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Intermittent Fasting Benefits

What Are The Healthiest Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting?

The move from a period of eating to another of fasting periodically is an act of intermittent fasting. According to many studies, this act of applies a lot of benefits on the health of both your brain and your body. That is why I’d like to introduce to you the common evidences that this habit got healthy benefits on your life.Diet-With-Fasting-Regularly

This Habit Can be one of the Best Diets for You:

Usually people do fast to lose weight through having less meals, which means to have fewer calories for the body. Therefore intermittent fasting might be one of the healthiest diet in your life. Besides, it helps you lose more weight by changing some of the functions of your body’s cells and hormones.

For an easy use of energy by the body and more burning fat, you have to increase the level of growth hormones and noradrenaline with less insulin. That is why you increase your metabolism about 14% just when you fast in an intermittent way. It even helps you to burn more calories. Hence, it let you reduce both the quantity of calories out and in.

According to some scientific studies that were done last year, the short periodic fasting and eating may help you to lose more than 3% of your weight in less than half a year! It is a great way of an easy diet indeed. You may perfectly form your waist by losing more than 4% of its circumference; the loss of your abdomen that may be carrying some diseases or the reason of them. Additionally, some other studies show that the benefits of intermittent fasting can be restriction calories and boosting muscles with less fats.

The Healthy Effects on the Body:

Once you stop eating for a while, your body gets the chance to let many things happen within you. The cells of your body start to change and to repair the process in the levels of hormones and genes.
The following operations are what your body does during fasting;

  • Repairing the cells: the body starts to remove the dead cells and waste material inside those cells.
  • Increase in growth hormone: this hormone grows over five times more than the normal quantity when you fast intermittently. The thing that let your body decrease fatness and gain more muscles.
  • Genetic changes: during fasting, the body create more genes, which are for getting longevity and a strong resistance against diseases.
  • Level of insulin: important decrease of insulin happens during fasting period, the thing that let fatness go away easily.

The benefits of intermittent fasting apply on the hormones changes and genetic operations inside the body.

Fast Intermittently To Fight Diabetes:

Usually, it is known that diabetes type 2 has become a dangerous threat in the last few decades. The main reason is the raise of sugar in blood -the resistance of insulin-. That is why it is said that reducing insulin resistance by lowering sugar in blood, helps to fight type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, it is shown that intermittent fasting helps you to reduce the levels of sugar in your body.

In a recent studies, it has been noticed that fasting reduced about 6% of blood sugar, while it reduced more than 20% of insulin.
The diabetic studies shows that people who fast in short-terms can protect their kidney from damage; one of the most dangerous results of diabetes. The result of all that is that fasting in short periods may let you gain a very good shield of protection against type 2 diabetes and lower risks of developing it. But this habit might apply only on men, because some studies shows that the control of blood sugar for women might get worse after a long term of fasting (about 22 days).

More Protection for Your Heart:

The whole world is afraid of suffering from the most dangerous diseases; heart’s diseases. So far, everyone knows that ‘risk factors’ are connected with whether raises of heart diseases risks or their wanes. It is shown that intermittent fasting improves several risk factors such as levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, inflammatory and many others. Anyways, it is not so sure that this applies on human since studies are still being done only on animals.

Good and Safe Brain Is Also A Result of Fasting:

As it is said: “a good brain is a good body”. So what is good and healthy for the body is also good and healthy for the brain. Metabolism’s features of intermittent fasting is so important to the health of your brain. Including all what have been said before about levels of sugar in blood, resistance of insulin, and also inflammation and oxidative stress that fasting has an impact on them.
Certainly the increase and growth of nerve cells has a very important rule in brain’s health and function. So, as the studies in rats show that fasting is somehow increasing the number of nerve cells. It also increases BDNF, a brain hormone that effect positively in depression treatment and other brain problems.

Stop Alzheimer by fasting in short terms:

One of the most well-known neurodegenerative problems that faces everyone in their lives is Alzheimer. It is so far an incurable diseases. That is why the only way to fight it is by preventing it from the beginning.
The current studies on rats show that intermittent fasting either delays the beginning of Alzheimer or reduces some of its kinds.

In a study on some voluntaries of Alzheimer’s patients showed that 90% of them got improved after a periodically fasting in short terms. Besides other studies on animal shows that intermittent fasting helps to decrease the number of neural diseases like Huntington and Parkinson.

Extend Your Lifetime, And Gain A Longevity:

This might be really exciting for many people to know that intermittent fasting makes their lives longer.

In the studies applied on rats, it is shown that fasting really extend the lifetime and in parallel it restricts the quantity of calories. In those studies, the results were really effective, since a rat that was used to fast intermittently live 83% longer than other that didn’t. Despite of less applications of this fasting on humans, it is still a popular way to get longevity among the anti-aging people.

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