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Night Terrors in Babies

Night Terrors in babies

night terrors in babies

night terrors in babies

Night terrors is a sleep disorder that doesn’t affect only babies, but also adults. Usually, this sleep disorder is only within children and babies. The night terrors in babies is a very bad issue that parents should consider. You have always to look after your kids, during the night and the day light. This disorder might cause psychological damages in the personality of your child and baby. His time I came to explain what is it and how it affects the children and babies.

Many of us saw that moment when our relatives or siblings wake up suddenly and freaking out from the terror of the dream or a nightmare. And we all tried to relax and calm down that one person. But did any one of us tried to calm down this kid and he couldn’t? Did you try to calm your friend, brother, sister, or relative after having the night terrors but he/she does not calm down. Did you try to use any method or way and it didn’t work?

What is night terrors in babies?

The night terror is a sleep disorder that usually affect the children and babies. It is very similar to the nightmare, but more dramatic. Even it causes no kind of psychological or physical disorder, the parents really freak out when they notice their children or babies have it.

There are different stages of sleep. Each stage of those stages is accompanied by a different activity of the brain. Most of dreams happen during the stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement), while he night terrors in babies and children happen during the stage of Deep non-REM sleep.

The night terrors in babies and children are not necessarily nightmares. They are sudden terrors of fear that happen during the movement between the stages of sleep. Those terrors happen within two to three hours after the baby sleeps. When the baby moves from the stage of the Deep non-REM Sleep to the stage of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement), the terrors happen. Usually this movement between two stages is soft, but sometimes the baby of the child becomes so terrified, scared, and agitated. This fear is what we call the night terrors.

During the night terrors, the baby might sit on his bed and starts screaming. He might starts breathe quickly, his heart beats hurries, starts sweating, or hitting anything around him. The child or baby might seem too irritated and scared. After few minutes (sometimes longer), the child calms down and goes back to sleep.

Unlike the nightmares where the child remembers what he saw, after the night terrors the child does not remember anything. They happen (the night terrors) during the Deep non-REM sleep when the picturing memory is not working.

What is the reason of night terrors in babies and children?

The night terrors happen because of the over activity of the central nervous system during the sleep. This exhaustion of the central nervous system might happens due to the central nerve (which controls all the functions of the brain while asleep or awaken) still growing up. Some babies and children have genetic reason of this exhaustion of the central nervous system. 80 percent of the night terrors cases are found among children of the same family and relativity. Or, sometimes, it is accompanied by the sleep walking (it is a similar sleep disorder as the night terrors).

The night terrors cases were found among children and babies who are:

  • They are tired, sick, or have some kinds of stress.
  • They take new medicine.
  • They sleep in a new place or away from home.

The night terrors in babies is kind of rare, while there are 3 to 6 percent of the children who have it. while, almost every child sees nightmares. The night terror usually happens among children of 4 to 12 years old. There are some cases that happened in 18 years old. These cases are a little less common among female than male.

The child or the baby might have the night terrors in several times or just one time before it ends forever. Most of the cases happen itself after finishing the central nervous system.

How can you deal with night terrors in babies and children?

night terrors in babies

night terrors in babies

The night terrors in children might be very irritating for the parents. They might feel kind of incapability, because they cannot calm down their kids. The best way parents can help their kids with it, is through waiting till it ends, then protect their children from anything around that they can use to hurt themselves. Usually, the kid calms down and goes back to sleep in few minutes.

It is not advised to wake up the kid during the night terror. Because that attempts are useless and the kids wake up confused and doubting, so that they might take longer time to calm down and goes back to sleep.

There is no cure or remedy for the night terrors in babies and children, but you can prevent it from happening by:

  • Decrease the stresses of the child
  • Make a routine and an exact timing for the kid to go to bed, in order to get enough rest
  • Make sure that the kid takes enough rest and feels better
  • Ban the kid from staying up late, which causes him or her more tiredness and fatigue.

The parents understanding of the night terrors might help them to prevent it a little. They might help decrease the tension and stress, and they can get more sleep that is restful. If you see that the night terrors are happening more frequently, then you should consult a doctor and revise with him what is going on with your kid. This might be the best way to help your kid from this terrifying sleep disorder.

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