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Mastering Your Hairstyle This Fall

You’ve probably heard a thousand times your hair needs extra care during summer, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it once September comes. As a matter of fact, summer heat, sun, and salt water usually leave your hair dry and brittle, but cold air and wind are not your hair’s friends either. That’s why autumnal care is so important, so here are a few tips how to prep your hair for sweater weather and master any hairstyle this fall.


Go visit a hairdresser

Split ends are the biggest no regardless of the season, so make sure you pay a visit to your hairdresser. There’s no need to make a drastic change – a little trim will do wonders. Don’t fool yourself by thinking split ends may heal with proper care because once they get the dried, worn out look, there’s only one solution left. Not only will your hair look healthier but it also won’t tangle and break as much. Besides, if you’re on a mission to grow your hair long, then trims are a must – long hair means nothing if it looks unhealthy and has no shine.

Opt for darker hues

Sun-kissed hair and highlights make a perfect choice for a summer hairstyle, especially since the sun lightens your hair naturally. But it also dries out your tresses and your highlights will start to fade once the fall is here, so your ends will look a few shades lighter than the rest. That’s why every hairdresser will tell you the same – to go darker a few shades. Brown tones will help you even out the colour of your hair and they’ll look amazing on your tanned skin.


Be smart with hairstyling

When colder weather comes, it’s hard to let your hair dry naturally so hairdryers and straighteners are unavoidable. For a minimal damage, opt for high-quality hair tools and appliances, such as Cloud Nine. You’ll need a good heat protectant product, lower heat on your hairdryer, and a hair straightener with ceramic plates. For an everyday look, choose protective hairstyles – thick braids, ponytails, all kinds of buns, and so on. They’ll protect your hair from breakage and look very stylish at the same time.

Choose seasonal products

Think about fall weather and understand what your hair will need. First of all, the humidity will be high so your hair will need an anti-frizz product. Think shampoo, conditioner, or leave-in – either one is fine just make sure it makes your hair frizz-proof. Furthermore, think of all the products you used during the summer. Now it’s time to wash it off so clarifying shampoo should be at the top of your shopping list. Cold weather requires wearing hats and scarves and those can press your hair flat to the scalp. Invest in a volumizing spray and put it in your bag so it’s always readily available. Bonus tip: avoid wool around your hair since it causes breakages due to friction and depletes your hair of the necessary moisture.


Moisturize right and seal tight

The wind and cold air will dry your hair so moisturizing is an essential part of fall hair care. It’s wrong to think natural oils are good for moisturizing. Actually, natural oils are not water soluble but hydrophobic and can damage your hair by repelling water and obstructing hydration your hair desperately needs. For moisturizing, opt for water-based leave-in or similar products and use special oil treatment for sealing the moisturizer in. Never put oils on your scalp, only on the ends, because this can mess with the natural water/oil balance.

Those are the basics of the fall skin care. Once you got these covered, your hair will look healthy and be prepared for all weather conditions, not to mention all the hairstyles you’ll be able to pull off. Remember, healthy, shiny hair improves your overall appearance, so go ahead and treat your hair nicely.

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