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You have Been Keeping the Makeup Kit Wrong All this Time

If at all you spend more time digging for your makeup tools than you spend doing your makeup, then it is now time to bid farewell to your messy makeup cabinet or drawer. This article has brought together a number of solutions that will enable you clear the clutter, thus creating little or no room of losing your items or misplacing them again while at the same time maintaining a healthy and clean environment for them.

1. Detoxify your kit

Before thinking of how to properly store your makeup products, ensure you get to go through each item present in your kit. If there are things you need to get rid of or have expired, ensure you dispose them. Sort out the tools and items. Even the things that are not in proper shape and you don’t use them need to be disposed.

The items present in your kit and cause irritation on your skin should be disposed with immediate effect. Most of the time makeup collection, which is old collect bacteria and may either fail to apply or flake off. You can consider using your liquid eyeliner and mascara for three months while products such as eye-cream, eye base, face powder and eye foundation should be used for six months. In order for your different makeup tricks and tips to work, ensure you use products that are in good condition.

Moisturizers, concealers and liquid foundations can be used for a year while the eye shadow bronzer or the cake blush can be uses as needed.

2. Makeup application tools

It is advisable that you store the brushes while facing upward in order to prevent them from being filled with bacteria and becoming dirty. For the used sponges, toss them out and make an investment of washable brushes that are good.

Most brush bags and kits are sold at makeup stores. Ensure you get one as it will assist you keep your tools well organized while at the same time keeping them clean. But you still need to examine if the bag can actually fit your tools before making any purchase. You can as well improvise by using a glass. This will prevent the bristles from coming into contact with each other.For the product that you regularly use, ensure you store them separately from those you seldom use.

3. Cleaning makeup application tools

It is crucial to identify the condition your makeup tools are in. If they are dirty, take some time to clean them. Actually what you need to do is develop a routine for regularly cleaning them whether it is daily, weekly or after every fortnight.

You can clean your eyeliner by simply rubbing a cotton ball that has been soaked in alcohol over the pencil then sharpening it completely. When it comes to the brushes you can use an antibacterial soap to clean them then rinse them until you are sure they are sparkling clean. If at all your brushes seem deformed, tangled and full of makeup, you now need to dispose them and begin a fresh.

4. All in one drawer solution

A drawer that is made from jewelry or office supplies is considered as a good solution for storing makeup out of sight. Such drawersare made of clear acrylic material that is transparent thus creating an organized and tidy storage area, which enables you to easily spot what you are in search of. If at all you use larger drawers or have too much makeup that needs to be stored, you should consider dividing the drawer to several sections, but you can as well use small boxes that will create different sections.

5. Jewelry case storage

The way you storeyour makeup kit has a contributingfactortoyour skin’s health. Jewelry cases are considered decorative and an easy way of storing your makeup collection. Once you have finished using your makeup, you can put away all the items in this single pack. Most of these types of cases have a number of sections inclusive of the tinystorage sections, which can be used to store earrings and rings. Most individual drawers of the jewelry boxes tend to be flat, making it suitable for brushes, pencils and other flat compacts. If at all you have bulky items, a train case may be the right choice for you.

6. Storing makeup in the bathroom

Most people get ready in the bathroom and it would make sense to store makeup there. However, storing makeup where you take showers will not only dry and ruin your products but it can also make products prone to collect bacteria. As we all know humidity encourages bacteria, therefore it is advisable that makeup and makeup brushes be stored in a cool, dry area to prevent ruining your products and spreading bacteria on your face.


Having analyzed these basic routine organization tips associate with storing your makeup kit, there is no doubt you will now complete your makeup routine on time, allowing you to invest your time on other important things as well. It now boils down to you, all you need is to adopt at least some or even all of the above tips that surround cleaning and storing your makeup tools and products.

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