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Over Drinking Water

Over drinking water

over drinking water

over drinking water

We all know that water is one of the most essential things to live. It is the principal of everything. The human body contains over 70% of its volume as water. The earth surface is more than 71% of water. Drinking water was found to be sometimes more dangerous than having a toxic chemical. The case when water is dangerous for the health of the body is when there is over drinking water. The over drinking water causes usually the poisoning, if not taken seriously.

Have you ever heard about the disorder in the health known as water poisoning? Do you imagine that over drinking water cause the poisoning, which cause the brain to swell, which cause the immediate death? Does this information that you are reading here a catastrophe for you? Do you understand what we are talking about of you do not believe it already? Are you afraid of water now? Well, do not worry about it dear reader, we shall detail everything about it.

Do not freak out dear reader, the cases when the over drinking water cause death is very rare. Yet, it does exist and we should know anything about. We shall talk about it and explain how it happens.

First, let us define what is over drinking water or what is water poisoning:

The water poisoning is over drinking water, and it is caused by drinking too much water. We know that water has a big rule in the blood stream, especially with the level of the sodium and the electric transporters in the body. When the water level increases in the blood, it causes the blood to be less viscosity, which causes several conditions in the brain. The most common consequences of this condition are the swelling of the brain causing the immediate death.

All this presses the bone marrow causing the direct death.

Simply, the whole situation is caused because of the swelling in the brain cells. The water amounts increase while the blood decreases, which affect the brain to be full of water instead of blood. That is how the brain swelling is caused. Eventually, the death happens.

What is the perfect amount of water for the normal person?

Of course, now we shall mention the perfect amount of water for a normal person. The exact and best average of water is 30 mL for every Kilogram of the weight. This is as a general measure.

A person who weighs about 30 Kg should have a liter each day. A person who weighs 90 Kg needs about 3 liters per day.

You should pay attention to those instructions and keep stuck to them. do not drink too much of water. Try to avoid over drinking as much as you can. However, drinking too much water is not good and not useful. That is what we have learnt before. As we have seen, it caused the death.

I repeat and confirm that in the normal cases, you should highly drink the perfect amounts of water. There are several diseases or some conditions in the kidney and liver that requires an organized system of water drinking.

Who are the people most likely to have water poisoning?

Firstly, the first and most important factor of water poisoning is over drinking water in a very short time. That happens mostly when you are doing something hard and tiring. It happens also commonly in the people who have conditions in their livers or kidneys. Another reason is also the disorder in one of the body hormones. The aging is also another reason for having water poisoning. The people who are aging have the water poisoning because they have less production of sodium.

over drinking water

over drinking water

How does water poisoning happens if I have the sweating and urination as a way of getting rid of water?

Dear reader, what you say is correctly true, but only in the normal cases. You will sweat and urinate in the normal cases. Especially, when you are under a high temperature, you will use that method in order to get rid of the extra water in your body.

In the other cases when you experience a hard activity, your body shall have a decrease in the level of the sodium to 130 mili-Mol in one liter of blood. That will make you feel no desire to urinate. You will be in need for more water. That is because you go through hard activity, especially in the times of hotness.

There are some other cases; the cause might be related to the glands of your body. Those glands might have a disorder in producing the sodium. Therefore, drinking too much water in a very short time, you shall have the water poisoning.

Unfortunately, the water poisoning causes you the epilepsy, a disorder in the body’s stability, hallucinations, hardness in breathing, and probably the coma. In the cases of no-urination or the feeling of urination, which disappears immediately, the death might be caused immediately. In other cases such as a disorder in the body’s hormones or kidney and liver diseases, you might have several symptoms. the symptoms appear such as constipation, vomiting, blueish and swelling in the hands and feet. If you have those symptoms, you have to go to see the doctor and do the analysis of the urine, because those symptoms might cause the water poisoning at any time.

If I have the water poisoning, what can you do? Is there any Band-Aid to do when I have the water poisoning?

Honestly, there isn’t so much you can do away of the hospital. Even if you reach the hospital and you already had the swelling in the body and the brain, you won’t be able to do anything. But, usually a specific diet or a disorder in the hormones might be a good environment for the water poisoning to happen.

I personally think that drowning in water and water poisoning are the same. Both of them are having the swelling in the body and the brain, even drowning causes the lungs to be swelled.

However, over drinking water is not so much good for the health. It is known to cause the water poisoning, which is seriously dangerous to your body.

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