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Losing weight for no reason

Losing weight for no reason

losing weight for no reason

losing weight for no reason

There have been many cases that have contacted me during the last year asking why did they lose weight for no reason. That was the reason why I decided to look in this topic deeply. The losing weight for no reason is a serious issue and everyone who develops it should be aware of it and pay attention to it. This condition can be related to many different reasons and causes. Those causes as we are going to see are mostly serious and severe in the one’s health.

Some cases, people do not follow any diet, do not exercise too much, do not have the anorexia nervosa neither anything similar, yet they keep losing weight for no reason. That is what makes them wonder what it wrong with them. They eat as much as they can, but they keep losing weight. There are people who never gain weight, they eat even overweight people do, but they do not gain any weight (I have this character). But, this is not what we are going to talk about today, we are going to talk about the losing weight for no reason and why it happens.

Some people might experience losing weight for no reason in a sudden or a brief time. This might be due to their physical or psychological situation. When a person loses his job for example, or have bad circumstances at work or at home, he/she might lose weight incredibly in a sudden instant. This is due to the emotional or psychological conditions such as anxiety, stress, tension, or depression. After this situation fades away, the person returns to his normal life. He/she starts gaining weight as usual.

Why do you keep losing weight for no reason? Here is a more specified answer:

As we just said, anyone can lose weight in a certain situation or circumstance such as during job troubles, family troubles, or emotional troubles. Yet, this is completely normal, and the person mostly becomes the way he was before, and feels gladder then.

As for the reasons of losing weight for no reason in a severe case, they can be due to eating disorders. The eating disorders can cause several serious situation of losing weight. Those disorders can be such as anorexia and/or bulimia. In case you think that you develop an eating disorder, it is better that you consult a doctor or your healthcare provider. That is how you can save and make sure that you will get better and defeat the disorder earlier.

In case you lost weight noticeably, but you are sure you do not follow any diet of losing weight, you do not exercise, neither have any of the disorders above, then you have to talk to your healthcare provider or your doctor. The reason is that you are likely to develop a serious disorder or disease that makes you lose weight. Therefore, you need to treat it as soon as possible.

In order to make sure that you know any case possible that may cause you losing weight for no reason, I collected the following list of disorders and diseases. This list includes what are the reasons that might be serious in causing you losing weight.

What are the most common reasons for unexpected weight loss?

Losing weight for no reason does not necessarily have a specific reason, but it can be related to the conditions we have just mentioned above. If not, then here are some reasons that can cause the weight loss:

Depression: when a person develops the psychological disorder, he might have a state of depression, which causes him to lose his appetite and eventually lose his weight. Even some cases, they did lost weight although they kept having their appetite the same.

Hyperthyroidism: Some people, who develop this condition in their thyroid glands, might have a severe weight loss. This is another hidden reason for losing weight in some people.

Cancer: This physical disorder causes people to lose their weight incredibly. The people who wonder why do they lose weight for no reason and they do not have any of the previous causes, they might develop a cancer and they are not aware of it.

In addition to the previous causes and reasons we have just mentioned, there are some other reasons that are considered uncommon. Unlike the previous ones, those ones are not so common and do not usually cause the weight loss. But, they might cause the weight loss in several cases.

What are those uncommon reasons of losing weight for no reason?

The weight loss for no reason or unexpected weight loss can be caused often due to the following causes:

It can be a side effect of some kind of medications that you may take for treating a disorder.

Some people who do not drink alcohol or smoke in rules might develop this condition.

Several physical diseases that are related to heart, liver, kidney, or lungs.

Some people lose weight unreasonably due to the long-term inflammations.

There are some cases that are related to a disorder in the glands that are responsible for producing and releasing the hormones or the enzymes in the body.

The viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections; they can be severe such as HIV.

Other different conditions such as stomach ulcer and IBD disease.


There are many reasons for some people who think that they are losing weight for no reason. Those reasons are hidden and can be related to different kinds of medication conditions. The previous ones are the most common and most known ones ever. So, I recommend you to see a doctor if the weight loss remains and you do not go back to your previous situation. It can be severe, who knows?

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