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Myths About Sex -Top-

Myths about Sex

We put in a side the scientific facts in our lives, and we start believing in what is said among people, we listen to the common thoughts, we face the widespread myths among the most of the society. Sex is one of those issues that have been mistakenly taken into consideration with those rumors and myths. Anything that has not been discussed within people scientifically and logically becomes a kind of myth and distorted thoughts. So, what are those myths about sex? Do they have any relationship with the reality and the truth or not?

All those questions shall be answered in this article. Sex is one of the most important factures that let us live on the earth. If we take into consideration all those false ideas and stereotypes about sex, we shall find ourselves guilty and living a bad life. Such as many negative phenomena in our lives. That is why the sexual education should be among the top of what we care about and what we learn in as the first notions. In order to build a society out of shame and shyness, where we discuss topics without any trouble at all.

Myths about sex:

myths about sex

myths about sex

The first myth of myths about sex; relationship between the size of the penis and the orgasm of the woman:

Whenever people talk about the size of the penis, they usually link it to the length, to the sexual drive and libido, and to the attraction of women to it. That is why we find that about 55 percent of men consider their penis short. While there are, over 85 percent of the women do not admit this problem with their husband. Isn’t it this really confusing?

During having sex, the vagina of the women moves so much flexibly, which makes it able to take the shade of the penis, according to the different types of it among men. In addition, most of the nervous sensitivity that transports the feeling of orgasm of a woman is found in the opening of the vagina. Most of the women feel the penis when it comes into the vagina just with few centimeters. This means that the size of the penis does not make any difference. Because the sensitivities remain the same, and the length would not make any difference, and it will not cause any better function. The better orgasm or sexual pleasure does not depend on the length of the penis but on the positions and skills during sex.

In the other side, the size (how wide it is) of the penis and the erections that can be a reason for a better function during sex. And for that good erection and size you need to practice several things to get the right shade of the penis (such as masturbating).

Besides, the scientific researches show that the Clitoris has better rule in making the women to orgasm. This means that the normal length of the penis can make a woman orgasm.

In order to avoid such myths about sex and be secured about your penis length, here is a statistic done to prove the right size of it:
during relaxant penis; 7 to 10 cm
during erection penis; 12 to 16 cm

Those are the common cases of the size and length of the penis, and you have to know that the relaxant penis is not the same as the erection one.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Second myth of myths about sex; men are sex machines, and they can have sex always:

Most of the women say that the men are addressing women only as a machine to have sex and to fulfill their sexual desire within them that is all. While men think that women are not always ready for sexual activity.

In fact, the women go through many swings of mood, biological changes, and periodic states. This lead a woman not to think about having sex, because they usually do not feel like to due to the changes of their periods. She does not have sex till she feels she is truly satisfied for herself and she trust herself. When the women take good care of their looks, their bodies, and their children then she is in a very good mood of having sex. And they think that men do not have those factors, and they are all time ready to have sex.

Well, that is not true, men also have changes in their mood and they do not feel like to have sex when they feel down. They feel like to have sex only when they prove their manhood, when they achieve something great at work, studies, sport or in life with friends. Any kind of activities that prove his manhood is related to his feeling of sexual desire. And when they do not want to have sex it is because they feel that they missed something during the day, or they feel they are tired and they won’t do well during sex.

However, all those things should be put a side, and give the complete right for a woman to say ‘NO’ when she does not want to have sex, while the man is not authorized.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Third myth if myths about sex; the timing of sexual intercourse should last long:

Most of the people put that image in their mind that the sexual intercourse last for so much. This long duration (according to their imagination) is the reason why both partners get their orgasm easily and quickly. This idea is more common with men than with women, because men think that to please fully their women they have to keep the longest the duration of intercourse the better for them. Nevertheless, studies are fully against those rumors.

The real sexual intercourse lasts for even too much less than what people expect, or those rumors say. This study was done actually in 1948 in USA for a large amount of people, and it found that 75 percent of the men get their orgasm within 2-3 minutes. There are current studies that put the moderate timing for the sexual intercourse in 5-7 minutes. In order to complete those conditions:

  • The court duration (less than two minutes) is not healthy at all. The healthy duration is for 5 to 7 minutes. Even sometimes in some special cases, there was the duration lasts for 7-13 minutes.
  • Otherwise, in another researches, it was found that the women prefer to have foreplay for about 15 minutes, and then the actual sexual intercourse for 7-8 minutes. S why all those false rumors that it has to last too much?

Probably, the answer is because of the human nature that wants to take the maximum of what fulfill its desire. For example, when we are too much hungry; we put on the table so far more than what we need, believing that this will be enough.  The same for the sexual intercourse, we believe that we need too much time, while just few minutes are enough.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Fourth myth of myths about sex; the homosexuality is pleasing:

In the case of homosexuality, people react either by saying those are dirt and we have to fix them, or they are a part of nature and we need to leave them in peace. It was known that too many of the homosexuals who were forced to change, been depressed and killed themselves.

Certainly, there is a reason why they cannot easily change. Most of them say that they are attracted to their same gender from the childhood.

In the biologically explanation, the reason why they are this way is because of a change in the Chromosome X. That is not enough, so it comes the time for the environment, which cause the child to believe himself that he is not the same gender he looks.

However, this is a disorder in the hormones of the brain while the mother is pregnant. Scientists are trying their best to find the cure and a way to cure those people by surgeries or any way.

The sexual intercourse between two of the same gender is not pleasing at all more than normal one. In some cases, the women homosexuals are often proving that this myth a little bit true; there are few lesbians that have orgasm with each other more than men do.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Fifth myth of myths about sex; the sexual intercourse is a daily activity:

The human nature comes once again, to tell that the daily intercourse is healthy and makes the relationship between partners more lovely. The strength of the intercourse is related to the quality of it not the quantity. The feeling that tells us whether you are satisfied with the sexual pleasure or not is fulfilling that desire not the number of times you do it.

The statistic say that most of the partners that feel happy and sexual pleased are the ones that have sex twice per week. In other statistics in USA, which was done on people aged between 18 and 70 years, it was found that; 28 percent have sex few times a week or a month, 16 percent have sex 2-3 times per week, 15 percent have sex few time per month, and only 4 percent that have sex over 4 times per week.

Therefore, there is no one who has sex regularly and every single day to have the sexual happiness.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Sixth myth of myths about sex; men have to make women orgasm:

As we mentioned before, the men get their orgasm within 3-7 minutes, while only 25 percent of women get their orgasm at this time. This made men believe that most of the women do not get their orgasm easily.

To fix these false myths about sex and this one, you need to know that the women do not get their orgasm actually only by the penis inside. They get their orgasm through foreplay and romance more. Studies say that 75 percent of women do not need the penis inside to make get their orgasm.

That is why both partners should do what satisfy the other, and no one of them has to get his/her orgasm on forcing the other.





myths about sex

myths about sex

Seventh myth of myths about sex; the newborn baby improve the sexual pleasure:

The giving birth is the most painful events in a woman’s life. She gets too hurtful, too much pain, changes in the hormones, exhaustion, fatigue, stress, and looking after the baby. All those make the woman goes away from the sexual intercourse, and she might not feel good about it.

There are statistics that say that this feeling is not the same for all women and each one has her own feelings. However, the most of people do not have sex until the sixth month after birth. The women so not feel they are capable or ready for the sexual intercourse.

This proves that the myths about sex that say the sexual intercourse is much better after the newborn baby are just false. It is better to let the woman feel free, and re-energize herself. Besides, her body is not the same and it is not functioning the best.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Eighth myth of myths about sex; watching porn does ruin the relationship between the couple:

Many countries lately obscured the porn sites for what they cause of addiction and problems among couples.

Watching those movies does not limit the sex, but insult the women and make people believe certain false ideas about sex. This causes the disorders in the relationships and people’s minds.

However, what I mean to talk about is that there are specific movies that are made to intellect the couples. Some studies show that those movies are helping the couple and make some tips of sex clearer.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Ninth myth of myths about sex; the sexual intercourse stops after 60:

Aging does not let the sexual intercourse with the same quality as it is in the youth. As long as no one of the couple is having a disease the sexual intercourse is the same, and it still pleasing as it was in youth.

Studies show that 72 percent of people over fifty and less than sixty enjoy their sex normally, 57 percent of people over sixty enjoy it as well. Even the people over 75 percent enjoy some of the cases of sex; 46% of men and 41% of women.

So aging does not necessarily ends the sexual pleasure or the sexual intercourse.

myths about sex

myths about sex

Tenth myth of myths about sex; men are most having sexual troubles:

When we talk about the sexual problems, we mean less desire, less production and lack of lust. In a way or another, it was popular that most of the men have those problems.

Over 43% of women have this problems while 31% of men. Which means that the statistic are fully against what it is known among people.


There are too many myths about sex that was transporting from one to another. It was known that those rumors made many people think negatively about themselves and the sexual intercourse. So now, you have known what is right and what it not right, have a good moment with your partner and believe in yourself and go ahead have sex with her/him to the top and enjoy the most of it.

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