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Office style: transition from summer to fall

Hey, is it fall yet? It seems like it is! Although we’re in the middle of August, the heavy rains and winds have been catching us by surprise constantly and our light dresses haven’t been able to warm us up. Seems like it’s time we made a casual transition from our favorite summer outfits to fall attire without having to embark on a shopping spree just yet. Yes, you heard it right! There are plenty of ways to stay in your gorgeous summer pieces just a bit longer, but only adapt them to the colder weather outside by pairing them up with some other pieces you’ve got handing in your closet.

Here are some ideas on how to work up your summer-fall office and after work style and keep your stylish vibe rising.


Embrace denim

Your maxi sleeveless dresses and midi skirts have been perfect during the summer, haven’t they? They were easy on the skin, cheerful and gave your style a special flair. Well, don’t renounce them just yet but rather – pair them up with denim jackets and shirts to cover up during colder days. The amazing thing about denim is that it fits any style – from office to casual – and it goes well with virtually all materials, colors and patterns. Denim bottoms, like skinny jeans or pencil skirts, paired up with floral and graphic prints on your shirts or blazers are your friends, too.

To spice things up, opt for a variety of denim choices like white denim, navy blue, deep blue, bleached, fringe denim and turn your summer-fall fashion into a real adventure.


Mix simple colors with explosive patterns

Stylish women know that the key of sporting a perfect outfit is to keep things balanced. The summer flair is often associated with loud patterns and colors as they are imitating the liberal spirit of this wonderful season; however, the fall is a bit more serious and to achieve the perfect balance you’ll have to marry the two. Keep your summer choices as base of your outfit (dresses, pants, shirts, skirts in explosive prints and colors) and top them off with stylish ladies’ jackets and blazers in toned down colors like deep purple, nude, mauve, ocher, deep green and blue to give your outfit a slightly more serious tone.

Keep accessories simple

Unlike your summer choices, summer-to-fall attires require a bit more seriousness. Not that you have to mentally transition into fall and forget all about your feet in the sand, but you’ll definitely need to ditch those feather earrings and necklaces, floral crowns and turbans. Sorry, we love them too! Since you’ll probably be keeping things light in your wardrobe make sure your accessories imitate the sentimental fall feel. Replace your hoop earrings, multiple necklaces, toe rings and ankle bracelets with stylish broaches, simple rings, bud earrings and gold/silver wristlets. Accents matter, so make sure you play things right.

Do your makeup and hair right

Sure, you loved your hair loose and your lip gloss barely visible all throughout the hot summer. Still, with the colder weather approaching, a bit deeper hues on the face and sleek hairdos feel more natural, so maybe it’s time you put trust back into your makeup kit. Deep coral, mauve, beige, chocolate brown, plump, dark red and maroon are perfect lip colors for the fall transition while brushed out eyebrows and a lot of mascara to make the eyes pop are an amazing way to make a statement. Add a little sparkle on the lids, to keep things fresh.

Instead of wearing your hair messy and loose, go for straight, sleek hairdos giving your image a more serious vibe. Side parting will channel a bit playful, summery feel while straight parting will turn you into an office queen. You can always keep things on the summer side by letting a few strands of hair loose.

As you can see, even though the weather out is pretty confusing, there’s still a way to turn your summer-to-fall style into a real fashion challenge and yet – keep things on the stylish side.

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