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Most Affective Junk Food Effects On The Body

One of the most widespread trouble that our nutrition system faces in this time is what we call “unhealthy food”, “Junk Food” or “Fast Food”. That is why I would like to get the chance and talk about them. I have been looking through books, net and reviews of researches to make a good, well-explained and useful article about this topic. So what I am planning to go through, is explaining the junk food effects on us, and a short list of the most common junk food we have in our lives. Hope you are ready to know about it!Junk Food Effects on the body

In a short way, ‘junk food” refers to the food that is being cooked too quickly as much as they are served. It may include any type of the fast food you find in your daily life. For example candies, sweet, snack food, pizzas, hamburger, sandwiches, and so on.

Let’s find out the most common negative junk food effects!

There are exactly three factures that you think about once you feel like eating something, and they are either odor, color or taste of course. But of course the ones who think about losing or taking care of their weight, or following a healthy diet got to think about other things, like fats, energy, sugar, vitamins, minerals, proteins, or how much calories it contains.

The question is; do you know that the food we eat may cause damages and very serious side effects? The things that may lead to illness and diseases or even a bad situation. I don’t talk about spoiled or quality-less food, but very good served food, Fast Food!

So, here are the worst fast or junk food effects:

  • It increase heart disease threat;
    researches show that Junk food are full of fats that block the flowing of blood in arteries and veins. The thing that rises the risk of having a heart disease up to 80%.
  • Obesity or Fatness are bad side effects too!
    When you follow a daily nutrition of Fast Food, you hardly feel like to eat vegetables, fruits, milk…etc. So, it leads you to get obesity easily. Because we all know that fast food is full of calories and sugar which are the main cause of obesity.
  • The dreadful Type 2 Diabetes:
    People has become too busy to get a healthy food at home, so they look for expensive fast food. This kind of life style cause laziness and lack of activities, which is combined with fast food lead to get overweight. So they get obesity. All that may develop type 2 diabetes, which is considered as one of the most dangerous junk food effects on our health.
  • No more appetite too!
    Fast food is not properly appetizing as much as normal food is. The rarely normal nutrition and continuing on fast food, leads to lose one’s appetite –sometimes even food poisoning-. Certainly and obviously, fast food does not satisfy what our stomach need.
  • Bad nutrition:
    Since we started learning about healthy nutrition, we always insist on food that contains all essential elements for a well-balanced nutrition. Fast food does not contain balanced essential nutrients. It only causes disorder in the body and does not satisfy all body’s needs.
  • Different side effect: waste of money:
    If we compare home prepared food costs and fast food’s, certainly fast food cost too much more. Sometimes people cannot even think of the budget they lose on this kind of food.
  • Disorder in eating plans:
    Unlike normal food, fast food does not have a proper timing. People eat it twice or three times a day sometimes. It does not allow the body to have rest and to have a good assimilation operation. While normal food has a good appropriate timing that gives the chance for the body to digest the food peacefully.
  • One more side effect! No more family meetings!
    Fast food does not require family to gather round, and set to eat at one table. Anyone eats walking, driving, at work, at a garden, or chatting on smartphones. The united gathering of a family disappears, and each member eats on his or her own way!

Now Let’s Have A Look On Most Famous Fast Food!

Since we are talking about junk food effects, we cannot ignore mentioning some of them. So for a healthy eating day, with all benefits of food, I highly advice everyone to avoid as much as possible the following fast food that we face in our lives.

  • Top world’s well-known fast food; Pizza
  • pizza-933032_1280
    Pizza is the most popular fast food, and everyone of course loves to eat it since it tastes so good and incredibly delicious. But even though, most common Pizzas are cooked with very unhealthy elements.Yet still some restaurants make pizza with healthy ingredients. So what you have to do is to check the elements before starting your meal.






  • Natural Juices? Check again!
    Fruits juices are sometimes considered really healthy drinks. But the truth is that they contain more quantity of sugar than they contain of healthy benefits like Vitamins. Actually they almost contain the same sugar level as sugary drinks and soda. Of course there are healthy fruits juices like blueberries or pomegranate’s.
  • Ice Cream, extremely delicious, but…vintage-ice-cream-parlor-635256_1920
    As much as ice cream is too delicious, it is unhealthy. It contains a very high level of sugar and calories.










  • Market’s meat and cheese:
    Natural meat is certainly nutritious and very wholesome, unlike processed meat. This last, as the studies show, may cause a lot of the dangerous diseases I talked about previously in the article. The same thing for cheese, while regular one is properly healthy, the processed one is not at all! Because it is not truly cheese. When you read what is in the labels you may find out yourself! Real cheese is cheaper and healthier.
  • Processed vegetable oils:
    During the last century, people increased intake fats, the same way the increased using industrial oils in the daily eating. This kinds of oil are too rick of omega 6, which is a good maker of fats. They cause a lot of diseases as well and raise the risk of having a killing cancer.

People really should be active and cook at home, healthy and very well-balanced food. Great nutrition system and always fit. I have been cooking at home myself, so I feel much better. It is really a great lifestyle that you’d love to get involved into and to be safe from all that fast food and junk food effects on the body.

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