmas is over and everyone is looking to the scales to see how bad the damage is. If you could lose some of that Christmas excess weight; then try cutting back in January and try being more active.

Small changes really can add up to big results.

If you have four slices of toast in the morning try having 3 or 2,
If you have sugar in your tea or coffee, try having none.
Cut back on saturated fat, visible fats on meat, and try eating more fish.
Try exercising in the morning as this is when the body has gone the longest period without food and is more likely to burn FAT.

You should always eat 5 pieces of fruit a day right? WRONG!!

If you are looking to trim down you should be cutting down on fruit, and increasing the amount of vegetables, especially Green Veg! You eat. Fruit is very high in sugar, particularly Fructose. Fructose if eaten after a meal is more likely to be turned to fat. Not a great idea to have a fruit salad in the evening then after a big meal, it’s more likely to be converted into fat and then spike your insulin levels so you won’t be able to sleep. If you do want to eat fruit try and have it earlier in the day and between meals, preferably after exercising as fructose will replenish liver glycogen quickly, which is vital for athletes or those with a manual job.

Eat High GI carbs including grains only if you have exercised. Eat low GI carbs and keep grains to a minimum the rest of the time.

Wheat can lead to water retention, bloating and sluggish digestion.

The majority of people in the UK have the food pyramid the wrong way around and have grains forming the majority of their diets. It’s common for people to have cereal for breakfast then a sandwich for lunch followed by pasta for dinner. Cut the wheat and grains out and you will notice a significant difference, in weight loss. Ensure you are consuming more vegetables however.

Some quick simple tips to help cut down on the amount you eat:

Eat slowly
Have smaller portions
Eat around the table and not in front of the T.V or anything that will distract you entirely from your meal
Stop eating when you are no longer hungry
Stop eating if you are more thirsty than hungry
Try spreading your meals out over 5 rather than 3, see it more as grazing then filling up
Eat based on your activity levels, if you’re lying in bed all day or sitting on the sofa you don’t need the same amount of food as when you’re doing a gym session in the morning racing around at work all day and then have an activity in the evening.

Look at how much protein you eat, each meal should contain protein. If you have cereal in the morning a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, then you haven’t had enough protein for the day and have too many carbs/grains in your diet as we have already said.

Omega 3 should be a staple in your diet if you are looking to lose weight. It aids fat loss and helps keep a healthy cardio vascular system. Zinc and Magnesium are important as they help to regulate sugar consumption.


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