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Is Ensure good for you?

Is Ensure Really Good For You? The world is simply nuts in their search for healthy living, fitness, and the ultimate weight loss program or wonder food that will help them lose weight. For those who have come across Ensure may ask:

“Is Ensure good for you?”

Is Ensure good for you?

Is Ensure good for you?

Let’s back up a bit and explain what Ensure is.

One of the more popular wonder foods out there is the Ensure Meal Replacement shakes. This brand stands out from the rest as the recommended diet that should be a part of any fitness or health programs by many health experts and advocates.

The question is, what makes Ensure unique from any other meal replacement diet? Is Ensure good for you, or is it just a passing health product fad?

  • Ensure’s Nutritional Value

Those who are wondering if Ensure is good for you can start their search by taking a look at Ensure’s overall nutritional value. Ensure replacement shakes come in many kinds, and all of them will be thoroughly checked to see which brand provides the best value.

The basic Ensure shows that it is optimally low in both cholesterol and saturated fat value while being high in content for the important vitamins and minerals. How about the other health facts such as protein, fat and calories? Is Ensure good for you if you purchase only the basic pack? Look at the nutrition facts and you will be amazed because it only has 250 calories while containing 9 grams of protein and only 6 grams of fat. Not bad, right?

Ensure Active and Ensure Plus are a bit different from Basic. These products are higher in almost all the essential nutrition categories such as calories, protein and fat. Is Ensure good for you if you are having metabolic problems and just can’t seem to put on healthy weight? You bet it is!

Lastly, Ensure has a High Protein option for individuals looking for a bit more oomph in the protein department but needs the fat to stay at the low levels. It has just about the same fat content as the Basic, but adds to the protein (3 grams more), unless you want extreme protein content, in which Active High Protein fits the bill at 16 grams more.

Are all of these information enough to say if Ensure is good for you? Not quite yet. Let’s proceed further and see the ingredients that make up Ensure Meal Replacement shakes.

  • Ensure’s Ingredients

A good question to ask- “Is Ensure good for you?”, but you will also need to see what Ensure is made up of. Value is great, but wouldn’t you also want to see where that value is coming form? Let’s see how Ensure stacks up against the competition by taking a closer look.

Ensure Meal Replacement shakes have sugar down the list of important ingredients, just below water. Sugar-conscious individuals might be aghast to see Ensure’s sugar content as refined white sugar, which isn’t a really good thing. Is Ensure good for you in sugar terms? Not really, because refined white sugar causes your blood sugar to fluctuate erratically, making it go up and down in a rollercoaster of spikes. This translates to you getting hungrier and craving more of the same type of sugar once the levels go down.

How about the corn derivatives listed on each Ensure product, and a list of chemicals that don’t make much sense to the regular joe? Soy and corn oils, short-chain fructooligosaccharides, corn maltdextrin and corn syrup might sound like complicated ingredients, but you should know that they aren’t so good for you when consumed in large amounts.

So then you might wonder- Is Ensure good for you if you supplement your weight loss program with whole foods rich in natural sources such as fruits, skimmed or almond milk, or yoghurt? The answer is yes. Ensure is great for the protein, but you might need to look for other real sources for everything else.

  • Conclusion

Everything that has been discussed so far tries to answer the question of “Is Ensure good for you?”, and looking at the information provided above, we have the final answer. Sadly, all the ingredients and values show that Ensure isn’t so good for you after all. It has the incorrect kind of sugar and other artificial ingredients that hampers your weight loss regimen and fitness program. Ensure isn’t a replacement for real food, though it is a good replacement every once in a while. Ensure Meal Replacement shakes can benefit the elderly or the sick ones, but don’t depend on it all the time.

If taken in moderation, then you can probably say yes to the question of “Is Ensure good for you?”. Whole and all-natural food bars are better, or you can even cook up a batch of your own high protein cookies by looking up some recipes in health stores and websites.

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