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Importance Of Reading Books

Importance of reading books

importance of reading books

importance of reading books

Reading is a necessity in our lives. It opens all kinds of doors to welcome creativity, imagination, and intellectuality. It opens our eyes to reality and to new experiences in life. That is a part of the huge importance of reading books in our life. It makes us braver and stronger in knowledge. It builds up our minds, our souls, and our personalities. The more we read, the more we understand; and the more we understand, the more we taste the sweet fruit of books. Yet, unfortunately, there is a huge absence of reading in the global society in general and in students in particular. There are many reasons behind this absence of reading, three of which are obvious; the invasion of technology, the absence of enunciation to early reading, and the inadequacy of educational system.

The importance of reading books is extremely huge. You cannot understand what reading means in our life if you are obsessed with other things such as chatting and Netflix. The invasion of technology nowadays has provided people with endless destructions. All kinds of entertainment are available now online, which does not leave time for people to read and to understand the importance of reading books.

However, technology has ruined people’s passion for reading. That is to say, people today prefer to use internet to get the point faster, rather than reading a whole book that may contain the same information they are interested in. As a result, most people read less than they used before. That makes us realize how huge the importance of reading books is.

importance of reading books

importance of reading books

Someone said once; reading to mind is what exercises to body. That explains how reading books important for the mind and the memory. It is like an exercise for them. Reading is a different kind of habits, unlike listening to music or watching TV. It helps the brain to function better. It creates the connections in the neural circuits that boost the transport of the information in the brain. It helps you concentrate and focus. It can reduce the brain dysfunctions. This is one of the most important issues about the importance of reading books.

Do you know who is the best person in the world? It is not that singer you are listening to, it is not that president of that country, it is only the intellectual one. There is no excuse for you to be unintellectual. Books are not expensive, you can get one any time. Therefore, there is no better source or information than books. You may think that reading a book will take you time to get the information, while you can go straightly to it through the net. But, that is not necessarily true. From the net, you will not understand the value of the information. If you get information easily and quickly, you benefit nothing from it. But, if you read a book and get the information, you will feel the great value of that information and how importance of reading books is huge.

The effects of reading books are not limited in the benefits on the brain and memory, but also on the mood and emotional aspect. Researchers found that reading a book is better than listening to music, watching a movie, or even walking in order to get rid of stress. It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety. It helps you to relax and have a rest. It improves both your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. It can reduce the stress with over 68% of the total stress, which is a great thing. If you think that it is boring to get a book and sit down reading it, reconsider yourself.

The importance of reading books appears also in the level of falling asleep. Many studies showed that it helps people to sleep better and deeply. Since it helps to reduce the stress and calm you down, certainly it shall help you to sleep deeply.

You experience thousands of lives and stories and you are sitting or lying down on your couch. You may say that watching a series or a movie will make you experience that better than a book. But do you know that reading a book is better than watching movies. There are thousands of details and information are hidden in the books and not mentioned in the movies. After a research that has been done on the lovers of Harry Potter, they found most of them preferred reading the books. Do not underestimate the power of reading. It is even better than many things such as yoga and meditations.

importance of reading books

importance of reading books

The importance of reading books does not end here, but it surpasses the limits to the benefits of the mind abilities of the reader. When you read something smart such as a novel of Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes, you will find yourself paying attention to many things. You shall start paying attention to every detail around you. If you read a romantic novel of Jane Green, you will find how much you are emotional (positively) and your relationships get better.

It is said; a good writer is a good reader. The more you read, the more you gain vocabulary; the more you gain vocabulary, the more you increase your mind thinking abilities. That is the best thing about reading. It is what makes the importance reading of books. You shall improve the abilities of writing. You may think that writing does not matter, but it is a life necessity. You have to write wherever you go. Just to apply for something, you need to write some phrases, and to impress the other, you need a great ability of writing to write good and impress amazingly. You can gain that through having read. That is another aspect of the importance of reading books.

However, the last thing I shall talk about in this article is that you have to make reading one of your habits. Reading is a lifestyle. You have to read always. Make sure that you make reading is necessary just as much as eating or drinking are.

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